A Veil In Time.


A Veil In Time!

on February 13, 2007.  ©-MFB III 

Sixth grade,
Valentine's Day,
shoebox socked full of cards
tiny slot crammed to the slit,
sticking out like pink and red tongues,
laced with ribbons,
and I carefully, lovingly emptied it,
looking for just one in particular,
from a girl named Terry,
the love of my life,
dark curly hair,
bright brown almond shaped eyes,
and lips so red and full,
they begged kissing,
but I was broke,
and too young to even attempt
such a bold joining of flesh,
Oh, but I wanted to,
she filled my dreams,
and "Aha!!"
she'd filled my valentine box as well
with the tiniest card of all,
a baby chick on a heart,
so fuzzy and cute,
and it said,
"I want to be your chick,"
signed Terry,
My heart flip flopped
like an egg about to break,
I gazed over at her,
and her mooney eyes caught mine,
and then she smiled.
She moved away a month later,
but I still have that card,
and every once in a while,
I take it out and smile too,
only 12 again
and in love with the girl
in the second row, chair five.

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