1950s Music Quiz Quiz Statistics and Answer Key

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He sang the 1954 hit,"Oh My Papa" & was married to Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds & Connie Stevens. Who was he?
The correct answer is "Eddie Fisher"

Who sang the best-selling version of "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing"in 1955?
The correct answer is "The Four Aces"

"Rock Around The Clock" was first performed by Bill Haley and The Comets in what 1955 movie?
The correct answer is "Blackboard Jungle"

Who performed "Whatever Will Be Will Be" (aka "Que Sera Sera") in Hitchcock's 1956 movie, "The Man Who Knew Too Much?"
The correct answer is "Doris Day"

In 1957, Shirley Jones starred in the movie "April Love" opposite which singer who also sang the title song?
The correct answer is "Pat Boone"

Which afternoon TV host's version of "Sixteen Tons" reached number one in the Billboard charts in 1955?
The correct answer is "Tennessee Ernie Ford"

Sexy redhead singer/dancer/actress Gwen Verdon performed "Whatever Lola Wants" in what 1958 movie?
The correct answer is "Damn Yankees"

The song, "That's Amore," contained the line, "When the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie..." Who sang it?
The correct answer is "Dean Martin"

Elvis' first number one hist song, "Heartbreak Hotel," topped the charts in 1956. In the song, where was Heartbreak Ho
The correct answer is "Down at the end of Lonely Street"

This future actor's aunt had a 1954 hit with "Mambo Italiano" Who is this contemporary movie star?
The correct answer is "George Cloony"