Breaking Up Prevention When Love is Worth Saving

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Keeping the passion within the kiss...The Love MatchIntimacyLove Chemistry
Keeping the passion within the kiss...
Keeping the passion within the kiss...
The Love Match
The Love Match

Everyone who’s experienced love and lost it knows all too well the good qualities love alone can bring out in you. You care for someone else and only want to see them happy. You’re heart aches when apart and jump starts the moment they step into view, and the butterflies fluttering in your stomach all indicate that you are totally in love. Everything this person does fascinates you, and you simply want to be around to learn more about them.

In the beginning the excitement overwhelms you, especially when you realize yourself that this is special and worth holding onto. Worth approaching with an open mind and worth working on to ensure they reciprocate the same feelings. Sometimes you can get lucky and the two of you can proceed to the next level. You are now a couple with a mutual interest in each other and an understanding that you are now connected.

This is wonderful because together you share not only your hearts but your mind, body and soul and the blissful feeling that comes along with it all can only tell you how truly special this can be if the two of you are on the same page. If this is the kind of place you are in then you are okay, and from here it gets better but yes it does take a lot to keep it. Never forget the little things that brought you to this incredible place, and follow along as I help you make sure to keep it there a bit later in this story. Since I have to also address something else, the reason why the attraction fades.

Unfortunately for some they confuse the concept of love with lust, and somehow their minds get clouded. They start to imagine something is there when in actuality it isn’t. The person you are mistaking for being in love with you simply might not be. A date or two does not make you a couple, and sometimes the attraction that led you two to the date in the first place simply dies down once the two of you try the dating process.

To put it in terms you may understand I have come up with a few perfect examples that will put some things in perspective and hopefully let you see things for what they truly are.

Men and women each have their own way of ruling out if they would continue to see you or not, and sometimes neither one wants a serious relationship. Too many things come into play. They may have been hurt in the past and so therefore are not ready to give their heart again so freely. Some of us can easily convince ourselves that dating is much easier and maybe a lot more fun than trying to find love again.

Below are the top ten reasons why a person who was once attracted to you may back down and try to keep their distance. Remember if you dated a few times that means the attraction was there, but something happened along the way to make the other person think twice and they may be.

· You showed much more affection towards them than he or she does towards you.

· Trying to advance and take the relationship to the next level when the other doesn’t share the same vision yet.

· Forcing or manipulating him or her to change.

· Acting needy or clingy.

· Being too eager about the relationship.

· Acting jealous.

· Begging crying or throwing tantrums to make them stay with you or be nice to you.

· Trying to keep them by proving how much you care.

· Not giving them enough room in the relationship in general.

· Trying to manipulate or control them into falling in love with you.

If you have been pushing your partner in any amount of time you’ve been together you need to stop. Give them room, pull back and see if there’s enough attraction or chemistry there to make them freak out and give you more attention. If it leads to this than you now know you can work on your relationship, but if they stop calling or showing interest it’s just time to let go, and move on.

If trying to change him or her into someone else you must keep in mind that old saying, “Take me as I am.” Cause when you try to change someone into someone else entirely the majority of the time that simply doesn’t work. Trying to change your partner will only bring anger and resentment, so therefore take them as they are, and if you can’t accept them as is then you need to look for someone new.

Keeping chemistry alive is very important when in a loving relationship. Everyone knows that after a while the passion you began your relationship with dies down, but the attraction and chemistry shall always remain. Without chemistry the relationship will quickly turn into nothing more than a friendship. When that happens the passion will inevitably die, the relationship becomes hollow and both of you will look elsewhere for fun.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with this person months, years or decades if you want a healthy relationship you must never let the romance die by becoming lazy. You have to keep it going. Have a candlelight dinner. Go for a walk or gaze at the stars and moon together. Never forget to compliment your partner, and if people are around when you do even better. Hug and kiss your partner when they arrive home. Send your partner a nice message via text, email or by leaving a post it on the mirror or refrigerator. Have a picnic alone, flirt with your partner and be playful. Help out by doing your partners chores for them and then taking the free time to give each other massages or snuggle, and most importantly take time once a week to spend time with your partner and have fun.

Settling into a routine too quickly can also damage the relationship so try not to fall into this trap, no matter what, as we all tend to get relaxed and forget how boring this can be. Change up a few things here and there to keep things interesting. Don’t go to the same restaurants, or places. Keep things as interesting and adventurous as it was when you first hooked up, and keep the sex life just as interesting by role playing, changing up positions and even the where the deed is done. You get the idea. If you need other ideas on how to spruce up your love life you can easily find them. The following link can give you and your partner some wonderful ideas to try and blow both your minds away, and keep you both pleasurably satisfied at

Keep things exciting and you will never find yourselves off each other, but keep things the same all the time and eventually the chemistry will be lost and the relationship will die.

Don’t take your partner for granted, keep those surprises coming, and also be creative when you make out. These and some of those techniques discussed above will surely keep you and your partner satisfied with each other, and most importantly together.

Copyright © 2009~Susan B. Anna

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footsies anyone?
footsies anyone?
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autumn romance scene
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intimate yet safe
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loving moment

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AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Well written and so very true, you must always keep it exciting!!:)

one2recognize2 profile image

one2recognize2 7 years ago from New York Author

Thank you AEvans, coming from you this comment means a lot. Hope I continue to receive positive feedback, and glad I joined hubpages.

Karen Pangca 6 years ago

I can't relate because I don't have partner, And I Have no experience about relationship with the guy. But if I have, I want to be a happy one.

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