Dishonesty kills Reliability

Telling the truth in my opinion is one of the most vital factors in maintaining a healthy lasting relationship. Not only does it build trust and strengthen bonds, but it also gives us the confidence to accept who are for what we do. Nothing we say or do contradicts ourselves.

There was a time when I thought that telling a lie would be the only way out of an unexcused absence from work. I was thinking of a reason to come up with that would save me out of this situation. But while I was at it; I read an article for a blogger who said that he thought the best way out of a situation like this was to tell the truth. Nothing sounds more genuine than truth. Your language stays true to your style which would be very easy to interpret by someone who has known you for some time. I did tell the truth in the end, and I wasn’t in trouble as I had previously thought. I told my manager I wanted to spend some time with my dad. He appreciated my telling the truth and this has helped build trust between us.

Telling the truth will also prevent bad situations from getting worse. When we tell a lie it is often because we feel cornered. We feel that we have done something wrong and will most likely get punished for it. But what if we were really in trouble? In not telling anyone, we are preventing ourselves from getting the advice we may be in need of. For these reasons and many more I believe that telling the truth is the bridge to a better life. A life with no deceptions and broken relationships. A life in which we ,more importantly, remain true to ourselves.

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