Russia and China Want US RQ-170 Secret Drone, Iran's Price is High!

Moscow has disclosed the high price set by Iran's, Gen. Ali Jaafari, which includes advanced nuclear and missile technology, especially systems using solid fuel, and the S-300PMU-1 air defense system, which Moscow has consistently refused to sell Tehran due to pressure from NATO. Israeli quickly dispatched its Russian speaking ambassador to confer with President Putin and to dissuade him from sending the S-300 batteries. However, Putin basically rebuffed the Israeli ambassador after a very short meeting where nothing was agreed to nor accomplished. President Obama approved of the Israeli attempt and even attempted to contact Putin, which failed. US intelligence now suspects that it was Russian ECM measures or actual Russian trainers that used Russian ECM measures to take control of the US drone from its operators. Moscow is deeply involved in helping Iran repel the next and most critical stage of the cyber war that was to have been launched on the day the US UAV was brought down. The question is why?

There is resurgence of Russian nationalistic pride especially directed at the USA. Russia, the Bear from the North (noted in the Book of Revelations), feels the friendship between the USA and Russia has been betrayed on some levels and want to restart the competition of the cold war. If it was Russian ECM measures that seized control of the drone, that is a major breakthrough for them and puts all US drones in those areas at risk. Russian military technology has always been one step behind the West, but not all the time. Russia could export this capability to Pakistan also and really cause issues with US drones.

The S300 batteries that Iran wants are sophisticated and could cause problems with enemy air attacks. As for China, the rising of the dragon, this drone would provide them a quantum leap in stealth technology and other equipment. They had a taste of it when the US stealth helicopter crashed in Pakistan. But, Iran will probably deal with Russia, they have for years and want key items from them. From China, they might just want money and more anti-ship missiles.

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MG Singh profile image

MG Singh 5 years ago from Singapore

The fact is the USA and west is on a sticky wicket as far as Iran is concerned. They have already missed the bus in attacking Iran

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

Probably, but it could still occur before end of Dec.

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Hxprof 5 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

Russia is striving to reassert itself, and it's parly, though not entirely due to US geopolical manovers that are encroaching into what Russia views as its sphere of influence. The acquisition of the stealth drone will do much to advance Russia's ambitions.

The pending war with Iran could come really soon or still later-we simply don't know all the factors being considered. What we DO know is that Israel will not allow Iran to fully develop the ability to build nukes. It makes sense, IMO, to listen very closely to what Israel says and watch very carefully what Israel does; these two factors will clue us in on timing.

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

I agree.

john 5 years ago

it is gonna be world war 3 , soon believe , russia and china will join it against america and west , there is no peace now , we don know where i am gonna hide my self kkkkkkkkkkkk

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

Not quite yet, partner!

anon 5 years ago

Who thought the cold war was ever over? Also the technological edge the US has over other countries is greatly exaggerated. This is a logical deterrent, but the story is coming apart at the seems. The US has gone broke fighting against third world yokels armed with AK's - They simply lack the capability to take on a foe as large as Iran and everyone knows it. China has said no more to future American borrowing. More and more people in the wetern world are seeing through the childishly ridiculous anti-Iranian propaganda. Political dinosaurs are still behaving like its 1950 and think the people just believe everything they're told and will follow blindly.

It would be suicidal for Israel to attack Iran overtly and they know it.

Americans need a reality check big time.

James 5 years ago

You are ALL incredibly stupid. WW3 will never happen because the world is at a neutral point, where all people are not trying to use nuclear warfare. This little jet isnt going to stir up that much trouble… as if these apes in Iran Could even figure out how to turn it on, or even get into it for that matter.

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

James, they hacked into the GPS and took control, you are being naive.

Damien 5 years ago

"The book of revelations", you're kidding right?

I k Xora 5 years ago


USA too poor to fight another war. Politicians willing, People not. (Ron Paul’s “No More war “popularity)

Israel would gladly start another for the US, but, Israel too scared to see even just a bloodied nose(their own of course) And Iran, even though they may not win, could well give Israel “ a ten thousand missiles” within a couple of days .

Hezabollah awaiting with another thousand too.

So No preventive strick

I fancy, A M300 is already on way to Iran, a fair exchange for a peek into the RQ170 for the russians

And this defence system may well take the wings off a few planes of the IDF.

More Israeli blood

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

You could be right....

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