25 Popular Biblical Names Used Today



Samuel = God hears

Elizabeth = Oath of God

Joseph = Increase, God has multiplied

Sarah = Princess

Benjamin = Son of the right hand

Anna = Grace

Isaac = Laughter

Leah = Weary, Tired

John = Gracious gift of God

Khloe = Greenery

Luke = Bringer of light

Zoey = Life

Jayden = Thankful

Faith = Belief in God and his will

Adam = Man

Maria (Mary) = Rebellion, overthrow

Zachary (Zachariah) = Remembered by the Lord

Ruby = Red colored precious stone

Timothy = Honoring God

Rebecca = Beautiful

Joel = The Lord is God

Gracie = Grace

Jeremy = Appointed by God

Nicole = Victory of the people

Marcus (Mark) = A Defense

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

These are all so nice. I have a new niece coming soon and the family is still trying to decide what to name her. I like the name Ruby, and glad it is making a comeback. Maybe they will select this for her name!

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