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Inclusive Growth and development--Why Scandinavian nations are leading? others not?

Above group of nations Norway, Sweden,Finland,Denmark,Switzerland. These North pole habit ants are leading in human development, Economy,Philanthropy and many more.International ranking Norway stood first ,I heard there are no slums and education, health, welfare Government takes responsibility. Inclusive growth is most discussed item globally.These nations prosper and no hostile neighbor adjacent to them. Yes they carry less liabilities comparing to others.They are inventive and innovative. They have presence in India, They help developing countries too. We should search secret of success.

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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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    LandmarkWealth 4 years ago

    There used to be major labor problems until the early 2000s. But their recovery is more a result of the way they addressed their banking crisis The exact opposite of what we are doing here in the US. Take your losses and move on. not propping'em up.

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