The Objective of the Iranian Nuclear Weapon Talks

You have two sides sitting across the table. There is the Obama team and others trying to appease or make a deal with Iran to curtail its current production of weapons grade material, full well knowing, Iran cannot be trusted about anything they say or sign in agreement. Meanwhile, US sanctions ratchet up tightening the ability for Iran's ability to do business and earn money from exports on global markets. More sanctions, the worse ones, are due July 1.

So, Obama's team is trying to strike a deal with a country they do not trust and has openly stated that no amount of sanctions will curtail their quest for a nuclear bomb. Basically, Iran is another North Korea, just far smarter and wily. Far advanced in technology imported from American and European IT companies. Meanwhile, Iran continues enriching its uranium unabated as these "discussions" discuss very little except agree to agree to meet again. Meanwhile, Iran's 3000 centrifuges spin constantly creating enriched uranium, of which, 800 of them are solely focused on making 20% grade.

By some accounts, surely known to Obama, Iran has accumulated a stock of more than 110 kilograms of 20% uranium, enough to fuel several nuclear bombs at the underground Fordo site. It seems the Obama team tacitly agreed with Iran to continue enriching uranium not just to the 5% level but to 20% military grade in order to keep the dialogue afloat.

In other words, in order for Iran to continue "talking" about reducing its enrichment and quest for the bomb (which, seems to be moot already, at least a dirty bomb) from the last meeting in April, Obama's team agreed to let them continue enriching at 20%! The question then becomes, how much 20% uranium can be enriched within 30 days, between the talks? That depends on the number of centrifuges. Iran's stated goal is to have 9000 of them in Fordo. They have 33% of them now. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, earlier this month, sent an unequivocal message to President Obama saying that, no matter what, Iran would not shut the Fordo underground nuclear plant. Since even the American bunker busting bombs are not effective enough against Fordo, it seems Iran is steering the talks to their advantage.

Obama's negotiating team seems to have a losing hand. It seems maybe Obama has decided that in light of this, we might as well try to minimize the damage because we cannot stop Iran from getting the nuclear bomb. The military option most likely will only delay at best but not prevent and the fallout from any attacks are major for years to come. Yet, like France and Britain tried with Hitler in the late 30's to appease and contain Germany, their wishful thinking and hopes were shattered with Poland in 1939 and France in 1940.

That is what we are really dealing with. Obama's team simply is hoping that since we cannot really stop them from getting the bomb, we can only hope that Iran will not use it on Israel or Saudi Arabia or ourselves.

While we hope for the best, we just know the worse is coming.

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Mike 4 years ago

There will be no successful negotiating. When they get close to producing a nuke they will be bombed. The talk doesn't really matter.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

how many other time has country's said we are just doing this for peaceful purposes and oh my they built the bomb all they are doing is stalling for time. Once the cat is out of the late.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Like many have said, I think they are either close or already have enough for a dirty bomb, meaning, they do not have a way to mount it on a rocket. The point is Iran seems to be unstoppable as far as this issue is concern.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

I agree they are not going to be stopped in this manner. All they are doing is trying to get enough time to complete there bomb.Talking will not work. Look at North Korea. "We are just working on a peaceful means to make Electricity. Humm

Dolphan5 profile image

Dolphan5 4 years ago from Warwick R.I

It's always hard to deal with anyone who has a track record of lying! Brinksmanship is a dangerous game in the Nuclear Age. It's almost like a blind person having a gun and hoping they only hurt themselves,but knowing it will be others who will get hurt. I think we would be better served to design and build ways to intercept and destroy weapons in flight (kinda like the Star Wars Plan)only more practical. This world is full of liars and rouge individuals and countries who wish to cause harm and wreck havoc just because they can, for real or imagined insults.I feel our best defense would be to be able to negate that threat, rather than trying to negotiate it from happening in the first place. Nice Topic, Insightful, Well written. I voted thumbs up.!

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Yes, I am sure more lies will be coming very soon.

Shido profile image

Shido 4 years ago from Richmond, BC

Talking will not work.. look at North Korea? Look at Hitler! He'd played the same card. It's a winning strategy. So far. This is exactly where I'd like to talk to those many, many post-WWII historians who blamed societies for sticking their heads in the sand and hoping it would go away. And, this is the question I'd like to ask them, given that it is happening now: What would you do, O Great One?

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Yes, Iran's president is simply using Hitler as a blueprint to get the bomb.

Jimmy 4 years ago

Islamic religion has a strong Sirian ET culture. In Sunni Islam, one sees that the Sirian ET faction (this is the Enki-Marduk/Ptah-Ra line) that teamed up with the rebel reptilians are the dominant ones in Islam today. Their influence can be seen in the Sunni sect of Islam, which is the predominant sect in the world, found in many parts of Africa, the middle East and Asia. Then you've got the Shia sect, which aligns with the main Sirian ET group, allies of the main Orion faction headquartered in Mintaka. The main Shia groups are in Iran and Iraq but also in many other countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan have large Shia populations. Many Islamic countries have both Sunni and Shia groups.

So as you've got the Catholics (supporting the main reptilian group) and the 'Protestants' (supporting the rebel reptilian group), you've also got the Sunni and Shia, although with Sunni and Shia, the Sunni outnumber the Shia, while the Catholics probably outnumber the Protestants, so its the other way around.

George W Bush during his time as US president was supporting the rebel reptilians, just as Obama is now supporting the main reptilian group by having Vatican Jesuits back him up. Dubya gets up and says that Iraq-Iran-North Korea are the "Axis of Evil". What is he saying here, and why are they 'evil'? He is saying that the main Reptilian group (of which North Korea is a supporter) and their Sirian backers (the Shia nations of Iran and Iraq) are "evil" because they are the opponents of his faction. So Dubya goes to Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia and places loads of American military hardware there (as well as in other countries) to be used against Iraq and perhaps against Iran. Now Obama is president of the US and word out there is that he's got supporters among the Iranian freemasonic network. So you ask is it that the leader(s) of an 'Axis of Evil' country will turn around to support their opponents, those Americans whose president called them 'Evil'? This is because Obama and Ahmadinejad are playing on the same team while Bush and Ahmadinejad were not! The American and Iranian common people do not think and act in the same ways as their leaders.

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