Gay Equality

Gay Equality

 To be gay nowadays is more widely accepted than ever before in society, in fact we have equal rights just as anyone else to which we owe a great deal of thanks to the generations before us who`s brave efforts and marches gave us those rights. Now we have the right to gay marriage and adoption we also have the right to be gay with out fear of arrest or persecution either in work, at school or on the street as this is now considered to be a hate crime offence which will lead to the arrest of those who incite the attacks on the grounds of racism. We are all equal in our own right we are no better and no worse than the person stood next to you regardless of race, religion, sexual preference and colour as we all have to live and work together in this world. However you shall always get one group of people in every walk of life that will object to our way of life and object to those from other cultures and religions and their way of life, these people are bigoted zealots, and you should ignore their hurtful poison remember its for you and you alone to lead your life and no one may live it for you and tell you how you should live it because that is why we have a democracy that grants us freedom of choice and equality in this country and many other countries like us.

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