Video of Arctic Sea Ice Loss from 1979-2012

The Arctic sea ice is vanishing

Andy Lee Robinson is gathering quite an online reputation with the latest release of his new video: Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012. In this short (under a minute long) video clip, the message is clear and strong: The Arctic is melting at an unprecedented rate with no end in sight.

Released on YouTube just 2 weeks ago, the video has got so much attention that it is being shared throughout cyber-space, even making it to the White House this past week. Below is Andy's video, complete with a piano composition (Ice Dreams) that Andy wrote himself.

Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012

A stunning wake-up call about climate change

For those that have been following climate change closely, this video brings home the message we have all feared - that soon we will be seeing an ice free Arctic, possibly even as soon as this year.

In my hub 2013 News: Climate Change: Why Is The Arctic Melting?, I go into more detail about the latest Arctic news and what role the Arctic plays in climate change. I liken the Arctic as sort of an "air conditioner" for the planet - and unbelievably that air conditioning system is about to break down on us. The ramifications for an ice-free Arctic are staggering, and point to a full blown climate change Armageddon. The White House is so concerned that even they have called an emergency meeting this week to talk about what is happening at the top of the poles.

Another friend and climate activist, Patrick McNulty, who has built a prototype tunnel invention as a way to slow down climate change, likens the melting of the Arctic to earths "refrigerator" that is now loosing its coolant.

Whatever thing you compare it too, the outcomes are not good.

Arctic ice in a rapid decline

Arctic ice breaking up and melting at an astonishing speed
Arctic ice breaking up and melting at an astonishing speed | Source

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Video a labor of love

Andy's video will sure to serve as a good visual for the White House, as there's nothing better then a picture to paint a thousand words. In this case, the evidence of what's happening is clear, startling and to the point.

After hundreds of hours working on his Arctic video, Andy received no money to make the video. He has done this simply as an act for the greater good aimed at getting the message out about climate change. Andy has also produced other compelling Arctic videos which you can find on his YouTube channel here: Andy Lee Robinson on YouTube.

Tor read more about climate change, please follow me here or at the SF Examiner where I write about climate change: Dorsi Diaz San Francisco Examiner on Climate Change.

To learn more about the devastating consequences we will face as climate change continues to go unchecked, please also check out my hubs here:

The Tipping Point and its Effects - a Global Climate Change Warming Point of No Return

The Arctic Sea Ice is Melting: What Does This Mean For Us?

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Doc Snow profile image

Doc Snow 3 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

Hi, Dorsi--

Thanks for putting this out there. It's an incredibly important topic, even though it seems far-removed to many folks--understandably enough, I suppose. It's hard to imagine that the Arctic sea ice affects the weather all over the Northern Hemisphere, right into the tropics, but it's becoming increasingly clear that that is the case.

Interestingly, I was just participating in the "crowd sourced sea ice prediction" at Neven's Sea Ice Blog, with which I'm guessing you are familiar. Currently, 74 entries are predicting a mean September ice extent--NOT the minimum, which would be smaller--of 2.87 million square kilometers. If that turns out to be the case, it would be really a stunner: last year's record-low September extent of 3.61 million was already *way* below previous numbers. (For what it's worth, my prediction was for 3.43 million, 5% down from last year.)

I've written a couple of Hubs about the sea ice situation as well. You might be interested in this one, which is a bit different than most:

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks for coming by Doc and sharing info. We all need to keep pushing this material out to the public. They are finally starting to get it that something is wrong with our weather. The thing is you and I both know it's like a runaway train right now and we don't have any ideas on the table yet to successfully slow this one down....

Doc Snow profile image

Doc Snow 3 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

Well, an international framework for (reasonably) uniform carbon taxes would be a good start. We've got to start leaving carbon in the ground, and that has to be economically reasonable if it's going to happen. That means the costs of carbon pollution have to be accounted for in our pricing systems, and a carbon tax seems at present to be the most plausible mechanism for doing so.

Unfortunately, the denialist side right now appears to be on the verge of successfully 'demonizing' this mechanism via the Australian experiment, regardless of long-standing carbon taxes in other nations and jurisdictions which seem to be working well--Finland, the UK, and the Canadian province of British Columbia, to name three.

TENKAY profile image

TENKAY 3 years ago from Philippines

very scary... thanks for this article. Will read more in the links you provided.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 3 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

TENKAY) Yes it is scary. Thanks for reading.

carlarmes profile image

carlarmes 2 years ago from Bournemouth, England

Our sea level is very low in geological terms, mean average sea level is 100 metres higher than today's level, sea level will rise in the future, highest sea level was 300 metres higher than today. We need to deal with it as an event that will happen, it might happen in our time. Nothing that we do now will stop it. The size of our population is the problem.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks for coming by and the comment carlarmes. I missed this comment for some reason. Yes lots of changes are coming our way....

Doc Snow profile image

Doc Snow 2 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

"Nothing that we can do now will stop it?" That's not what the science says. Sea level in the past has been higher when mean global temperature was higher--and that is strongly associated with higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere as well.

There's no doubt that we are driving the current rise in atmospheric CO2--few indeed are even the climate denialists who venture to contradict that fact! And we are observing the warming trend that was long predicted to result from such a CO2 rise.

So if we were able to stem our CO2 emissions, there's every reason to think that we would stabilize mean global temps, and eventually sea level rise as well. Naturally, the process would take a while. Modeling shows that changes we make to emissions now won't have a large effect much before 2050--which means that I'd agree that nothing we can do will stop sea level rise *in my (probable) lifetime.* But there's a lot we can do now that will affect my kids, and any kids that they may have. Drastically affect them, in fact.

Of course, we haven't yet demonstrated the ability to stem our emissions more than marginally. And that's the biggest rub of all, right now.

Dorsi profile image

Dorsi 2 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area Author

Thanks Doc for your wise and hopeful comment. You will be interested to know about my upcoming KickStarter project - The Art of Climate Change... it is the biggest thing I have ever attempted in my life.

Doc Snow profile image

Doc Snow 2 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

Indeed I am. Heading off to check it out now...

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