Can You Avoid Workplace Gossip? Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

This quiz has been taken 37 times.

Average score: 96%

Click on the links below to see statistics for each question:

Someone tells you that a co-worker received a promotion, and they are happy for them. Is this gossip?
The correct answer is "No."

A co-worker tells you about an office affair between two other co-workers. Is this gossip?
The correct answer is "Yes."

You witness an incident and report it to a supervisor. Are you gossiping?
The correct answer is "No."

Someone tells you a story about a co-worker's personal problems. What do you do?
The correct answer is "I try to put a stop to the conversation by walking away or changing the topic."

True of False - It's acceptable to talk about a co-worker as long as they don't find out.
The correct answer is "False."


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