Billie's Book Publishing Quiz Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

This quiz has been taken 44 times.

Average score: 80%

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You need a literary agent to submit to most large book publishers like Random House, Houghton Mifflin, etc.
The correct answer is "yes"

You can see a record of your book sales almost immediately after publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing.
The correct answer is "yes"

Formatting an Ebook is quite easy.
The correct answer is "No. You have to be careful about using the tabs, image wrapping, etc."

You can expect to sell approximately 25 e-books a week if your book is published for Kindle, or Nook, etc.
The correct answer is "Not without a great deal of promotion, blogging, social networking, etc.(unless it's about vampires!)"

I have to give my e-book away free to get a "buzz" going.
The correct answer is "This is an approach that has worked for authors"

I need a Kindle Reader to see what I've published on Kindle.
The correct answer is "No. Kindle, Nook, etc. have downloadable readers for you PC or MAC"

Android, Blackberry, IPhones all use the same files for publishing
The correct answer is "No. Each smartphone reads a different type of file."

Desk Top Author can convert its files to Android
The correct answer is "Yes, DTA can convert the book you make with its software for an ANDROID phone, but NOT with sound files."

You need your images in layers if you want to make your book interactive?
The correct answer is "Yes"

I can get funds to help me publish my book.
The correct answer is "Yes! Go to and view the projects that are funded!"