The Polluting of the Minds

As human beings we tend to be very fragile. Our minds are easily manipulated. We all have our views on various important or completely inane subjects. We make decisions based on others opinions and most facts lay untouched by the wayside. I have fallen into this trap many times, my mind being completely rearranged by someone else’s views.

Word of mouth can be very powerful and also devastating. A person’s reputation can be ruined in the swat of a fly. Are those whose minds are easily manipulated weak? If that’s the case than most of us have weak scrawny minds. At some point in everyone’s life we are forced to stand up for ourselves when someone forces lies down the throats of our friends. How do we defend against what others are saying about us? Most want to believe the worst.

Rumors and innuendo are the bane of society, counteracting them once they get started can be a daunting task. A true friend would never believe lies that others are saying about you. They would stand up and defend you without fear of reprisal. These sorts of friends are few and far between. You may say I’m just a skeptic and people are basically good and the truth will win out in the end. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it.

I’ve seen a friend brought to tears because of the lies told about her. People that barely knew her, spreading untrue rumors and unleashing the bane of society on her. I contemplate to myself, what caused this influx of lies about a truly decent person? Jealousy? Envy? Or just plain old stupidity. I’ll go with all three. There have been cases in the news recently about people actually committing suicide because of what was said about them by there so-called friends.

Now with the emergence of electronic mail available to all households across the nation and around the world we’re able to spread our shameless venom quickly and mercilessly. We sit in our darkened rooms hunched over the computer keyboard typing out our frustrations against humanity. It seems as though letter writing has come full circle but in a bad way. How can we get these pen pals to put their poison pens back into their pocket protectors? Your views on this subject are welcome.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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Leesleez profile image

Leesleez 4 years ago from New York Author

Thanks Jo for taking the time to read and comment.

Jo Greene 4 years ago

Well written Lee and an interesting topic.

I have discovered that unfortunately there are lots of drama/toxic people in the world who thrive on hurting others.

As I have gotten older I have made a committment to myself to remove negative people from my life. Friendship is important to me so I won't allow anything bad to be said about anyone I care about . I will first defend my friend's honor and then remove the toxic person from my life. Although difficult to do, it has gotten easier as I have gotten older and wiser.

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Leesleez 4 years ago from New York Author

Thanks Liz for your input and I agree that most times it is about dominance.

Liz W. 4 years ago

Hey Lee,

Your question was: how do you get people to stop spreading lies about people. I don't think that it's a good goal to try to change people. All that you can do is control your own behavior. I won't gossip. If someone starts a juicy story about someone, I say that I don't want to hear it. I don't have to deal with this problem a lot because I have mostly gentle people in my life. When one of them is negative I will try to change the mood by making a mild remark, such as, "That's so negative."

This was more of a problem when I was young and I think it's about dominance. Some people are dominant, some people are submissive and some are collaborative. I try to stay in the collaborative zone but that's probably easier for me then a young woman. This is one thing that gets easier as I get older

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Leesleez 4 years ago from New York Author

Thanks Elizabeth for your valuable insight.

Elizabeth Sanoudakis 4 years ago

It has been my experience that people who spread lies about others. do so out of ignorance, or they are destructive. The ignorant can be educated but there is not much we can do about the destructive. Hopefully by treating others the way we want to be treated will raise awareness.

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