Minors watching Rated R movie Inside movie theaters

Kids whatching Adult type contents!!!!

The title of this blog is minors watching rated R movies inside theaters. Second, parents that don't care of their mental well being. Finally, the fact that we have a growing trend of kids committing violent and sexual acts against each other and society.

On Feburary the 13th, 2009, an adult me and my father wanted to watch a horror flick. The horror flick was Friday the 13th, which is a violent, gory, and high sexual content type of movie. Subjected scenes which are strongly explicit and contain very graphic images, which can pollute a young mind. We wanted to watch the movie anyway, because it featured Jason Vorgies, a classic monster horror flick. We purchased our tickets for the 7:0o o'clock pm showing, at the Randolph showcase cinemas. What we then saw, I will never forget. Kids as young as 3 to 10 years of age coming to see this movie. We sat in the middle of the movie room, and saw a child two seats to the right of us, along with four in the back of us. If that wasn't enough we saw a number of them, plus a babie coming in with their parents. I thought to myself, am I in the right room or am I watching a Disney movie it was very shocking to me. Sitting their with all those kids made me sick to my stomach, because I thought most parents had the common sense. The common sense to say, "NO" , not happening and or if I here of this that you will be grounded. I thought these parents were out of their minds, and would have said your too young and you shouldn't be watching this filth. Filth that's not worth seeing. Its to graphic and its going to give you nightmares. I was wrong and could not believe, the amount of kids in the theatre seeing a Rated R movie. Insulted and shocked we then stormed out of that movie theatre, along with getting my money back. I will not, support a business which commandeers to ruin young minds, just to make a buck. I have high morals standards, and will fight to put a stop to this madness. You think this is strange, and uncomfortable. The next subject will shock you.

The second fact, was witnessing parents, whom brought these innocent young kids to see a horror flick. Parent whom should know better, than to bring a minor to see a horror movie. A horror movie, which contains, violence scene, such as killings, stabbings, murders, obscene talks, gestures and on top of that explicit sex scenes, and sexual innuendos. Then you wonder why these kids, are acting the way they do, because we have these parent, whom don't care about raising them with morals standards. All I here from parents today is I trust him they know better. "NO" parents you know better, kids are still kids they are still growing, and still learning.

Which leads me to the next subject, did you know that, more and more science about our brains. Driven knowledge is proving that the brain does not fully mature until the mid 20's. Back when we were kid, we were raised on a foundation, of what was wright and what was wrong. And that stems from a moral foundation, in fact the reason why kids are not behaving the way their supposed to be is because no discipline in the household. Discipline, I don't mean beating on your child, I mean when you say no, its no...Or there is a consequence for their young actions, because they don't know any better kids are prone to failure we all know that "parents". Its said that a parent who does not discipline their child is doomed to suffer grief with him or her. Example, stds, unplanned pregnancies, minors committing crimes, fatherless children, young violence stemming from what they watch. You have parents, thinking that these movies will not do anything to a child. Some parent stating that their child will never do what they see. Or the new one its going to give them a better outlook on reality, and they are going to do it any. "YOUR WRONG", because you got kids killing kids, you got kids making kids, you got kids breaking the law, thinking their adults, thinking they can do anything they want. I say on to you parents, get your act straight, because kids will be "influenced", and act on what they see. Any parent who can honestly cares for their kids will discipline their kids and never, ever take a kid 1 to 13 to see anything that is visually unacceptable, and ("not a rated R movie"). The ones that do, don't care, about their kids, its border line child abuse, and its got to stop, I'm fighting to communicate to all of you young parents or mothers who care to stand up and say something against these theaters. Or something against these parents, for you see what is happening out their in our culture. Its getting more normal, crimes involving kids will get more and more normal.

Kids will be influenced, by watching what they see. Seeing sexual acts and movie violence. Sexual scenes in movies can get very graphic very fast. So fast that its becoming an epidemic around the world. Studies say that a growing young mind learns to imitate what they see between the ages of 3 to 8 years of age. Which leads me to my next point and new article. typical American child will view more than 200,000 acts of violence, including more than 16,000 murders before age 18. Television programs display 812 violent acts per hour; children's programming, particularly cartoons, displays up to 20 violent acts hourly. Imagine that 100 times around the world, its just in America. And don't get me started on video games, which witnessed kids playing grand theft auto, and other violent video games. These types of video games teach kids how to organize and complete a type of destruction, and glorifies different types of murders and situations.

This was a shocker, a news storey about the youngest father in the world a Alfie Patten whom impregnated his 15 year old girl friend at the age of 12 years old. The father wanted to raise the young baby, now tell me how at the age of 12 do you have any idea on how to raise a child!!!!! An 11 year-old Jordan Brown shoots and kills his fathers pregnant girlfriend, how do think this happened. Where do you think he learned how to shoot, of course by his father. But how to kill, without thinking about the consequence of losing his freedom, by going to prison. Bingo wake up call....Violent movies and violent acts....And no discipline.

Next with the respect of the family in the recent Colorado massacre. A young aspiring student go's on a shootings spry murdering 12 innocent young kids, "KIDS", that just wanted to see a batman flick and injuring more than 70 people. Parents please be aware of what is slowly happening with society. Its just not in Colorado, but in all the states in America and all around the world. I believe we can help slow this pattern down, just by saying "NO". And being a part of your child's life. The key fact is awareness of watching others and saying something to them, or speak with the cinema managers of what is going on. We as caring adults, parents or guardians have got to stand up for what is right. Morals have got to come back to this country, and feed these children with positive messages not what they see in the movie theaters. Please email your politicians about what is happening to our kids.....Or congress, Parents to teachers associations, select men's...Or you local news stations...

(P.C) Please Communicate, to you parents young and old, you are raising the next generation of teachers, athletes, firefighters, and police officers, even the future Congressmen and Congresswomen. Please be aware to what is happening, with your young minds growing in this generation, for if we do not raise them right, in our own homes. The homes they'll see is in a Corner Cell at a county Jail, or in a casket 7 feet underground....Ask yourself is your child going to be next? Their is an old saying," your kids are like a tape recorder, who's information will they play"?

Finally, on a personal level, I give my honest condolences to those whom lost loved once, in Colorado of the past and all around the United States. That is the last thing I want to hear, that phone call. That is why I'm so passionate about this topic. It means so much to me and needs to be addressed, I want my son and daughter to bury me not the other way around. God be with those families, for they have suffered a great loss. All Kids young and old are a valuable piece of jewelry, they have to be taken care of daily, loved eternally. Please pray for those victims and parents whom are victims, this is a dark and sad day. "Remember kids are like a ship set loose in the deep ocean waters, they do not know what they are going to go up against, weather it is storms or tornadoes. The true test, is who was the one building the ship to begin with, the true test to a great generation, is the previous one whom loved them enough to build them up strong". Every child young and old is not perfect, they will fail their kids....All kids fail, but love them more when they fall. That's when the building process begins.....God Bless all you.

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Danger 7 years ago

Wow. Grammatic and spelling mistakes aside, you provide a very weak point.

Call me G SUS 7 years ago

If you want to prove a point you usually give facts and evidences that support what you’re saying. Nice job on going off a tangent and proving absolutely nothing besides everyone who see this EPIC FAIL your grammar mistakes. I almost remembered your argument if it wasn’t for all those unrelated stories towards the Whole essay….

Jon 6 years ago

Yeah... You sound like a religious nut job. I'm going to have to side with "Danger" on this one.

Lucas 6 years ago

If me and my 13 year old son want to see a gory movie then we are gonna see a gory movie. I can't stand when people like you who blame violence on movies and games.

6 years ago

that's fuked up

noobcake91@live.com 6 years ago

WTF? Never let a children watch anything over the G rating? There are plenty of kid-friendly movies over the G rating, forget Avatar? You overreact and you're a retard, plus you DO NOT understand the ratings system.

cassie 6 years ago

I loved your essay, and your point has actually been proven by studies on teenagers and violent/sexual films. Weak grammar and organization, but you have exactly the right idea. All of the people commenting on this and criticizing it, you are so stupid. How can you DENY that kids watching rated R movies are more likely to act in a way they've seen on the screen?

profile image

Wolfyy7 6 years ago

Bravo! Spectacular, your hub proves your point exactly. Just look at the comments on here how people react... "Religious nut job", "Grammatical errors", so what? It's obvious we are for the most part arrogant (those of us who let our kids use things they shouldn't be using such as loaded guns), ignorant (thinking nothing will come of our children watching very graphic content etc.), insecure (knowing there is a "slight" chance our boy could start developing an interest in hurting others from the graphic horror movies he watches) and guilt (when something bad happens and finally we are no longer ignorant and reality has kicked in but it is too late.) I'm telling you the truth, I'm not kidding, don't take my word for it, listen to the news. Hear the stories, they are real, they can happen to you if you block them out and the consequences can ruin your life. Its like consuming a lot of sugar on diabetes except the sugar would be all the negative things and whatever is consuming would be children since they are at risk for being so vulnerable since they can be so easily influenced. While its not easy to raise them, the truth of the matter is homicide rates are going up and unfortunately, in most cases the sad truth is until something (God-forbid) bad happens to your children or someone near you, we will all be too close-minded to think anything will come of letting children watch movies that are negatively influential while they are at the most vulnerable stage of their life in terms of being influenced by people and things. Just as an example, look at the terrorist videos of them teaching 10 year old kids to shoot weapons and kill. The terrorists do this because they know children are so easily influenced and are highly unlikely to resist. It's really no different than when I kid at age 7 watches Scarface... Most parents would say, "Our little Tony will be fine." Well, most likely you're right but you are increasing risk and are you thinking about the real posiility that you little Tony's new nick name is Tony "Montanna Massacre" and ends up in a gang with his life at high risk. You speak the truth. My hub backs up everything he says logically, "Why Censorship Is Absolutely Necessary", Children don't need to be held by leashes... Well some do, I know mine does... but the point is the Rating boards are a good guide to go by from very educated people who specialize in judgement of what is and isn't appropriate and in religion... Well, according to one of my friends, supposedly many people who are selected on the rating boards are religious figures. Eh, what does he know? He was probably mistaking the crowd that came out of the rating building for the crazy people who go around telling you, "Accept Jesus as your Saviour or forever burn in hell!" While passing out the comical pamphlets.

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Wolfyy7 6 years ago

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Blog Honest Truth 6 years ago Author

Thank you...I will more work on my grammar...We both see what's happening out their in public its starts with us giving back to our community and maybe influences change in others maybe just maybe changing society...

yullenfan14 4 years ago

seriously? yeah I was pretty bothered by the fact that some parents brought really young children to a movie that can seriously scare their minds but hey what can I do it's the parents' fault but seriously? kids watch worse stuff at home with a computer or the TV itself. I heard once from my older cousin that her friend's sons where watching the history channel and what they had one was very gory and they threw up. Also if you think of it back then some parents brought their kids to see horror movies or explicit stuff. So, for now what can we actually do.

Anonymous 4 years ago

If this was the state test, inwoild give it a 2/6 because its way off topic! That is because you were too strong about your opinion. Even if it is not at the movies, kids can watch them on the computer even if the parents dont let them so dont blame this on the parents!

Sarah 4 years ago

PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZ! Im a teen and im not obsesd with this topic, im here for a school project. I say if people want to take there childern to R movies that's there choice, and i watched movies over g when i was little and im not scwerd up, i watched g, pg, and when i was 13 i watched pg 13. So please stop being odsesd with tpoic and freaking life.

Jose 4 years ago

Hey my parents are 32 and 33 and im 16 my parents let me watch watever i wanted to and im fine. I have a 3.0 gpa and i hav a smart girlfriend. I think that your over reacting with the only let them watch rated g thing cuz us kids can watch whatever we want weather its youtube, a computer, tv, or even at a friends house. I hate those ppl who get all mad over nothing

jamie 4 years ago

I have been watching horror movies since i was 3. I turned our ok. My kid loves them too. Teach your kids right from wrong. It is ridiculous to blame horror movies for the absence of parenting!

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Blog Honest Truth 4 years ago Author

All of you that think this is ok...Watch the news more often, and see what kids are doing out there...Now law makers are creating a legal system, which will send kids under 18 to prison for life. For killing others.....And we have kids killing their parents, we have kids killing other kids in high school...Where do you think they get that..Tell me from other kids watching other kids....No...Just watch your local news...I do not believe that the smartest and the brightest of all people that read this blog, actually believe this is normal....Just think about what you are writing....I'm writing about honest facts...We have a generation which is slowly killing itself....Kids killing kids...Think about....

Annoyed 4 years ago

You cannot possibly believe that kids watching rated R movies is the main cause of (a small percentage of) children's erratic behavior. I watch the news frequently, am almost 16 year old magnet student, have read those children killing stories out there, and (when I was younger) watched countless gorey and rated R movies. When young people kill you don't look at what movie they saw when they were toddlers, you look at the parents and their environment as a child. For example, if a child was abused at home, then they will become more violent as they grow up. If a child was never shown right or wrong, then they may grow up to kill, lie, cheat, or steal. In the majority of the cases it's their environment and how they were raised, not one film they saw way back that had one violent scene.

My father is one of the best parents out there, he has disciplined my sisters and me very well, yet he has also allowed us to view scary films and rated R films because we could handle it. It's ridiculous that you suggest that anyone under 18 should never see movies PG+ and only view G rated movies. Even Disney movies are PG for Pete's sake! What you suggest parents should do would only strike up rebellion in teenagers everywhere.

You are most definitely not writing 'honest facts.' How about you go research more about what you preach.

profile image

Blog Honest Truth 4 years ago Author

Honest facts is what is happening now......Annoyed then tell me what just happened in Colorado?......

profile image

Blog Honest Truth 4 years ago Author

The stories posted are real.....Not fabricated or false, but the truth....This is happening people...Its now getting real.....

Amen! 4 years ago

And my respects to those who agree to this.. Listen.. We allllllll

Are not perfect, even Kids were born with sin, but it takes the One person to Know what is Good for them and what isn't. And the Only Thing that is Good. Is Jesus Christ. Who Took alll Our sins.. Acts 2:38-39 Acts 2:1-4 John 3:3-5..

Help this world! We have so little time to get these kids to know Who God Is and what He Is Here for! Salvation!! For US.. if You have felt that it was wrong looking at these kids seeing this filth, then obviously God was Leading You to Say Something!! Its for ALL of us to WAKE UP!! AND TEACH OUR CHILDREN! BECAUSE LET'S FACE IT CHILDREN REMEMBER WHAT THEIR PARENT OR GAURDIAN TEACHES THEM!!

Soome Girl 4 years ago

Your So Stupid What The Hell ? Im 14 & My Parents Raised Me Right tf ?

We Can Handle It Calm Down Id Feel Bad For Your Kids Its Just A Movie Wich Is NOT REAL In Fact Today Im Going To The Movies With My Family & Were Ganna See A Rated R Movie & My Youngest Brother Is 8 So Calm Down Take A Chill Pill You Sound Ew.

Vyxinn 3 years ago

Some of you people just make me laugh. If you bring your child up knowing what is real and not real and what is right and not right, then no movie, no song, no nothing will turn them into psycho killers! Movies don't make the person the parents do. I have 2 daughters, one is 20 and the other is 8. My 20 yo's fav movie growing up was the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" series and she turned out just fine. She's not out killing people because I let her watch the series, also, my 8 yo LOVES scary movies! Blaming movies or anything else just shows the parents lack of responsibilities in rearing their children. Adults that blame movies or whatever also lack responsibility in their action. Grow up and blame the person, not the movies...

Vyxinn 3 years ago

Some of you people just make me laugh. If you bring your child up knowing what is real and not real and what is right and not right, then no movie, no song, no nothing will turn them into psycho killers! Movies don't make the person the parents do. I have 2 daughters, one is 20 and the other is 8. My 20 yo's fav movie growing up was the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" series and she turned out just fine. She's not out killing people because I let her watch the series, also, my 8 yo LOVES scary movies! Blaming movies or anything else just shows the parents lack of responsibilities in rearing their children. Adults that blame movies or whatever also lack responsibility in their action. Grow up and blame the person, not the movies...

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