Test your Gluten Free Knowledge Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

This quiz has been taken 80 times, 78 times on HubPages and 2 times on other sites.

Average score: 81%

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Just because I don't have any symptoms means I am OK!
The correct answer is "False - No trouble can be brewing without me knowing it"

The average age of diagnosis in adults is
The correct answer is "35"

Foods that don't list "Wheat" on the label are safe
The correct answer is "False: There are plenty of hidden dangers, do your research!"

Once I feel better I can go back to eating Normal
The correct answer is "No: I will wind up worse than when I started"

My symptoms are caused from
The correct answer is "The side effect of malnutrition caused by intestine damage"

I can cheat as long as I stay mostly clean
The correct answer is "Not at all - Even trace amounts can cause a full return of symptoms for weeks"

The foods to avoid are:
The correct answer is "Wheat, Rye, Oats (unless specified Gluten Free) & Barley"