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Dialysis treatment can be offered on Charity basis? subsidy or funds to be reserved in budget

Kidney patients and related diseases are spread and people across the globe regularly under treatment in their home country.Surprisingly young people are also suffering from kidney disease and dialysis is the only way to survive. In India some government hospitals and charity organizations offer these services, but service charges and medicines can not be offered on charity basis,In Rs. 650/- per sitting is a fee and experienced doctor or practitioner is must to treat patients and it is possible in only big cities.Semi Urban and rural area it is difficult to provide this service.

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pippap says

4 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 4 years ago

    Thank you Sir,

    In Canada it is possible ,but developing countries it is expensive.

    I appreciate efforts being taken in Canada.

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feenix says

4 years ago
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