How to Hook A Fantastic Relationship on Plenty of Fish (POF), The Free Online Dating Site! Profile Ideas for All Sites!

You Can Hook A Great Catch, A Great Match with Plenty of Fish, POF!

What a catch!  You can find the date or love of your life on Plenty of Fish by following these basic ideas!
What a catch! You can find the date or love of your life on Plenty of Fish by following these basic ideas!
Remember: There are plenty of fish in the sea!
Remember: There are plenty of fish in the sea!

How to find a friend, date, or true love on this popular online site.

Plenty of Fish is a popular online dating site which has been featured in national media. Like most dating sites, Plenty of Fish (POF) enables members to search for matches based on physical, social, professional, and other interests. Unlike its cohorts, however, POF is free to join, earning revenue from advertising.

Because Plenty of Fish offers no cost memberships, many former members and competitors warn that the site attracts less desirable members who, in turn, join the free service. Others who support the service claim some of the best dates they have ever been on came from a connection on POF. (Free isn't always a bad word. Like free business opportunities, some are good and some are worse than stinky cheese.) Yet...No matter which camp you support, pro or con, you can find a great, positive relationship—even true love--on Plenty of Fish if you simply follow a few basic steps:

  1. Register Honestly, Completely. When you register on Plenty of Fish, describe yourself the way the world sees you, not the way you’d like to be seen. Sure, I’d love to describe myself as an Adonis with six-pack abs and a thick head of wavy brown hair, but dreaming won’t make it so! Separated? A smoker? Overweight? Fifty instead of 40? Simply tell the truth. Those little white lies have a way of catching up with you, especially once you meet! Besides, you’d be surprised how many people out there actually like pudgy 50-year-old smokers who are going through a divorce. There’s someone out there for everyone!
  2. Please Include Your Own Photo—Not One of Richard Dreyfuss. Plenty of Fish allows you to include several photos of yourself on your profile. Just make sure they are current, flattering but not overly suggestive (no nudes, please), and, above all things, your own. Like any website, there are a few unsavory visitors who, if they saw you in fishnet stockings and nothing else, would gladly become yout number 1 stalker! Above all things, be safe! And Keep it Real! One POF member included a photo of Richard Dreyfuss in his profile, according to a woman I know. (Funny thing, the man was ten years younger than Mr. Dreyfuss!) Also, I’d recommend staying away from ancient photos of yourself modeling a mullet or short wedge.
  3. No Time for Writer’s Block: Describe What You Want. Follow the 3 C’s Rule when writing your Plenty of Fish profile: Crisp, Clean, and Complete. Crisp: Make the profile come alive with honest, yet positive words. Tell the reader exactly what you seek in a relationship, whether it’s simply friendship, dating, or a long term relationship. Clean: Your POF profile shouldn’t reflect any negativity, typos, slang, or profanity. Put your best foot forward, as you would want your future date to do as well. Complete: Now is not the time to be stingy with words. Paint a portrait of the real you, as if every reader is a potential date. Share your hobbies, dreams, goals, and interests. Mention your family and children, even those of the four legged variety! Advertise without deception. But, please don't overdo it. You're not writing the Great American Novel!
  4. Be Original, But Be Yourself. Everyone on the planet is different. No two people are alike. What makes you different than the competition—those other men and women vying for your reader’s attention? In Plenty of Fish’s profile heading, be original but, again, be yourself. I’m bald and a big fan of Shrek films. In the heading, I put “Lonely Ogre Seeks His Princess Fiona”. It must have worked, as I am no longer single!
  5. Take the Relationship Needs Assessment and Chemistry Test. This isn’t exactly rocket science, but a great way to learn more about yourself and the type of person you wish to share life—or even a basic cup of coffee—with when you finally do meet! The goal of the “chemistry” test is to discover people you’d find most emotionally compatible. The “needs” assessment shows you how to avoid past relationship issues by setting action in order to make your next dating experience a success.

May you have the greatest, stress-free relationship ever!

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schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

good hub, but I find that most guys on pof want only sex and not relationships :(

lifeinprime profile image

lifeinprime 6 years ago from Catawba County, NC Author

Thanks for your comment. However, I am sorry you had bad experiences on POF. While some men--and women, too--want a brief affair or sex, many good people exist out there. An idea is to talk to that person several times before meeting them in person (in a well lit public place) for a first meeting. All the best!

DoctorDate profile image

DoctorDate 5 years ago

Plenty of Fish is good. I'm using it for my 150 Online Date Challenge! You can check it out here

gretta 5 years ago

Met a man on pof. We dated for a year then he moved in with me. We got along gereat. I then found that he was cheating. I had him move out. Months later he started leaving cards,gifts,and being on my property. It is now 6 months later and i am going to court soon for him stalking and harrassing me. Ladies be careful do a background check. I did after and found so many bad things about him. Fired for sexual harrrassment,DUI,and beat his kids. Just be careful. I don't need anymore stress. Do the background check by getting their full name and birthday...good luck to you..i didn't have any luck..

Wastedtimeon PoF 5 years ago

time wasters/sex pests/liars/cheats/players that's PoF

Jason 4 years ago

In my experience with POF, the girls seem to be borderline paranoid. They want to ask two hundred questions before the thought of a meet up even occurs. Frankly, you won't get to know ANYONE by asking them about themselves... The only way to get to know someone is by spending time with them.

I understand there's a lot of creeps on the web, but at the same time, what's the danger in meeting a person in a totally public place, just to talk...

lifeinprime profile image

lifeinprime 4 years ago from Catawba County, NC Author

Jason, I agree. There are psychos on POF--as there are on any other dating site. One lady I met there (3 years ago) hacked into my computer. It taught me to be careful! :)

Meeting in public is perfectly normal. Well-lit bookstores with cafes are particularly good for this!

All the best to you in your search!

lifeinprime profile image

lifeinprime 4 years ago from Catawba County, NC Author

I am happily involved with a lady I met on POF--intelligent, beautiful, ambitious, loving, humorous. But, there are crazies every way you turn.

All the best in your new relationship!

lifeinprime profile image

lifeinprime 4 years ago from Catawba County, NC Author

No...It's not just POF. It's every site. Take your time, and you'll find the one person that is right for you.

lifeinprime profile image

lifeinprime 4 years ago from Catawba County, NC Author

Sadly, this can happen on any site. Some men and women are nasty, lowlife cheaters, gretta. Background checks may be an excellent idea.

You wrote this months ago, so I pray things are better now. :)

tracy 4 years ago

I don't know about this, I don't think I'm paranoid but how do you start talking about yourself and put it in print with 100% confidence?

lifeinprime profile image

lifeinprime 4 years ago from Catawba County, NC Author

Tracy, anyone with 100% confidence is usually an egotist! Like in all situations, you simply put your best face forward and hope for the best!

Bbams 2 years ago

Met my best friend / boyfriend at first attempt on pof. It's been almost a year and going well.

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