How to make a lesbian become straight


Do you like a lesbian?

Well, you are not the only one out there who have some fondness over a pretty cute girl or woman and later to discover that she is untouchable because she happens to be a gay woman.

Help! I Fell in Love with a Lesbian

Well are you blind! Didn't you know she was gay before you fell in love with her in the first place? Did you ever interact with her and what did she tell you? All hope is not lost yet for you guys out there who have fallen in love with a lesbian. It's funny how the woman of your dreams could be a lesbian.

A guy attempting to date a lesbian woman is in a very tricky situation if not an almost impossible one, . . . but there is a way out at least and I shall be sharing you the killer moves to capture the heart and mind of any lesbian on the planet Earth once and for all.

Lesbians are fellow human beings just like you and me. They are like your sister or female friend. It's just that how they perceive sexuality is at odd with most people who are naturally straight. Remember every lesbian girl or woman was born by a straight parent at least the semen that meet with the ovum was from a man you know?

Winning the heart and mind of a lesbian

Well, this is not a 100% guarantee but it worth trying.

  1. Pray hard! Yes fall on your knees and pray to God to make that girl of your dreams who happens to be a lesbian go straight just for you. Yes you can because God can if you have faith.
  2. Approach her with your intentions. This would not be easy at first since most gay women wouldn't like to betray their female partners in crime. But you have to prepare for everything and anything, and remember NEVER TO GIVE UP on her. If she is your Princess Charming then there are chances that you can have her to stay in your castle, but that doesn't come easily Prince Charming. Sleeping beauty would not be left easily for you.
  3. If all seem to fail challenge her with this Ultimate Lesbian and Gay Killer Challenge. That should help.

All the best Prince Charming!

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ErosRyder profile image

ErosRyder 5 years ago from OH

This will not get a lesbian to be straight.

Is it possible for a gay woman to fall in-love with a man? NO because they aren't attracted to men they are attracted to women. So the above steps to get a lesbian to fall in-love with you aren't going to work. It's completely selfish to want to change who someone is just because you are in-love with them. This is all based on bitter opinion and greedy intentions.

If this is true then you can turn a straight woman gay just by approaching her with your intentions. If it wont work on you, it's not going to work on them.

voadn profile image

voadn 5 years ago

I really hope this is written as a joke. If it isn't a joke then you need to educate yourself about sexuality. Lesbians are not people who "perceive sexuality is at odd with most people who are naturally straight". If this was true then there wouldn't be homosexuality in the animal kingdom. There is no "natural straight gene" by saying this you are ASSUMING that being gay is a choice, and it isn't.

apologetics profile image

apologetics 5 years ago Author

@voadn I wasn't joking though :)

ErosRyder profile image

ErosRyder 5 years ago from OH

lol. It all comes off as a joke, though.

jabbo1 profile image

jabbo1 5 years ago from Iowa

I realize you are entitled to your own opinion, but as a lesbian myself, I can tell you I have never fallen in love with a man. Any "true" lesbian would never be able to fall in love with a man. If she does, I'm taking back the toaster oven. I seem to be an expert in this area. Most men would like to believe they could turn around a lesbian, but it cannot happen if she is true to herself. Thank you voadn :-) You got it!

apologetics profile image

apologetics 5 years ago Author

@jabbo1 Hi it's nice to hear from you. Well, I also respect your position though we both disagree. I think that how women, lesbian women act and react emotionally varies from person to person. Probably you haven't met the right guy who hit the right spot for you to discover that you were asleep all along until he woke you up.

ErosRyder profile image

ErosRyder 5 years ago from OH

No, not at all. Maybe you haven't found the right, same sex person who hits the right spot for you.

jabbo1 profile image

jabbo1 5 years ago from Iowa

LOL I have a response for any man who tells me I haven't found the right guy..."Maybe you haven't either." There is no such thing as the right man...for me.

apologetics profile image

apologetics 5 years ago Author

Really? :)

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

If women can be "Bi" then they can also enjoy men.

ErosRyder profile image

ErosRyder 5 years ago from OH

This is about lesbians not bi women.

jabbo1 profile image

jabbo1 5 years ago from Iowa

really really

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas

Wow, I have to agree with the comments everyone else has left here. This really comes off as a joke. Maybe because like the analogies you use, it sounds like a fairy tale, not reality. (Oh, and not a tale from a fairy...those are MY hubs as a gay man!)Best of luck in your adventures in "turning" a lesbian straight, you're going to need it!

apologetics profile image

apologetics 5 years ago Author

Well, I know you would disagree after all you wouldn't like others to leave the gay community, would you?

ErosRyder profile image

ErosRyder 5 years ago from OH

haha has nothing to do with not wanting people leaving the gay community. It's their lives no one needs to worry about them. But seeing how you come off as ignorant and funny all in one. I look forward to reading more of your hubs. :)

apologetics profile image

apologetics 5 years ago Author

I look forward to reading your comments too. Thank you.

Jules 5 years ago

Your "Ultimate Lesbian and Gay Killer" challenge is a joke. Gays and lesbians know they can't reproduce together. They are all well aware of this fact. But then, lesbians and gays don't value sex for its utility; they value sex as a means for expressing their love. My parents haven't been able to produce children for years, but they still use sex to express their love. You have a very limited understanding of sex if you truly believe that it can serve no purpose besides reproduction.

As for "praying the gay away," it doesn't work. In fact, prayer acomplishes very little beyond making your knees sore. And it you start relentlessly pursuing a lesbian in hopes that she'll accept your "Godly love", you'll probably end up with a restraining order against you in a matter of months. I guaruntee it.

jj 4 years ago

I've fallen in love with a lesbian. i understand and am not ignorant to what homosexuality entails but i want to be with her more than anything.

Tabitha 4 years ago

Hey i'm Tabitha, i was a lesbian , I am now converted to being straight, i didn't feel loved by a man in my early days , and i was sexual frustrated just as other lesbian women are, but i relize that women get really jealous if there boy-friend broke up with them, and then they thinks that the worlds owes them everything, i would urge you never to give up on guys , they are lovely guys out here, lesbians get jealous when they see people have a good family and kids and they can't have that, they change there identity and there looks, same for men, they don't make it till 50 , there die with HIV , i been in the hospitals and these men wish they had the time to come back in the past, Women we are attracted to men , experience with men makes us feel love, Women will grow till there old and be alone suffereing by there-self, I am having my first kid, i am and proud, i and straight and have a husband, i'm going to help lesbian become straight, which i have done . Lesbians they is a guy out there who will love you and comfort just try it, it will work, and you would have your wonderful daughter and son , and grand kids.Make the world better.

nigar 4 years ago

You are all dumb

tristan 4 years ago

I feel for jj. I too have fallen for a girl who claims to be a lesbian. I know I should move on. In fact I've tried, I stopped talking to her for two years and tried dating other girls, every relationship didn't last more than two weeks. And I had long lasting relationships before I met her. then recently she has popped back into my life and wants to talk to me. We talk for hours on the phone and have a great time when we are together. I can hardly eat or sleep and when I get a text or call from her my heart jumps out of my chest and starts beating really fast. I keep having nice dreams about her where we are just talking and being togather. but then reality strikes and she tells me about girls she likes, I think it's a nice way for her to tell me that she just wants to be friends, in fact she calls me her best friend, and it breaks my heart every time. I've cried after most of these conversations, but she means the world to me and when we weren't talking I was very depressed which made life seem of worth living. When she talks to me and I get to be with her, anything feels possible. I would do anything for her. I know it probably won't work out, but I still hope everyday that it does, and it's that hope that motivates me to live on in my life. I don't think that this blog is serious or knows what it's talking about, and in this world of labels and restrictions, I believe love has no boundaries, or I wouldn't of fell in love with a lesbian knowingly. if I truly fell in love with another man, than so be it, id let you call me whatever you want, because nothing could stop our love. Ive fallen in love with a lesbian, and I will always be there for her and sacrifice for her because the thing that is most important, is that she is happy and if she decides to give me a chance I will make sure shell never regret it. I understand the bitterness from the lesbians who left comments on this site, I don't think the blogger is taking this as seriously as they should, I dont think there is a permanent sexuality, I believe if you fall in love with somebody that person is your sexuality

Matthew 4 years ago

This is ridiculous. No comment.

Shirley 4 years ago

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Franko 4 years ago

that would certainly be very hard to do, since so many women nowadays are into other women than ever before. i never thought that there are so many of them, and it is so very sad for us straight guys that have to compete with these low life loser women for a good decent normal one today.

Straight Man 4 years ago

that is very hard since there are so much more women nowadays into other women, instead of us straight men today. this certainly has a lot to do with it, why it is so very hard for me to meet a real good honest straight woman today. low life loser piece of shit women are everywhere today, and GOD really messed up creating these freaks.

abby 3 years ago

i was born streight and then turn lesbian and turned back to streight cause she was to jelsouly.and ect sooo yes lesbians can turned streight just like me and others ex lesbians

Mike 3 years ago

miracles don't happen this way.

jlpark profile image

jlpark 3 years ago from New Zealand

I find it disturbing that people who are 'against' homosexuals and marriage equality spend SOOO much time thinking about the sex lives of said homosexuals.

Hell, you guys think about it more often than we gay people think of it, and a HANG of a LOT more often than we think about you heterosexuals having sex.

Fixated much?

Solution to your problem - if you have fallen in love and she's a Lesbian (and you are a man) - easily fixed - find another female to fall in love with.

You will not, and CANNOT, change a person's sexuality. They are who they are. If you have found the wrong one (even if she feels like the RIGHT one but is gay), then move on.

Accepting 3 years ago

You have got to be freaking kidding me. This is the single most stupid and ignorant article I have ever read.

amynluv profile image

amynluv 3 years ago from Missouri

Wow. Is anyone really this stupid and selfish?

The Real Answer 3 years ago

Very Impossible.

Jonathan white 2 years ago

Can i please have the privilege to stick my dick inside you when you and your lesbian partner decide to have kids. I would love to have that honor.... easiest way to get what you want gentlemen. No other way. And if they say no find another lesbian couple who aren't stingey

Very Sad 2 years ago

In the picture above, which one is the husband? Confusing.

Matsu 22 months ago

You are retarded OP

maxh 2 months ago

"this is not a 100% guarantee" It is, in fact, 100% guaranteed to not work.

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