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If we compared voting in states requiring a photo ID and in those which do not, what would we see?

My wife, along with many other Americans, is furious to think that some states do not require proof of identity to vote. I explained that each state sets its own criteria for eligibility to vote. She thought that votes in states that do not require providing a photo ID as proof of a person's voter status should not have their votes even counted! We would both like to see someone (even an unbiased journalist. . .there must be one) show any difference between voting in strict Photo ID states and voting in no-Photo ID-required states. Would you expect a measurable difference?

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Tim Mitchell (tsmog) says

2 months ago
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    Demas W Jasper (Perspycacious) 2 months ago

    There is one problem in CA and elsewhere that outweighs all others: the majority winner presently gets ALL of CA's Electoral College votes. For years that has meant that Republican voters in CA have no role in who wins nationally. Same for Dems UT.

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Greg Schweizer (gregas) says

2 months ago
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Shyron E Shenko says

2 months ago
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