Organic Baby Towels

Cleanse Gently with These Adorable Egyptian Cotton Organic Baby Towels and Washcloth Set

Go organic and treat your baby to luxurious organic Egyptian cotton, which is better for their skin and overall health! These organic baby towels and washcloths come in two adorable varities, the cute Sage Froggy and Yellow Ducky. The organic cotton towels from Chartreuse are super soft hoodies for your infant! These products are also available in a gift set, perfect for baby shower gifts, which also include the natural diaper cream and other natural baby gifts.

Why buy organic cotton? Traditional cotton can be treated with harsh chemicals that will be absorbed into your baby's skin, and worse yet, into the bloodstream, causing irritation, health risks, and has serious implications for the environment. This cotton was organically cultivated in Egypt and certified organic, meeting strict standars for chemical free and pesticide free cultivation. A super soft organic Egyptian cotton that's naturally dyed and fair trade.. Fair trade means that this item was made by workers being paid a fair wage to fight poverty and encourage a healthy work environment.

This adorable hooded towel comes in two styles: Yellow Duckie and Sage Froggie. Wipe down your baby with super soft, healthy, organic Egyptian cotton!

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