Hello? My Love Remember Me

Four years of marriage and still apart;

In every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year that we are apart this long my longings for you increase as years go by;

We chat twice a day within these years;

You never falter even if I sometimes do;

You visited me four times;

First to meet me for the first time, second to marry me in the church, third to spend Christmas and New year with me plus to celebrate my 59th birthday with my lucky twins grandchildren and most recent was to legalize our marriage through court wedding;

I can understand why you cannot visit me often enough;

I know you would visit me as often as every day if circumstances permit;

But life has complex limitations which neither of us has anything to do;

You are my kind, generous and faithful husband;

You are God’s gift to me;

But My Love, all I want is to spend all the remaining days of my life with you;

To spend wonderful seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and the rest of my life by your side;

How wonderful it would be when at night in all the nights that the Lord has made I sleep beside you and feel the warmth of your blood and listening to the beating of your heart, the heart that beats just for me;

Life would be full of creative energy when in every morning I wake up with you by my side;

Then I run to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee to perk you up;

And together we go to the shower before partaking together on your favorite breakfast that I quickly made for us;

I will be designing a beautiful garden in the front lawn then plant flowers like red roses, golden orange tulips, even daffodils so that when we sit together to relax in the front porch our life together will be seasoned by natural and wonderful colors of this universe, and scented with God’s blessings;

I will paint our house with colors that keep us feeling bright all day;

I will sew beautiful curtains and covers to dress our home like it’s the king and the queen’s castle being prepared for a daily celebration of royalty;

I will kiss you goodbye and hug you when you’re leaving for work to keep you up and alive;

I will run to the parking lot to welcome you with more kisses and hugs when you come home;

Then sponge baths you with warm towel when you get in the house before giving you your house clothes;

A steaming and delicious dinner would be waiting on the table for you when you’re ready;

We talk about many creative subjects, possibilities and news of your work for the day while we have dinner and after;

We will be in our own world and we make it comfortable, beautiful and prosperous like it’s a kingdom for you, my king, and I, your queen;

And then I invoke the universe to keep us blessed, prosperous, and happy ever after;

My Love, just remember I love you…

Remember me, your wife from a distant land…

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Globetrekkermel profile image

Globetrekkermel 2 years ago from CALIFORNIA

I can't wait to come home.Will be there for more than 3 weeks.I will do a southeast Asian trip in between.Myanmar and Laos , I hope.My dream is to meet Aung San Suu Kyi the Burmese political leader who won a Nobel Peace Prize who was under house arrest in Myanmar(used to be called Burma) for civil disobedience. Very remarkable woman.I read her biography and watched the movie about her.I read that it is possible to visit her house in Yangon where she was under house arrest for 15 or so years.That will be the highlight of my trip if that ever happens.

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author


You had travelled the world round, you should be smarter than the parochial locals...they do the same things all the time...predictable so to speak and you can have your strategy that they had not foreseen because it's not in their mindset...Welcome back to our Philippines, regardless of its reputation this is still our homeland...the nostalgia is still calling your heart...

Globetrekkermel profile image

Globetrekkermel 2 years ago from CALIFORNIA

Yeah I know.Things will never change in the Philippines.Everyone is corrupt .It doesn't matter who sits in the throne. It will be history repeating itself all over again. Like musical chairs. I see the same story every year I come home. I bet it will not be any different when I come home in 3 months. I booked my flight for Manila today. I dread coming out of that airport. Always the same scenario every year when I come out of the gates after checking out of customs.Pan handlers swarming like bees trying to get your luggage and then everyone wants money after and won't leave you alone. Well, I outsmarted them. I don't have any luggage at all this time. Hahaha!!! I shipped all my goodies by cargo.LOL!

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author


There are always scandals in the Philippine politics...just recently 3 senators along with their cohorts are thrown to jail after being found guilty about robbing the treasury of hundreds of millions of pesos through pork barrels and ghost projects...money is often the root of corruption. There is corruption in every government. No government is perfectly clean but there is a big difference when the masses suffer in poverty while politicians live like kings and queens in the expense of the general population.

Globetrekkermel profile image

Globetrekkermel 2 years ago from CALIFORNIA

It's wonderful to know that your family is doing well.Family is everything. I think politics in the Philippines is a lost cause. It's a lot lot worse than Ebola. Ebola you can treat and contain but corruption in the Philippines? It is like a terminal cancel.No cure on that one. There might be a glimpse of hope though.Filipinos overseas are being educated and exposed with other styles of running effective governments.They are taking notice.We hear all the news in the States and the picture does not look pretty at all. God bless the Philippines,really!

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Globe, if you are asking about my family, everything is wonderful, about our economy, not much has improved...politics is still filled with discontent and corruption...We just have to learn to do what is right in the personal level in order to survive.

Globetrekkermel profile image

Globetrekkermel 2 years ago from CALIFORNIA

You are welcome,Jynz.How is your side of the world?

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Hi Globe...Thanks a lot for such encouragement.

Globetrekkermel profile image

Globetrekkermel 2 years ago from CALIFORNIA

It's nice to dream isn't it? I bet it will come sooner than you think. Good luck and best wishes to your dreams.They will be be here before you know it.

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