Language Test Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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Average score: 85%

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What is language?
The correct answer is "When words and voice communicate meaning"

Culture does NOT influence a persons view of the worldshaping his ideas and behavior.
The correct answer is "False"

What are Phonemes
The correct answer is "the sounds that form the building blocks for the spoken word"

Which of these is a attribute of language
The correct answer is "arbitrary"

Why mustlanguage must have particular limits placed within its meaning to protect what may constitute a proper language?
The correct answer is "to distinguish between noises or grunts and communicative utterances in languages"

The ancient American language existed for centuries because
The correct answer is "because of its commutative nature"

Without structure and generative ability, form, the language would have no framework in which to work.
The correct answer is "True"

Put in order of sequence the levels of written language.
The correct answer is "phonemes, words, sentences, text"

What are the e phonemes of Xhosa that make clicking sounds?
The correct answer is "x, c, q"

The levels of language work in a framework called grammar o that groupings of words do not form an incoherent word-jumbl
The correct answer is "True"