How To Stop Your Man From Cheating

How Do I Stop My Man From Cheating On Me?

For some time now, we had been talking about- why men cheat, how to catch a cheating boyfriend or husband, signs he’s cheating, blah, blah, blah. Today, we are going to look at an important topic- how to stop your man from cheating on you! So get your eye glasses ready, and come with me….

You know, keeping a man faithful is not as difficult as most ladies believe, but for beginners, it is the most difficult and impossible mission to achieve in a relationship or marriage, but guess what? That’s not the truth, doubt me? Read on….

Before I forge ahead, I want you to understand something about fidelity in men- most men wants to be true and faithful to their lovers or spouses, but that extra testosterone that runs in their blood, always militate them, and make them act otherwise, but nevertheless, I am going to share some vital tips that will help you stop your boyfriend or husband from cheating.


Most today women in relationship fail to understand the need for respect in a relationship. Just because you can afford a decent meal, a car, an apartment and in fact everything affordable doesn’t mean you should sideline your boyfriend or make him look like a trash even though you may not verbally say it…so, if you want him to be crazy about you and fear to cheat on you, then you must respect him as you would want him to respect you too.

Make him feel treasured

Every man wants to be loved, in fact, all men crave to be every woman’s love, so show him that he is a king to you. Remind him from time to time why he's your man, and why you chose him and not others. In other words, take the time to make him feel special as if he's the only one in your life. Tell him how handsome he is every now and then- it is not only women that love hearing those phrase like ‘you’re beautiful’, ‘you look sexy’, etc, men too enjoy and blush for such statements, so try and be using it on your man as often as you can.

The need for daily validation

It is very important that you validate your man on a daily basis. Whether he is working, currently unemployed or a stay-at-home Dad (if you're married), your man still needs to feel like a man. You may not need to give him money, but your words matters a lot, and goes along way in making him crave for you the more. So stop hiding how you feel about him; as you already know that he is a wonderful man that came into your life, what stops you from telling him this whenever necessary than hiding it from him and killing your love life?

Show appreciation

Most ladies of today in the name of modern civilization and over media exposure, have failed to embrace the need for appreciation. When your man buys you a gift, no matter how little or trivial it may look, please appreciate him with all your heart and not grudgingly please. If he helps you out in the kitchen, etc, appreciate him…remember, no matter how small the things he does for you are, they deserve a cheerful ‘thank you’ from you.

Spice up your relationship

Don’t dull your relationship, don’t go acting plain Jane because that may make him lose passion and flame. Spice things up every once in a while. Tell him your fantasies, listen to his. Don't be afraid to initiate romance.

Live, love and Laugh. Laugh often with him, not at him. Tell him a joke that you think he might like or clip out comics from the newspaper and place them on the fridge, send romantic text or e-mail messages to him, and don’t ever make the mistake of ignoring him when you’re on a social network platform to avoid sending a wrong message that you are being unfaithful.

Be endearing

If you want to be loved, then develop the quality of being endearing- listen to him first, and then talk. Let him finish what he has to say before you interrupt, and instead of bringing up unnecessary arguments, ask questions if you're not sure about whatever he said. Do not go with the general notion; all women are nags. Make a difference. Listen more, talk less.

Be his biggest supporter! Men don't like to admit it, but they need reassurances as well. Showing him that you support him and are there with him throughout his day to day struggles will help to ensure that he doesn't have a need for someone else to fill that need.

Don't lose your own self respect. Stop blaming him for everything and understand that some things are beyond you or his control.

Feed him!

Don’t forget the popular saying- “the way to every man’s heart is his stomach”, even though most today ladies believe otherwise, hence they tend to believe that “the way to every man’s heart is his dick”, which is absolutely wrong. In case you don’t know, men love when a woman they love cooks for them like their mum does. You don't have to cook exactly like his mum, but, it's your intention and action that counts. For instance, women believe men are dogs but they fail to realize that if you feed a dog he will never leave home!!!

Show affection!

Every time mustn’t be all about sex, learn to hold and cuddle your man when he returns back from work or outing, and ask about his day, remember, his day can be just as bad as your day, so don’t assume he should be fine since he is a man, lol. In case you don’t know, men are big kids and when they were younger, if they get upset, mum held them close, so now that they are big, and have you as their new mum, it is your duty to always cuddle them when they are stressed up.

Provide his needs before he goes out!

Before he steps out of the house, or when leaving him alone for any reason- work, business, study, career, etc, make sure he has everything he needs to sustain.

Don’t belittle him!

If you belittle him, he will definitely pull out from you, and it is certain that another woman out there would welcome him with an open arms, and even treat him better and most times make him regret spending time with you, which is very bad.

Take care of yourself!

No matter what, strive not to look dirty, untidy, unkempt or unattractive if you don’t want your man to cheat on you. First, you must work on yourself. Learn to appear neat and appealing to your man at all times. Whether you like it or not, all men want and cherish a beautiful, sexy woman, so take your time to get those kinky and sexy undies, night wears and outfits that will make him fantasize and want you more on a daily basis.

Finally, I want you to bear this in mind- if a man has all he needs in a woman, he will hardly go looking for another, even though must ladies would prove this wrong, please pay no attention to them and work towards making your man a faithful man by being everything he wants in a woman!

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dashingscorpio profile image

dashingscorpio 3 years ago

These are excellent tips for how to treat both men and women!

However when it is all said and done the only person we can "control" are ourselves. If your mate (decides) to cheat you can't stop them. People also cheat for different reasons. I believe there are 3 basic types of cheaters.

1. The incessant cheater: This person has never been faithful. (They flirt a lot, use sexual innuendo with strangers, often very charming, and people love to be in their company.)

2. The unbelievable opportunity cheater: (This person had no plans to cheat per se. A "fantasy" opportunity presented itself or "once in a lifetime" chance to be with someone they feel is incredibly (hot) actually hits on them! These cheater is usually guilt ridden afterwards and may confess in the future.)

3. The discontented cheater: (This person feels somewhat "justified". They feel neglected, taken advantage of, or mistreated in some way. It doesn't take much for a stranger to put a smile on their face and in their heart.)

Of the three cheaters mentioned I believe your advice is most helpful for avoiding the aftermath of creating a discontented cheater.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 3 years ago from L Island Author

Thanks @dashingscorpio, you actually did a further review of this interesting topic...and I quite understand your points, but we are looking at the possible ways least if we can't eliminate it, let's use it to bring your number one cheater type- "the incessant cheater" to number two level- "the unbelievable opportunity cheater"...that would make much sense, or what do you think?

Thanks for taking time to read and comment, really appreciate....

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Wow, what a perpsective! Women always complain that their men "don't do this and don't say that" or their men do "too much of this" and say "too much of that". We're not that good about taking men into consideration. Don't get me wrong, I'm the overanalytical type and I always try to understand a man's thoughts, feelings and actions, but because men are not so vocal, we tend to work of assumptions rather than truth. I assume men have less feelings, less thoughts, maybe even less needs. This was great... in a nutshell you're suggesting that men have many of the same needs as women.

Voted up and useful!

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Wow, I just read your comment and how insightful! I think I can say that I agree! Do you think there is any "cheater/cheating" that is better or worse than the others?

dashingscorpio profile image

dashingscorpio 3 years ago

The incessant cheater: He or she is a lost cause. They (bore easily) and clearly believe "variety is the spice of life!" The best defense against them is to learn to recognize their type and avoid them as much as possible.

There is hope in keeping the other two in line though with your tips! :-)

accofranco profile image

accofranco 3 years ago from L Island Author

Thanks @Cantuhearmescream, you are right...women really need to learn to be appreciating their men, that will help them to strive to become better men...thanks for stopping by..really appreciate.

@dashingscorpio, you are at it insight....thanks once again.

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Note to self... recognize their type and avoid them as much as possible... check! :-)


I have to give myself some credit (of course), I think I've always been thoughtful of others' feelings, but men don't seem to have much of a response often times, to the appreciation and so I've wondered if it were truly appreciated. When I see that my actions are bringing someone joy, I am more likely to repeat them, you know what I mean? I guess I have to learn that with or without a response, it is enjoyed and appreciated.


Fossillady profile image

Fossillady 3 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

I agree with dashingscorpio, the worthy tips you proposed fit with the discontented cheater, whether man or women . . . the other two categories are creepy and the worst offenders who lack caring and soul. Wishing you well Accofranco, Kathi :O)

accofranco profile image

accofranco 3 years ago from L Island Author

Hello @Cantuhearmescream, those class of men you are talking about are called- "the ungrateful men', avoid them by all means because they can ruin your love life....thanks for the contribution....glad to see you here...

@Fossillade, yes dashingscorpio did made good points....I do agree with him...I wish you the best too seem to me like one with amazing heart...stay blessed.

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Oh, okay; so you're saying that there are actually some guys that just won't appreciate all the little things no matter how many or how much you do? That's good to know too, it can be tiring and quite draining trying to spoil someone that doesn't appreciate it.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 3 years ago from L Island Author

@Cantuhearmescream, of know, in as much as there are unappreciative women, there are similar men too...and over here, we also call them- "Oliver Twist", always asking for more...hard to please...hardly appreciate things...and I would advice any lady that hopes and dreams for a healthy, happy relationship to run from such men...

I wish I could find someone that will spoil me....hahahaha...*winks*......lolz

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