How Do You ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out

Asking a girl out on a date should be easier than it actually is for some people after all how difficult can it be to say "Would you like to go to the movies on Saturday night with me"?

Fear of rejection holds us back why? because we are men and our ego gets hurt easily, it's embarrassing and you wish that the ground would open up and swallow you whole when a girl says no. Girls just don't understand just how much effort and preparation it takes for us to ask them out, what thoughts run through our heads in the day running up to the event, it's hard work and it drains your energy mentally and physically.

Does she like me, will she say yes, what if she says no, will she laugh at me, a million scenario's run through your head you even imagine the date the will you hold hands, what will you talk about will she kiss me, will she want to see me again. Crazy thoughts what if's and buts.

Calm down, take it easy, there's no need to sweat buckets all she can say is yes I will or no I wont or words to that effect, drop dead loser is also an old favourite.

What would a girl do if she liked you?

Ask yourself the question above and then try it for yourself, if a girl likes a boy what would she do?

1) She would get her friends to find out more about you.

2) She would get her friends to ask your friends what you think about her.

3) She would get one of her friends to approach you and ask how you feel about her.

4) If a girl likes you after steps 1-3 she will either get one of her friends to ask if you would go out with her or she would come and ask you herself.

Girls do it the correct way we guys should take note.

Now you try it get your friends to do the work for you follow steps 1-3 once you have followed steps 1-3 you should know whether she likes you or not if it is yes then you should ask her out, don't ask a friend to ask her for you girls prefer the personal touch.

Knowing that she likes you should be a boost to your confidence and you should have no worries or fears when you ask her out.


If a boy looks at you more than once he likes you, ask him out lol.


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burn-fat 9 years ago

I'll pass this on to my son

Chris L. 8 years ago

If you like a girl talk to her don't tell her you wanna be friends because you'll ruin the chance. If you talk to her and keep the conversation going if you don't she will think you are boring. If her friend tells you that the girl you like likes you go ask her yourself because she could be lying. Girls like it better when you ask them personal other than asking your friends to do it.

Austin  8 years ago

im 10 and i go to school but i asked a girl out and said no to me and told evreybody that i asked her out and then i got made fun of now i like another girl but im just afried for the same thing to happen like last time

hunter 8 years ago

i like this girl madison (rilly hot) and i told my friend and he told her and she said no so i still like her so what do i do, do i ask her myself?

damian 8 years ago

i am 11 i am in sixth grade i like this girl but i don't know if she likes me how do i figure out if she likes me or not





johny mo 8 years ago

i know how you feel, i am 11 to and i like a girl named stephine orsleke, what i do is go up to her and ask her to go for a walk and be your self, at the end when she knows a lot about you ask her outand if she ansors positivly, she likes you but if she anors negitivily and says ''that what this is about'' she dosent, try to keep her friends from coming because most likely her friends will try to ansor you for her, try to get a friend to keep her friends okupied and a friend to go with you if your shy, i've never tryed it so it might not work, just try it

johny mo 8 years ago

astin just ask her out yourself don't be afrad to be maken fun of and hunter yes ask her your self, you never know what the answer will be

Rashaud A. Williams 7 years ago

???????????????????????i like this girl (Tori Martin) and she is one of my good friends and next week school is out what should i do HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARK 7 years ago

im 13 and there is this girl who always helps me out when i hurt myself and i really like her but my parents don't what should i do?

Matthew  7 years ago

All of you guys, don't be afraid, when you ask her out, ask her out somewhere private, not in front of allot of people (that will make her nervous, and she will not enjoy being around you). If she says "No", don't ask why, or start to cry, or do some other pathetic, just accept it, and walk away. And right after she says no, don't go out and ask another girl. Trust me, that will not work out well

ADAM 7 years ago

I'm so scared to ask this girl [ AmayaS. ] out. we are friends sence for 4 years { i'm 11} and i don't want to ruin it. I need advice. help!!!!!! I check daliy:] plese help!

7 years ago

Shiiiiit I just started going out with this girl 2 days ago that I don't really like, but I cant dump her because I don't wanna hurt her feelings (she says she really likes me), plus one of my best friends JUST started dating one of her best friends and plus Im not 2 bright or funny or good looking or anything so I don't know if if we split up Id get a new GF. Plus the girl I really like is mega popular and really hot and I think one of my popular friends likes her a bit even though hes dating one of her best friends, plus she has been dating a guy since before the beginning of the year (not sure exactly how long). Plus this girl has a lot of friends and everyone knows were going out. Im also mega worried that she might dump me because like I said I don't like her much so like if I had a chance with a hotter girl who I like I think Id probably ditch this girl and go for the new one (I guess that makes me a shitty BF anyways).

7 years ago

So this is me again anyone got some suggestions as to what I should do?

... 7 years ago

Kids these day...

John 6 years ago

I am only in 4th grade, and i like this girl who i liked in 3rd. But now I like this other girl and i don't know what to do or witch to ask out. HELP ME!

6 years ago

John wait till 5grade

Alex 6 years ago

wow lotta primary school kids lol, im in year 10 (10th grade for all u yanks) n i need advice on asking this girl out who i really like but i haven't really spoken to , although our gazes have met a couple of times across the class :P

ethan H  6 years ago

I like this girl lizzy, I'm in grade 6 at the moment at st marys and I don't have the slightest hint If she likes me., how do I ask her out.

Trev 6 years ago

I am in sixth grade and I like this girl I want to go out with but......she is dating my best friend

Girl confuzed 6 years ago

Alright I canstart the conversation it's just the talking is hard I don't know what to say pls some one help me I've never been on a date and I'm 16

Marques 6 years ago

I'm in 10th grade and I like this girl named misty(nickname). We talk a lot with texting and all that stuff. It's awkward though because her ex is my best friend and he wants her back. He told me that I can ask her out and stuff. The thing is that she says that she thinks I'm really cute but she doesn't wanna have a bf right now. She keeps telling me that I'm awesome and amazing and all the stuff a person that likes another person would normally say. But she looks at this one other guy the exact same way she looks at me. I know that this kid likes her cuz he told me. Should I ask her out before he does or should I wait and see If she says yes to him. Helllllllllllpppppppppppppp.

Marques 6 years ago

Girl confuzed, if u know the guys interests u can talk about that or if ur in the same class together, u can talk about how much u hate that teacher. An example would be if the boy u like loved sports, u could start talking about the NCAA tournament or about baseball spring league and stuff like that. On my first date, I talked about her interests and mixed it with my interests. I'm not sure if that helps but if it does, that's awesome :p

Marques  6 years ago

Alex, you might want to start talking to her by introducing yourself to her or if you have a friend that knows her. Tell ur friend to introduce you to her and talk about some basic stuff like asking how she is and maybe teasing her a little bit and making a girl laugh is always a plus.After you talk with her for a bit then you can get to know her better, like asking where she's from and when her bday is and stuff like that. Then u can get those digits. Remember that girls are very sociable and mostly friendly and will likely open up to a lot of ppl unless u piss her off. Then u can make arrangements to hang out and get to know each other a lot better by asking what she likes in a boyfriend or making her laugh with flirty jokes. Then you can ask her about her past boyfriends and talk about why Rhodes relationships ended. Then you can assure her that you'll be different. Show her that your different then other guys and make her believe that your different then them. You'll be able to tell if she likes you. It's a guy thing lol. Then ask her out in private. If she's talking to friends, you Can either wait or ask to borrow her for a minute, then you can ask :p. Also make sure that u steer clear of being "friends" with her because if u ask her out then it will seem weird and your friendship might get strained. I hope this helps and if it does that's great :)

evil elmo 6 years ago

i need to ask her out or i will die but i am only 11

connor 6 years ago

i am single and 12

bob 6 years ago

i am 12 years old and in the 6th grade. I like this girl named Olivia..But idk if she likes me.We were boyfriend and girlfriend in december but then i broke up with her and we got in a big fight then later that night we texted eachother until like 3 am i told her i liked her and she is like i like you but i don't want u to hurt me again..we have been friends since kindergarden and we still talk..she moved her desk next to mine because the teacher said we can put it wherever we want. i tried asking her the other day who she likes but she said a 7th grader but then said she dosnet like them anymore. she liked me about a month ago so i don't know if she still does..PLEASE HELP

macktre 6 years ago

i also like a girl her name is nia, but i went out with her earlier in the school year and i broke up with her. Now she likes me again and i like her. So she asked me out 2 the movies on saturday. what should i do.( This is my first date)

Justin 6 years ago

macktre. if u really want to go out with her then say yes. if not, say no.

justin 6 years ago

help i really like this girl named krystal but im not even sure that she likes me. she knows that i like her but hasn't told me if she likes me or not. how do i ask her out. i cant ever get her alone and she is always with her friends. im 14 and in the eight grade.

maxx 6 years ago

my name is maxx and im 12 years old and im in 6th grade. and i really like this one girl in my Math and science class. And i sit next to her in science class. How do i find out if she likes me or not?

sammy 6 years ago

i really like this girl but we have been friends since i was a baby and i told her i ove her when i was 3 and 5 and 7or8 and now im 10 and were in the same year 5 class and she is my first best friend and shes going out with my other friend (and shes really hot)

Lewis 6 years ago

Hey, everyone I know how you feel I had the same problem. I'm in year 9 and I'm Dating this very pretty girl. All I did was walk up to her and started a conversation like what options did u pick or how did your day at the town park go? Just try and steer it towards dating then when your ready make the move. Look her directly in her eyes. If your nervous to do it round her friends. Get your friends to keep them distracted and should go smoothly. :P

tyler 6 years ago

ok i like this girl name kayla we have been talking for about a year i think she likes me u tell me if im wrong she kicks me softly and she plays with her hair around me but i asked her out but she said no??? after that the hole day i was trying to figure out what's wrong any one help please!!!!

Uriel 6 years ago

Well I like this girl sheyenne she said she would dance with me but she can't dance i think she likes me but I'm not positive shuld I risk asking her out or not

BILLY 6 years ago

all of u little kids stop being worried and ask her out if u get made fun of just say idc screw them and just ignore it and don't ask girls out tht are out of ur league unless ur just completely stupid. so shutup and do it its not hard.

Harry 6 years ago

I'm in yr6 or sixth grade going to high school in September I asked on girl out and she just wants to be friends but now thiers a diffent girl should I ask her out but most of my mates hate her

H-dog 6 years ago

Is everybody here in elementary/middle school? omg i feel like a fail im 15 and i cant get a girl.

kyle 6 years ago

copy and paste this in a message to her, she'll get the hint...

Wangaratta 6 years ago from wangaratta australia

Hey guys and girls or wateva umm my name is ben and im 14 maybe u can help me i have a friend she is a girl we have been like best friends for like 3 years and we like eachother a lot but i don't know if i should ask her out or just stay good friends

Michael 6 years ago

Hi my name is michael i like this girl named maddison and we are in year five and her bro is in year six and i think she likes me and i need to know if i should ask her out please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cameron 6 years ago

OK i like this girl. ive known her for about 8 years now sence 6th grade i liked her and now we are in 12th my last shot b4 its all over. she had a friend ask if i liked her but i dident really answer because she butted in so fast saying noooo he wont like me. cuz he had little fight in 8th grade. this is 9th grade she asked me. now its 12th and i really love her. and we are good friends but yet shes really busy. we have eco with eachother and everyother day senior lounge. if she talks with me and sits next to me a lot and stuff and had b4 been mean to me does she still like me even now? she came to me crying afther her issue with her bf :( and now i really would like to ask her out but i don't kno how. please help me do you think she still likes me. do i have a shot.

Alex 6 years ago

I like this girl at swimming but how am I going to ask her out I am to shy

Aaron fen 6 years ago

Hey I like two girls at my school. I'm eleven and so are they so how should I figure out if they like me or not not.sometimes I'll talk to one of them and thell start trying to look all is that a sign

dhi 6 years ago

it doesn't matter if the girl you like is going out with someone else...all u gotta do is be close to ehr and her best friends...and eventually things will work out...

matthew 6 years ago

i like this girl and she noes i like her and my friend akesd her for me if she wanted to go to the dance with me then her friends came an told me noooooooooooooooo

John  6 years ago

Im in sixth grade and i really like a girl but someone just asked her out , she said no though and the guy that asked her out is my friend .If i ask her out will he be mad at me and think hes a failure.

paul 6 years ago

i am in the sixth grade there are2 girls i really like how do i choose which one to ask out hhhhhhhhheeeeeelllllllpppppppppp

Otto  6 years ago

hi, I'm in 6th and i really like this girl(Shawna), ok sure I've only known of her for the semester but i really like her. she hasn't given me any meager signs yet but I'm scared to ask. my idea is to get my buddy to "zap"(right time and name, look at name before time, ask out) me and use that to cushion the possible rejection. i'm planing to do this on Friday(11/26) to give her the weekend to think about it. Right back your comments PLEASE!!!

Otto  6 years ago

sorry about my last comment, i meant Wednesday but someone rote her name on my "zap" and i forgot to ask but im nervous, once again PLEASE HELP!

Otto  6 years ago

u know what, I'm jest going to wait so pretend my earlier comments don't exist!

harley cammell profile image

harley cammell 6 years ago

i like a girl called sequoia and i think she likes me but i don't know if i should ask her or not because all my gf have ended up dead so i don't know whether to risk it or no in a relationship

samer10 profile image

samer10 6 years ago

im 10 in 6th grade i like tis girl i knew her for 3 years i liked her since i saw her how will i know if she likes me backs please help

Lol 6 years ago

Uh just go out and do something about it and WTF so many little kids, here's a tip get popular friends that know a lot of girls! Don't hang out with nerd you douches. That's what I did and now I'm popular and I have a girl hotter than what any of you can get

The Victorious Phoenix 6 years ago

Hi! My name is 'CLASSEFIED' and I am in year seven, or seventh grade for you yankees! Anyways I like this girl called 'CLASSEFIED' and she is really beautiful or hot as you gringoes say! Anyways we are really good friends and I have a feeling that she likes me, I mean she smiles, she laughs at my terrible jooks, she enjoys a nice sarcastic quip, and she says bad things about other girls in the school, eg there is this on girl with gigantic breasts (i don't like her) who she said is very ugly and nothin compared to............some people with a flip of her hair! Gotta mean soming rite? However my best friend sits next to her and she laughs as well with him! However he knows that I like him and says he is not interested. Also her friend is sweet on me, I mean she makes EVERY POSSIBLE MOMENT to get close to me and ask whoi fancy. Also we play stuck in the mud in the classroom and there is a big pile of bags at the back of the room an she was chasing me and we tripped over and fell on top of eachother she was lying on top of me and she looked she was gonna kiss me, we started moving closer and BAM! Oh yeah the teacher came in (o dis was at break an nowone was aroun) she managed to get up so it didn't look weird. K so that's bout it. Oh and I'm preety good looking according to evryon else buut I have spots. I'm terrible at sports too. Just advice please, and soon because I go back to school on the 5/1/11 or for the yanks 1/5/11

HMV 6 years ago

There is this really cute sweet hot amazing girl in my 7th grade class (she and I are both 12) I have really liked her and I don't know if see likes me but I have liked her for 1 1/2 years. I don't know anyone else who likes her as much at least and really want to ask her out. I am really kinda nervous and have been turned down once before ( 2 years ago ). I don't want to make a mistake. We have been just friends for a while but i get quite nervous talking to her. She is Perfect. Please help me...

HMV 6 years ago

I'm going to ask her tomorrow or Thursday 1/5/11 or 1/6/11

HMV 6 years ago

I did it I did it I am so relieved it will be on Saturday the 22nd woo hoo

Sofia 6 years ago

I really like this guy who i text ALL THE TIME. I think he might like me. WHAT DO I DOOOOO

paul 6 years ago

Hi im a 6th grader and i don't want to screw up on asking a hot girl i like what should i do

HMV 6 years ago

I would wait well Im a guy and it feels much more clasy when the guy asks the girl out but on the other hand he might think the opposite or be to shy. It takes a lot of work for a guy to go up to a girl and ask her out i put a lot of effort into doing it and now i have a date this coming saturday. I would just either ask him or text him. That's all. Can think of if you have another question just ask.

HMV 6 years ago

I have asked the girl out but she seems to be busy every weekend (her cousins plan them) i have been texting her quite a bit and asked twice.

Hawk 6 years ago

Im in 5th grade and I asked this girl if she would be my gf but she didn't awnser me. She kinda smiled after I asked her and then she looked embarrested and walked off.

Ian 5 years ago

I'm 13 and in the 7th grade and I've

Never been on a date before or even

asked any1 out (not that I care war other people think

That) and I like this girl that's in a few of

My classes we no eachother but weve

Never realy talked and i woluldnt no how

Or wen to, were both shy and smart

and I feel like if I just ask her out it will

be akwerd usally wen I like a girl I talk to

Them in a way that let's them no I like them

And they usually end up likeing me but she

Dosent sit close enough and she's usually

With her friends !!!!!!!WAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!

PS: writeing on an I pod toch is haaaard D:

LOL (;

Trey 5 years ago

I need help I am in 5 grade and like this girl named Brooke and she is dating my best friend and my friend was so nice before he dated her he even told me I could ask her out but I didn't have the courage I need help especially from the girls I need to know what girls like in a guy please write back soon

carlo 5 years ago

Hi all ur all kiddies, im 24 yrs old. i like a girl at work, i think she likes me as she always smiles and looks at me. this has been happening for the last 4 or so months. our lunch breaks are different and she leaves at different times. so we like never bump into each other.

i know she like fitness and sports as some work collegues told me o_O .. she is also single.

anyways ill walk up to her and ask her out sometime within the next 2 days. what ill do is ill say something like: hi, how are you. wait for her to answer lol. then ill say: would you like to hang out with me sometime :) maybe go for a run, the gym, bike ride.. dinner?

then she will either say yes or no..

:) i will either get rejected or i will pick up.

if i get rejected ill feel so down :(

if i pick her up ill be one happy camper :D

takecare kiddo's

nicolas 5 years ago

i am 12 what should i give my girlfriend for valientines day

carlo 5 years ago


give her maybe a small valientines teddy.

by the way. the girl said no, but hesitated at first i think she is playing hard to get. anyways i told her no worries smiled and walked away. so strange i think she does like me and heaps, if she really does love me she will attempt to talk to me sometime during work. if not well... too bad for me huh.

the thing is i asked her. the other thing is i wont be asking her again, there are many other girls out there. tho i really do like her but seems to me she maybe isn't taking the situation serious enough, and i don't want a girl (if she likes me) that messes with my mind to play games like this (playing hard to get). byebye to her. something else will come up always does (for me)

takecare guys girls whoever is reading this :)

Trey 5 years ago

Carlos was anybody around when you asked

Harrison sieck  5 years ago

If you think that she likes you I can't stress this enough to myself and friends eventually if she likes you she will get over you do it don't tell your friend do it wussy ass move do it yourself never do it in public if you are afraid to get rejected you get rejected you move on you find someone else. Life goes on it's better to have loved and dreamed then to wonder a year or 2 later what I what if she did like me e everyone here is probably some 13 yr old either asking out a girl who you've known a while or one where she laughs at a joke or 2 and u think she likes you she might not the message is who gives a ...SHIT! do it don't ask how don't ask what to say how to say it how to get a Girl to like you how to tell if she likes you. Bye looking up crap like this you our wasting your time p.s if you're a chicken shit when you see her alone pass a note. It's always the same thing what if she says no well guess what what I she say yes! Don't even think about she is going to say no imagine she saying yes. Looking up stuff like this doesn't do anything just do it if she says no not the end of the world I know from experience

Gr8 1 5 years ago

I realy like this girl idk wat to do any more she is always hanging with her friends.shoul I tell her friends to ask her out for me or something?!

Trey 5 years ago

Never ask a girl out through anybody sadly girls like it when you do it yourself

David 5 years ago

Hi, David here... I'm in 6th grade

Theres this girl who's in all my classes, idk if she likes me, and she's never EVER open for more than ONE DAY. She laughs at most of my lame, class-wide jokes, especially when they suck. I asked her out back in October, she rejected, but it took over 2 hours, so idk if she would even consider me... right now she's going out with someone, and she even admitted she had/has feelings for my best friend... and he likes her too... and he's got 1-3 girls a-WEEK asking him out, so idk if I could match him... if I ask her again, and she says no, ill look pathetic... if she says yes, ill look awesome... idk what to do!

scared 5 years ago

dis girl in the other clAAs is pretty,hot and she looks at me all the time ( well by chance, she looks at me when she dinks imma not looking at her ) so evertime at music i tried to ask her out, but my mouth just wont open , so plz people leav comments (p.s. by the way idk iuf she likes me or not and well........she liked dis boy in my class last year and i donno if she still likes him or not. lolz :

75984 5 years ago

I really fancy this girl called Hannah Ruchards who is a school councilor just like me. I asked my frieNds to ask her out for me but she said no. I do not have the guts to ask her out myself.

donovan 5 years ago

theres this girl i like (amanda hickey) but im not hertype what should i do be some one different or what help

scared 5 years ago

yo can some one plz leave comment about mine plz ...... no respond for like 3 weeks :(. sp plz leac what i shoild do and trey can u gimme some comments whta i shall do? o yean by the way dis girl in my class likes me but i don't like her and "ep" dinks that i like her help lolz she wrote ##+##=LOVE so plz help tell me what to do thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

Trey 5 years ago

What do you mean more comments what do you want to know about

Zach 5 years ago

I am in sixth grade and I like this girl a lot but i know she is going to get askedout by an idiot that will most likely break up with her in a week what should I do. Hellllllpppp!!!!!

Never asked before 5 years ago

I don't know any thing about her but she makes me smile how do I get to know her

scared 5 years ago

i needa some ideas how to ask a girl aout trey

Jack 5 years ago

I'm in 6th grade and i like this girl that sits behind me in 5th period i don't know if she likes me what should i say to her so i could know??? plz reply!!!!

Nervous 5 years ago

I really like this girl in my gr6 class and I think she likes me and some of my galfriends have been saying that she likes me but she also likes this guy from her other school. I think she has been flirting with me but I'm not sure(I suck at knowing if someone likes me!) and I wanted to ask her out but I am way way way to nervous and I don't know how!:( so now I'm cowwarding in fear waiting and the chances r if I aske her she will say yes but I just can't! I really need tips and need them fast cause if I don't ask her out sooner or later she will already b taken!:( HELP!

ShawnBlackburn 5 years ago

Don't be nervous Nervous love comes with patience and girls follow more there emotions then there logic so you just got to slowly show emotion to her.

Volkner 5 years ago

I really like this amazing girl, whom i text quite a bit but a while ago she broke up with another guy and then rather quickly moved on to another guy who i don't know. Well i don't think she has gotten to attached to him so should i ask her out now or wait till later? i think now would be better but she is always surrounded by friends and i would like to ask her out in person rather than text or e-mail. Does anyone have advice for getting her away from here friends?

ShawnBlackburn 5 years ago

Volkner you should try to know if she realy loves that other guy and if you realy think she isn't attached to him and if you whant to ask her out you should maby wait at the end of the day when she wouldn't be surrounded with friends.

Zach 5 years ago

This may sound dumb, but I love this girl. I am not buff or super cool and she rejected guys much cooler than me. Some times r eyes meet and I love it. Her smile brightens my day and i spent all month trying to find her name(alinia)

Hey 5 years ago

Got a problem, i am in seventh grade and i want to ask this super hot girl out in eighth. Crap.

Volkner 5 years ago

Well thanks for the comment, i have asked her and i have suceeded, hurray, i got a friend of mine to distract her friends and asked her alone. It worked!

William Icard 3 5 years ago

This will hopefully work. i'm 11, and im trying for two. One usefull tip if your in my position is try the one you like most first, because most likely your not the only one. If rejected, try again. The other girl might admire your detimination and stat to be nice, and flirt... I'd say you should only try (for real determined people) about ten times. Then, either:

1. Your way of getting them doesn't work

2. The girl doesn't like the way you approach or the talents you have.

If you're strong, let her know by lifting things, or increasing your reputaion. If you're talented with ,say, the Clarinet or Tuba, Play even better. You kinda should start before I did (i started about 6 months after I noticed her). I should try to let her know on like Valtentines day. If it's passed, try her birthday, if that's passed, just give her the fricken gift! Let her know of your talents. I'm a strong, aggressive guy, so I protect her. I know my competition is kinda ruining it by startling her and making her run. NEVER,repeat,NEVER scare her. Be kind to mostly her, but if she's a kind girl, kindness to everybody equal (nicer to her though).

Fear of rejection is the biggest cause for rejection. I have that kind of fear. It should be ignored, or atleast least try.

William Icard 3 5 years ago

And Volkner, congradulations. Ok, back to the topic.

Be brave, defend her with your life, things you'd (hopefully) do for your family. If you're smart, show her (I am studying electronics, psychology, and astronomy). Put together a robot, outsmart a teacher, use big words, get A+s on your tests. Make sure she knows that she's smart... never say "you're stupid!" near her. Don't be a bully. If you're fat, (I'm buff) work out and get a dream body.

Now a little about my problems and myself.

I'm crazily attracted to this girl. Here's an example: All she has to do is walk past me, and I start to get dizzy. She hugged me, and I took up the whole sidewalk trying to get to the bus and keep balance. We've made eye contact, I say bye, she turns around and says bye back. She may like me. Now, this is the first one if you've read my comment above. I'm younger, but bigger. I protect her (she likes the fact that I'd fight a pro wrestler).The competition is younger, weaker, and meaner. The girl is kind, beautiful, and funny. Goofy with her friends. We were at a science center,and Darline (the girl, the one) and here friend were just randomly spinning around in a dark room we were all in. Darline bumped into her friend, and fell. Goofy, huh?

Anyway, the competition is stupid. I'm about 5'2" and he's about 4'9", so I'm much taller for one, then I'm much buffer, stronger, and more skilled in fighting, but he has no fear in me. I'm stubborn, I don't fear people much. He fears all the girls, and here i am, never ran in fear from a girl in my life, and he's not afraid?!

William Icard 3 5 years ago

Lol (the commentor) I'm gonna take that as an insult! My girl is better looking than yours!

Tye 5 years ago

I really like this girl Nyasia l im 12 and she always calls me dumb and hits me whenever i show notice what should i do

Jake 5 years ago

I like this girl who is really cute funny amazing and majes my day, we have been friends for a while and i think she likes me. How do i ask her out if im afraiad she will reject me and or make fun of me plus she is always with her feiends so help.

Air conditioner 5 years ago

im in 6th grade and i really like this girl but last year we were sort of friends, like i helped her with her homework but we kind of went separate ways but now i really like her and i don't know how to ask her out heeeeelllllpppppp(im asian tooo.)

Ian 5 years ago

Jake you are so stupid every one knows you like cittlile.

nikkiis2hot 5 years ago

i rilli like dis dude @ skul.he asked me out n rejected him but i stil feel bad,wat shud i do

justin 5 years ago

well i like this girl in a different class.At first she liked me then these boys made fun of us and now she acts like she doesn't even like me anymore need help

Austin Conaway 5 years ago

Dude I'm in these problems. I LOVE a girl named Sam but shes going out with my friend and hes being a b*tch. I can tell shes not happy but If I do ask her out when she breaks up with him, I just don't want him to be mad. This is one girl I actually love! I'm nervous though so what do I do? Ask her out or leave her go?

Austin Conaway 5 years ago

@ Austin. I don't blame ya. I'm 10 to. We all put up with this. But it just makes us really nervous. But I just realized, if she says yes that's 3 words to happiness. If she says no well, it's sh*ty.

Zach 5 years ago

Plz help me I like this girl a lot and when ever I see her she says something mean. What dose this mean

Advice 5 years ago

Just deal with it if she says no to any of u but if she says wait until ur atleast 13before u do anything more than makin out if u realy want to ask her if she says no it means no don't beg and ask her not to tell anyone u asked. If she says yes don't do sex, fingering or any thing worse. The only real thing u can do b4 ur 13 or 14 is touch each other which can be akward. Save that stuff for wen ur older

Ps most girls wont like fingering, blowjobs and oral until ur a lot older and don't listen to the base 1,2,3,4 stuff its weird and made for like 16 year olds and older

Taylor 5 years ago

I'm 13 an in 5th grade someone asked out the girl u liked and I was pissed and now I don't like girls anymore I'm not gay or bi I need help any answer

bryan desir 5 years ago

im in going to seventh grade and ive only known this girl this girl since last year and to her and her friends im the typical nerd plus there an old friend acually not even a friend he's usally a jerk but the cool kind who rips on me a lot and im not positive on how to aproach her because im afraid that she's gonna reject me and tell people that i tried to ask her and they would make fun of me help plz....

Cant tell you 5 years ago

I'm a guy and let me tell you it takes a hell of a lot of effort to ask someone out. I know a girl who lives near me and we joke and laugh but I am Way to shy to ask her out and are worried it might endanger our friendship. I have known her for 2 years, she is 11 and i am 10 going 11 in September. She has gone to high school. I see her playing out sometimes and talk with her. WHAT DO I DO?


Me 5 years ago

I really like this girl in sixth grade I don't know if she likes me last year word got out among about 12 people ( not her, thank god) but I was so embarrassed!!! I still like her what should I do I am so confused HEEEELLLPPPP

Iamfit? 5 years ago

I am 14 and there is this girl (Abi howles) . But I am not sure she fancies me. What should I do

love master 5 years ago

Dude be funny or kind be yourself I'm sure you will fInd a way to get her to like you

Idk 5 years ago

I'm on the chubby side and don't know what girls would say yes. I like this one girl in a couple of classes but I want to become friends nd stuff like tht then ask her out. Btw I'm in 7th grade

;-) 5 years ago

Hey I gotta crutch on dis one girl but Idk if she really loves me

HopefulRomantic 5 years ago

LoL....just keep trying guyz they will like you eventually xD....looky at me 52 rejected proposals one even tried to call the cops on me for proposing but i still aint gonna stop \m/....

??? 5 years ago

hay im 13 and like this girl called lucy but i reacently just broke up with one of her friends and she said that she dosent like me but when she was asked she felt awcwade im confused is this a go for it or does she just wana be friends

pls help sorry for the spelling

John 5 years ago

i am 12 and going in to seventh grade this year so i really like this girl who i have dated on and off like 4 times and then we were best friends and she was the one person i could tell ANYTHING for the longest time but now i like her again she is pretty popular but so am i so that's not the problem the only trouble i have is asking a girl out after that step im golden i saw her at the 7th grade orientation sense 7th grade starts junior high where i live and she said hi and stuff but i was with my friend and his brother and he and the girl i like(emily) have some history and im not sure if it was her who liked him or opposite but i don't think they ever dated anyways she was a little uneasy about that and i could tell by the way they exchanged glances so she left and i just felt terrible so i went and walked through the halls but i really like her and im not sure but i think she might like me we always ski/snowboard together and are alone a lot on the chairlifts a lot i wanna hold her in my arms but i don't wanna ruin our friendship im really torn up about this what should i do ad if i should ask her out how?

Jack 5 years ago

Hey guys I'm 11 years old there is a girl I like but I've never been out with anyone before cos I daren't ask incase they reject and tell the skool :( I need help please

the anser 5 years ago

jack all i can say is that if u realy like her go ask her out unless she has made it clear to u that she wont go out with you.if she does reject you and tells the school then don't lisen i know cause the same happened here but ur friends will help u out if they are real friends.

Babemagnet666 5 years ago

I like commenting on this kinda stuff lol. It's so funny looking whut other people comment.

Most guys are passionate and affectionate towards girls (like I am lol). Other guys who rely on muscle and make girls faint over their 6-pack just creep the fuck outta me. I just ask some of my friends who are girls out and we always end on great terms.

Jank 5 years ago

I know a girl that likes me and i realy (realy) like her but i don't know how to tell her please help.

the wizard 5 years ago

I'm 11 and there's this girl in my class that is also 11. i really like her but i bearly know anything about her. i don't know what i should do or say to her. what should i do?

Joulzee 5 years ago

I asked some1 out on a date today and she giggled and then said she was engaged but she didn't have s

A ring on or I wouldn't of asked her I always thought when people giggle they like you so I am really confused if she told the truth about if she is engaged

nick 5 years ago

Joulzee I wouldn't worry about it if she said she was engaged then mabye she doesn't want to go out with anyone then or maybe she really is engaged

Jonathan8670 5 years ago

I am in 6th grade and there is this girl I have always liked (Sierra Rizzo) (since 3rd) she is a VERY good friend of mine; she knows I have a crush on her (curse you truth or dare and Keith) we share the same interests and I am just 20 days older then her. I REALY want to ask her out (maybe go to the movies) and I just can't work up the courage to ask her out what should I do? Btw sorry about the run-on sentences.

Babemagnet666 5 years ago

Yo I'm back! I m going out with a girl now and we were friends before. The first time I got the old 'Let's just be friends and it ended in a hug' then five days later she told me that he had a boyfriend that I didn't kno about. She dumped him next day and went out wit me! Haa. I think this might be a serious relationship!

Steven 5 years ago

Hey im in eighth grade and well i like this girl in my last hour class but at the begining of the year one of the other girls in that same class said i was immature and annoying and i don't see how they made that judgement it was the first day of continued

Steven 5 years ago

Contuation the year and i think she might kinda like me because one day in pre al i was trying to figure out this puzzle thing and she came and helped i didn't ask her btw and like my dad was in the hospital and she would ask me how he was and stuff cont

Steven 5 years ago

Cont id rlly like some advice as in does she like me and stuff like that thnxs

John 5 years ago

i am 12 and im in seventh grade this year so i really like this girl who i have dated on and off like 4 times and then we were best friends and she was the one person i could tell ANYTHING for the longest time but now i like her again she is pretty popular but so am i so that's not the problem the only trouble i have is asking a girl out after that step im golden i saw her at the 7th grade orientation sense 7th grade starts junior high where i live and she said hi and stuff but i was with my friend and his brother and he and the girl i like(emily) have some history and im not sure if it was her who liked him or opposite but i don't think they ever dated anyways she was a little uneasy about that and i could tell by the way they exchanged glances so she left and i just felt terrible so i went and walked through the halls but i really like her and im not sure but i think she might like me we always ski/snowboard together and are alone a lot on the chairlifts a lot i wanna hold her in my arms but i don't wanna ruin our friendship im really torn up about this what should i do ad if i should ask her out how?

PS:she has a boyfriend

Jakeb 5 years ago

John in my personal expirience if u like her and she has a boyfriend jst wait they'll brake up and give a lil bit and then ask her out

Richard 5 years ago

Im in 7th grade, im a boy and i have a homecoming dance in a little less than two weeks. my date is in 9th grade and i was wandering if i should pick her up or meet her there

Richard 5 years ago

I am in 7th grade and i have a homecoming date who is in 9th, and i was wandering if i should pick her up or meet her there and if so pick her up it would be a little weird having my parents drive me to homecoming with my date in the car so what should i do?

nun ya business 5 years ago

Ok,Im 14 and in the 9th grade.I recently moved from this one high school to another high school.I met this one girl named Jaden.I really really really like her. I don't know what to tell her when i want to talk to her. She seems very cool. We make a little bit of eye contact but we don't smile to each other. The reason I don't talk to her is beacuase I don't have a lot of confidence. I really hope that I can meet her. I send her friend requests on facebook but still no reply. Ive never met this girl in my life but I really really really like her a lot and I just want to know what to tell her when I talk to her..Please help me ..I wanna go out with that girl but i don't know how to ask her out..PLEASE HELP AND THANX

Paul 5 years ago

Nun ya business, I don't have much confidence but this is how I did it. I started talking to the girl in the halls and became good friends with her friends eventually I found a time when we were alone and asked her.

Richard 5 years ago

I am in 7th grade and i have a homecoming date who is in 9th, and i was wandering if i should pick her up or meet her there and if so pick her up it would be a little weird having my parents drive me to homecoming with my date in the car so what should i do?

Ryan 5 years ago

I like this girl but i have trouble asking girls out because i got rejected last year and made fun of im in 7th grade and the girl i like is in my homeroom and 2 other classes we r friends and talk a lot i don't kniw what to do


Hey 5 years ago

Hi I'm in year seven an I really like this boy he's In my form I walk home with him most days I casually drop in hints to tell him I like him but I don't know weather he likes me back so Plz help !!!!!

Bill 5 years ago

My friend just recently dated his girl and she passed me a note and she said she loved me. Would it hurt my friend if i asked her out helpp meeeeeee

Antun 5 years ago

I in 6th grade and there's this girl named lesaundra and I've been pretty depressed in class about her and I may not be the most skinniest one but I do got big 4th grade she came and everyone new I liked grade five I stoped liking her but now do and I've tried to cumunicate with her but I'm to!

Josh C 5 years ago

Hey its Jc here and there is this girl i like but she hasn't shown any signs of likin me but ive known her for years...should i ask her out P.S. Im 11

Alexander 5 years ago

what do i do i asked her out once but before i was going to her that she left so the next day i saw her at my house then i kissed her then she said i have to go and she left THEN I WAS LIKE SHE LOVES ME SHE HATES ME LOVES LOVES ME HATES ME LOVES ME HATES ME WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Ross 5 years ago

Just ask them out if they say no try to relax , if they said I'll think about it then it's a no,if its maybe ask next week if it's yes or no but ask your friends first.JOHN ROSS

Isaiah 5 years ago

I'm 15 yr. Old male in 10th grade, today I saw this one girl walking home around 7:00 p.m. her name is Ganeese and so I went to her house and asked for her so when she came out we started walking and talking and went back to her house at 8:p.m. And so whenever I talk she looks at me and looks down still looking at me as if she was "checking me out" and so her guy friend texted her to go pick him up and go back and chill at

her place so then he starts making her crack up as before I made her laugh a little than us 3 went into her house and started watching a movie and then I was quiet the whole time cuz she was giggling and talking to eachother and they were laying together him on her lap and so there was music playing from her room while we were watching a movie in the living room and so I said "i like this song... Just kidding" and so she replied back "i like this song too" in like a flirtashish voice and on monday im gonna say "do you usually go yo homecomings" if she says yea ill ask if she knows who shes taking and she says "i don't know yet" hopefully what should I say please comment answering this story/question

The Unlonely Wanderer 5 years ago

Isaiah, if she isn't going with anyone just be like well i was wondering if you wanna go to homecoming with me? If she says yes SCORE! If she gives you an odd look like "I don't like you that way" be like i meant as friends. If she still says no sorry bro.

i got it 5 years ago

dude check it take a risk ask her out if she says no u still the same dude u were u wen up and asked her out if she says yes then man u r better off right? so wtf ask her out life is about taking chances we take then every day so take a risk ask her out!!!!!

u won't know until u ask if she says no forget about her u can do better any way she got the problem not u! stay dry dudes

the man 5 years ago

woman talk in code no means yes and yes means no or something like that i never to sure what they are saying my self but i have learned that if they go out there way to see you are be near u chances or they like u. if u can get he to laugh then dude ask her out woman like a man who can make them laugh don't be silly allly all the time and don't be serious all the time just be ur self

Babemagnet666 5 years ago

Ha I was right in thinking what i said earlier! It's a serious relationship indeed. We finally moved forward. Some of u kids might not know what it means but you'll find out.

I'm 15 if anyone asks.

Isaiah 5 years ago

Thanks everyone, I feel a little more confident, but the problem is that some days she is depressed and some days she is happy+flirty+sassy but im still thankful for the advice

Isaiah 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice everyone, I feel a little more confident, but theres one problem some days she's

depressed or tired,

that's when she

usually doesn't want to talk, and some

days she's


that's when she usually wants to talk, but her mood that she will have every day is unpredictable

noone 5 years ago

hi i am a girl in year six (sixth grade for you guys)anyway you should all ask them out and who cares what other people think.i have a hot boyfriend and when he asked me out he nearly told the whole it doesn't matter just ask her out alresdy :)

Curly 5 years ago

I know this girl likes me but I don't no where to ask her out to. Also should I ask her friends to come (they r also my friends) plz help

I'm fifteen

Aidan 5 years ago

Hi,im 12 and really like this girl named Clara and i don't know how to ask her out....

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaiah 5 years ago

Curly ask that girl out when u and her are alone, but don't ask her friends to go even though they're your friends other wise its not really a date, but if you know this girl likes you, you

should be more confident

know if you know she likes you,

I'm 15 (BTW) by the way

Isaiah 5 years ago

Aidan try to talk to her, try to walk with her but the point is get to know her make sure to hang out a lot not to much though because you don't want to get in that friend zone and make sure she doesn't like any other guy and try to make her laugh to but still act like yourself

Connor Lynch 5 years ago

I really like a girl(Chloe Easton) and she told me she likes me 2, but, she has a boyfriend! They have been dating 4 2 weeks and she said when they break up(if they do) she will go out with me. My m8's say shes usin me, but i have never felt this way about a girl b4! What do I DO!???!!

Connor Lynch 5 years ago

I have recently told Chloe Eastonwe should just be friends 4 now and if they ever break up, i am always here 4 her. But now, her best friend told me she likes me, and she HASN'T got a boyfriend, and i like her 2, but im worried if i go out with her, Chloe will get upset, fall out with Robyn(her best friend) and will never go out with me! Im only 12! I sholdn't b dealin with this shit! :(

Isaiah 5 years ago

Just date her best friend until chloe breaks up with her boyfriend but be careful you still might want to date her best friend if chloe stays with her boyfriend to long, and by the way you should use first names not first and last names because some people could be stalkers by the way im 15

Connor Lynch 5 years ago

thnx :D :D

Aidan 5 years ago

Me again,I asked her out and she said she will think about it.....

Isaiah 5 years ago

Your welcome connor

Robin hoody 5 years ago

I want a girl that i have had a crush on 4 yaers now to notice me.she dosint notice talk or look at me even though im her friend!i really like her but im to much of a wus to go near,talk,or look at her. pleas help me i domt whant to think to myself evryday that ill die a lonly old man....

Isaiah 5 years ago

First of all try making small conversation, and after two, three days then try to hang out with her, make her laugh too.

The Lonly 5 years ago

I need urgent help b4 its too late! Im 12 years old and im too ugly 4 anyone to like. But this one girli like seems to smile and wave to me a lot. I want to ask her out but i don't know what to say ive got a pick-up line and ive got everything planed. Im going to walk up to her and say "Hi! Im (me). Your looking very good today!" What do i say next and where do i take her?

MatchMaker13 5 years ago

Say the pick-up line first.

Then say that you free any day this week and if she would go out with you, set a date if she says yes.

Go to the movies first up, then the mall, then your house and finaly dinner.

The girl will love you for who you are.

Not for the outside, but for the inside.

Dude 5 years ago

So Im a guy and yes I am a hip hop dancer I'm 13 and ok looking and there's this really cute girl in my hip hop classes , Olivia and I think she kinda likes me. But I don't know how to ask her out. We've been texting for the past month and I think she's been flirting but not sure . Any help?

Msta 5 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm 12 and in the 6th grade, and I like this girl in my 7/8th period class. Her name is aryn and she is hot, but the day I finally was gonna try asking her out I overheard her talking with a friend saying she doesn't want a boyfriend right now. I over heard because my desk is right behind her's, so I ain't a stalker or anything I was just sitting down when I heard that. What do I do? I've made her (and most all the class) laugh by saying the most random crap in class (I got this off another kid in my class named Parker and hes had several girlfriends!) I dunno what to do. Do I wing it or play it safe? I have no idea and in need of help! HELLLLLP!!!!!

Mouse 5 years ago

Thanx for the advice shud have looked here earlier. Asked a girl out yesterday and got burned

Zac 5 years ago

I'm an 8th grade boy and I really like this girl in 6th grade. We're friends on facebook but I haven't really talked to her that much.. Please don't judge me. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Adam C 5 years ago

There is a girl in my class named Ashley Clark and i wanna ask her out but im scared she will say no! What happens if she says no? The reason i have not asked her is I'm really shy

Andrew D 5 years ago

ok im in the 4th grade, i really reall y really really like this girl addison ,(addi for short)So ive heard rumors and her friends have told me she has a crush on me,but im too nervous to ask shy to ask and,and another girl im not a big fan of asked me out today.She laughs at all my jokes,we make eye contact a lot (idk why, but i think that's a sign she likes me)and i say random crap during the day,she laughs, but should i ask her out?Should i believe her friend?Should i have the friend who told me she has a crush on me to have Addison tell me herself or ask me out? is it too early? PLEASEEEEEE HELPPP!!!!!!!!!! P.S AND IF YOUR MY CRUSH, THEN I GOT A QUESTION

C.Flo 5 years ago

im in 8th grade and there's this girl i like shes in my foruth period and shes a little out my leaugue and i want to ask her out but i don't know if she likes me i mean i see her looking at me a lot and i've had the same problem before and i got rejected

dfliyerz 5 years ago

I am 12 and I am in sixth grade. There is a girl named Katherine that I really like and want to ask out. However, I don't know where to ask her out to. Boys and girls in most of my classes are telling me to go for it. Also, she seems to be somewhat avoiding me. A couple of days ago she had someone tell me that she is with someone, but her friends proved it as a lie.

Please Help,


Anonymous 5 years ago

Hi I really like a girl in seventh grade, my grade too, been trying to steel myself to ask her out for a while, but then I find out right as I'm about to that she's going out with someone help!

Babemagnet666 5 years ago

Yo guys! Still in teh relationship! Been like 5 weeks now and I'm feelin great about myself. Longest I ever dated anyone!

slightlynerdypianokid 5 years ago

ok so i kinda like this girl i met yesterday at a workshop im in sixth grade and am eleven. anyway yesterday i found out my crush liked the popular kid in my class (figures) so i was open when i

slightlynerdypianokid 5 years ago

dang i keep accidentally hitting post. anyway i met this girl yesterday and whenever i turned around she was looking right into my eyes and we kept staring at each other for the rest of the day i know were both interested in each other but i don't even know her name. my school is so big and im not sure if ill see her again and idk if shes already taken but i cant get her out of my head help plz. PS i don't have a phone so i cant ask 4 her number or anything. I wanna ask her out though. heelllppp

Msta 5 years ago


If you like the girl, and the school is really big, just look for her. You're bound to find her again sometime, and when you see her you'll know it's her, cause its like a sixth sense. Try talking to her and getting to know her, then after that if you know you're sure she likes you, ask her out.

slightlynerdypianokid 5 years ago


Thanks so much for the advice, I will try it on Monday. I really appreciate your help.

Your Mom 5 years ago

Help me. So I thought that my crush liked someone else but I don't know if I have been proved wrong. So today I looked over at her (my crush) and caught her eye, and she held my gaze and started to smile really really wide. I have no idea what this means, but she might like me. She might just be amused because I like her though.

Lane 5 years ago

I like this girl Merren she's hot and I want to date her we talk a lot and I make her laugh and Im in love but were not dating (sixth grader)

TBR 5 years ago

There is this girl and she is popular and i don't fit in.She flirts with me but i don't know if she really likes me.Im afraid that if she rejects me all her friends are going to laugh.What should i do please help me?

A Guy 5 years ago

There is a girl in my class named Carolyn, I really like her but I don't know if she feels the same. We are both in 6th grade. I'm afraid to ask her out because I'm worried if I get rejected. Also another girl who is mentally challenged asked if she likes me. WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR BOTH PROBLEMS

Anonymous 5 years ago

Ok. So I'm in 7th grade and I really like this girl and in class some people called me over and said she liked me and she said she would talk to her friends about it and that was a week ago and since then we haven't talked because somebody has been sending her fake texts that say I like the smell of crap and she probably hates me now. She hasn't even talked to me since then. And if the person who sent those texts is reading this then know that I will find you and do things to you that you would never imagine. You screwed me over, so I'll screw with you

Anonymous 5 years ago

Hey, I like this girl a lot, but she is with another guy, so should I just wait for them to break up?

Ntt 5 years ago

Here's the thing, there's this girl in my grade and I like her a lot but here is the problem, I'm confident in my abilitys to not freak out when I ask her out but I'm scared out of my mind of working my way up to ask her. Any tips?

dev whatup 5 years ago

hey so this girl named allie is in my class she did 1and 2 steps do u think i should ask her now or wait

Kitty-Lovie 5 years ago

There is this Girl and she is very shy just moved to the school about a month ago and i got her number and started texting her ect. but its been about a week or 2 and she has opened up to me greatly she gets along really well with me,should i ask her out or should i wait to see one of the steps becaues she is so shy its unreal and doesn't have many friends in the school at the moment.

Joshua 5 years ago

there is a girl that likes me and i like her but she has not done steps 1-3 and i don't know what to do

guy 5 years ago

hey I'm a 7grader aad there's this gir I like and herfriend askin about her iff she's nice nd wat n sshoouldd iask herr out

Troubled 5 years ago

I am 12 and in 7th grade. i moved to my new school right when school ended after 4th grade. My best friend when i moved there was a girl and she was one of the only people who didn't hate me when i first moved there. most people hated me for no reason. anyways i would tell her anything and she would tell me anything until we started 7th grade 7th grade is the junior high so we just had changed schools and i feel we are growing apart. i told her i liked her because i thought she liked me because at football game she would always lean on my, but i guess she didn't. i have a girlfriend now but i still like her more than my girlfriend but i don't think its right dating someone who i don't like as much as another girl i like her though just not as much. i dated the girl im curently dated once before but she started crying when i broke up with her and we dated for a month and then we got back together a few months later but i don't want to hurt her again, and my main concern is the girl i like more growing apart from me, and i eventually want to go out with her. we dated then broke up 4 times and she always broke up with me i really want to maintain a relation with her instead of dating for a week and breaking up. we were still good friend after dating 4 times but it was at the start of 7th grade that we started to grow apart so i think the dating was irrelivent she snowboards and i ski but i am really good at skiing and she is ok at snowboarding so i have no problem keeping up with her so i actually have to go slower but anyways every thursday she does this thing through the school which tons of people do even though i only have about 400 kids in my school, so if you guys could help i would REALLY appreciate it and if you have any questions just post them and i will get back to you as quick as possible.

Dear Abby 5 years ago

Kitty-Lovie I would say for sure go for it and if she "rejects" you don't sweat it.

evan 5 years ago

Ok so ALL of you just ASK not that hard after all just be confident and get the what ifs out of yor head i always ask people out if they say no ask someone else good luck

Luke 5 years ago

I need help plz reply. I like this girl in my class we I asked her out in gr 7 she said sure. She broke up with me three days after. We started to talk again in august she brought up who do u like I said I will say if u will say she said me I was so happy we dated for 1 month then out of the blue she dumped me I was so devastated that I became emo. Everytime I see her I remember y I love her. Wat should I do?

Luke 5 years ago

Hey troubled. Ask the girl u like if u wanted to go get a shake or something or start hanging out more. The more u learn about the person u like the more they c that u r understanding or a trait that some ppl might not c that's wat happened to me and my ex and we dated 4 20x longer than the first time

Llyr 5 years ago

Yo this is Babemagnet666 with my REAL name! Umm yeah so my girlfriend's birthday is in 9 days and I got NO IDEA for a present! I already thought out a plan:

1) Tell her I got 2 gifts

2) Give her the gift I need advice with

3) Give her gift 2 which is a long, passionate kiss

Luke 5 years ago

I still need help look three down

Llyr 5 years ago

Hey luke if you're still emo about her then I say SNAP OUT OF IT! Regret is the worst thing you could be feeling now and you should go up to her after shaping up, and hang around for 3 weeks or so, and then when you feel comfortable maybe ask her out again

Korean 5 years ago

I need help i like a girl. Her mom said she had a crush on me in the 3rd grade. We are in the 6th now. Im not so sure now if she has a crush on me. I`m afraid to ask cause then if she says no people will laugh and make jokes, very bad even nasty jokes :(, but it is eating at me trying to figure out if she likes me. she hides expressions well, true expressions she shows lots of expressions, shes hard to figure out. she acts mean to me but nicer to me when people who don't know us are around. i need help plz aswer me quickly!!!

Luke 5 years ago

Llyr I did that for a month then she said she has a bf so should I workout while she is dating that this is the guy she use to love

man of many faces 5 years ago

if i really like a girl and she says im annoying should i ask her out and if i should then shout i ask her to go somewhere or just say hey wana go out with me?

Llyr 5 years ago

Okay luke if that happened then you should just move on. Seriously, dwelling in the past is the worst thing that u can do now. It took me a helluva lot to move on from my old girlfriend but hey, look at me, I've moved on and i'm in a very serious relationship now. Good luck man :)

Luke 5 years ago

Thx llyr I rlly appreciate it

Justin 5 years ago

I'm 12 and I really like this girl and I've told her I like her but I don't know if she likes me back cause shes really popular and I'm really not popular and she might think I'm weird if I ask her out what do I do.

a random guy 5 years ago

Hey, theres a girl in my class that sits in front of me and we both talk to each other a lot but I don't know if she likes me. We did a project together and she semed very confident I would bring some of the materials but I forgot most of them and she doesn't talk to me for 4 days . What do I do to get her back?

rye or the kaiser 5 years ago

Hi I Am a boy in 6th grade and I just asked a 7th grader out and she said yes! I also kissed an other 7th grader, but I don't think my girlfriend knows... What should I do if she finds out?

Red 5 years ago

There's a girl that I like but i have already asked her out she said she will think about it that was a month ago and I text her quit a bit and I ask he every now and again she still don't know what should I do to get her to give me the right answer just wait cause we have hung out and we have kissed a few times but I was just wondering what I should do

Luke 5 years ago

I think she likes me again! Llyr I did what u said and moved on but I left a special place for her

Jaws6 5 years ago

Im in 6. There is this girl and she might already have a boy friend. How do I no if she does and if she doesn't I think she likes me????

Pratham(sparrow) 5 years ago

Guys i had seen a girl last year she was gorgeous i had directly proposed her she had accepted then we both started to love she loved me than i loved her then after holidays i stoped talking with her now she always see me "Do things which impreses them"

5 years ago

i am in the 6th grade me and this girl talk and we have all of the same thing in commen she did the 3 steps when i asked her she said NO sorry? y

5 years ago

ALSO i really like her she is so funny like me and i think she looks really gud aswell thumbs up

5 years ago

i talk to this girl a lot at school andi we have all the same things thing in commen she did the 3 steps when i asked her she said NO :( y

Worriedkid1 5 years ago

I'm in grade 7 and there's this girl I really like but I think she has a crush on my good friend and she's danced wth him at the school dance and every time I think about him and her, it almost wants to make me cry especially because I'd been trying to ask her to dance for awhile but she keeps on dancing wth other strange kids

Joe 5 years ago

I am 9 and I really like this girl Veronica in my class I told my friends I like her and 1 of them asked her he said she said yes but I do not know what to believe HELP ME!!!!

Llyr 5 years ago

Ok guys i need some help. I feel like my girlfriend and i are drifting apart and she said something that she 'wanted a break' but my friend just broke up with his gf and i don't want it to look like im trying to get all the attention. We haven't made out in days (that's a lot when you're 15) what do i do now?

flyinmatty 5 years ago

I like this girl that sits near me in my math class. every day when i get into math, she asks me for gum. she asks me every day, 5 days a week. is this maybe a sign that she likes me?

flyinmatty 5 years ago

plus when she asked me for gum and i gave her a piece she said thanks and smiled at me. i really like her. i don't know if i should ask her out or not. somebody please respond!! we are both in 7th grade.

Gbaby7445 5 years ago

Ok theres this one girl I really like she is actually my best friends sister and she's really hot.the problem is I've known my friend since I was 8 and were in7 th now what should I dO and me going out with his sister would screw everything uP what should I do

Gcdjr2 5 years ago

Ok I am in year 7 have never had a girlfriend and there is this one girl I like and she's pretty cute but not that hot. So she had told me personaly in 5th that she liked me but I wasn't sure so now I'm ready but I'm just really nervous she will reject me be auss I guess I'm just really nervous because during once we got back from school during the summer she got really hotter!

flyinmatty 5 years ago

SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME! today, whenever she turned around to hand back papers, she would turn to me and smile at me.

Andy 4 years ago

hey there is this girl that i keep hugging and i dont know if she likes me .... i asked her bestfriend and she said i wasn't her type that she likes some one i don't know what to do i tried asking her out but she just laughed and shaid hell no.... so should i still keep tryen too get her????

Reb lover 4 years ago

I like a girl in my school she's hot and a lot of other things that I don't want to say I keep looking at her and sometimes I think she lets me look at her what should I do!

JD 4 years ago

Hi i'm in year seven and theres this girl I like, Lizzie, and I know she likes me as a friend (I help her with math, I make her laugh, s we're quite close) and I'm wondering if I should ask her out because I'm worried it will ruin our friendship and it will be awkward because we sit together BTW I've got math first period tomorrow!

Safo 4 years ago

Hi im in 9th grade and i really like this girl whose in 8th grade but i never get the courage to tell her because i have no idea hiw she will respond or how she feels about me. And I cant ask my friends for help because they'll think im a phsyco

alex 4 years ago

Im in 8th grade and theirs this rilly hot girl in my class (samantha) that i like but she has a boy friend that is in 9th grade (richard) and my friend (jr.) wants me to ask her out but im scared of being rejected. What should i do? HHHEEELLLPPP

dannythehottiewiththerockinbod 4 years ago

hi....I have a little predicament... I have just started dipping my toes in the waters of dating, but felt it was too strong cuz my gf shanaynay was coming on a little too strong..But now I have put ointment on my toes and i am ready to step back in! :D So, theres this girl i am head over rump in love with, she is the stick to my lollipop!I met her in the beginning of 9th grade and ever since I met her there was this passionate love that cant be expressed through words, no really when she walks by I have to have a bucket next to me.. (if you catch my drift) hehehehe.... ;) Ok, well she wears turtle necks with her favoirite denim dress. I thought that maybe I could catch her attention by dressing just like her and picking the bugs out of her hair like a chimp! Ok, well give me some advice on how to win this smokin hot babe!! I LOVE HER MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!



kyle 4 years ago

hi im kyle and im in 6th grade and i want to ask this girl out cuz we have a good relationship were best friends but like i like 2 other girls and they might like me cuz they like smile at me and ask me weird questions about me and once i was joining a broadcast club and they were wondering if i was going to join and i said yes and they jumped up and down with excitement so wat should i do i don't want to break there heart if i date a girl D= plz help me

Kyle Saysavanh profile image

Kyle Saysavanh 4 years ago

hey im in 6th grade and i want to ask this girl out but i like 2 other girls 2 and i know they might like me too cuz they were asking me weird questions about and once i was going to join the broadcast club and they ask me if i was joining so i said yes and they were jumping up and down with excitement so i was wondering do they like meor not and wat should i do i don't wat to break there heart if i date a different girl if they like me D=

Sam and rachale liker 4 years ago

Ok I'm 12 in sixth grade and everyone in my school kinda talks about inappropriate things and u no what I mean but there's this girl rachael and Sam there both so nice I won't them both but rachael already said no like a thousand times!! Whirl rhea got in trouble yesterday for bringing a condom to school too!haha!PLEASE HELP. My friends boys and girls keep asking who it is! HELP!!

Alex Bourbonneau 4 years ago

i hav this girl tht i like since a while. i no shoulda ask a lot earlier but, guess i didn't. im a bit shy sooooo...

well today im going ask her out. i didn't get my friends to ask her if she likes me. i didn't do it either. ill just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best :D

Flyinmatty 4 years ago

I now like this other girl that I think likes me. She comes over to my lunch table every day and talks to me. And in our science class, she always askes me what I grade I got whenever we get tests, projects, and quizzes. I want to ask her out but I dont know if she has a boyfriend or not. We are friends though. I need advice.

madly in luv.. 4 years ago

hey... I am madly in luv with 1 of my classmates... she is very pretty... but i hav 1 prob dat my best frnd also luvs her .. wat shud i du ??

Jack 4 years ago

girl 1 I like several girls in my school im 10 bye the way but the oe i want to ask out i know about the best im 10 i don't know if it is too early cause im going to a boy and girl highschool but shes going to a girl school she always talks to me about minecraft and other things during a game we played we were both out sitting on the floor she scooched over to me i have got extreme hots for her but i don't know what i should do girl 2 another girl im preety sure we are just friends but she once asked me to put her homework in my bag because the teacher checks there bags to see if were lying that we didn't bring it she hadn't finished i gave her back the homework at the end of school i asked her why did she trust me? not her other friends i did not really get an answer. girl 3 this girl is one of the hottest girls in my school we have known eachother since kindergarten BUT NEVER TALK i don't think were meant for eachother. so should i ask her out? or lure her to me?

Afterburnerflame 4 years ago

Hello! There is a hot girl in my form and I'm not sure what to do. I don't even think she likes me. I need advice as I don't know what to do! She sometimes looks at me! Is that a sign? I am clever but do you think that could be a reason why any girls don't want to go out with me! There are other girls I think are hot too! I am 12 by the way! Year 7. Thanks guys!

Llyr 4 years ago

Ok now I really need help guys. There's this girl I really like but my best friend also likes her. We both reached a compromise that we would work it out if she asked one of us. Now that she's asked me I really don't want to hurt any of their feelings. I know I'm older than most guys here but please help me. How do I work this out between my friend and (maybe) girlfriend?

Llyr 4 years ago

That also means I'm caught in 2 love triangles.

1) My soon to be girlfriend, my best friend and me

2) My soon to be girlfriend, me and my ex who is in an emotional state after we made out last week.

Jared Feldman profile image

Jared Feldman 4 years ago

I like a girl in 6th grade and I asked her out because we both play bball for our school team and we are both close together in height and she said I just don't think it's the right time then She said my dad said no so help me what should I do I really like her we text

L+E forever 4 years ago

ok so i am a girl. yes i know it might sound weird I just wanted to see it from a guys perspective. Here is the advice part I like this boy named Elvin he is also my bff my girl bff told him so now he knows. he asked me put and i said no because of friendship but I still can't stop thinking bout him. He also is on my bus and we sit together and talk but never about this. He often looks at me but never tells me what he is thinking. This ruined our friendship. And this is what I wanted to avoid. Btw my friend slipped it out she wasn't. Suppose to say it I let it go

slightlynerdypianokid 4 years ago

Hi im back. After all that time both those girls are both dead to me. One I never see, and the other is a shallow idiot. Anyway, there's another girl I like who I'm almost certain likes me (she takes every chance to brush up against me and stand/sit next to me hold my hand etc.) that I want to ask out. It's not that I fear rejection, it's just that I don't know how to ask her out. Oh yeah, I'm 12 and in 6th grade and the girl is a lot like me. HOW DO I ASK HER OUT WHAT DO I SAY WHEN DO I SAY IT HELP ME!!!

Confused As Hell 4 years ago

I was dating this girl for about a month and i thought she stopped liking me so i told her "someone told me you don't like me." and she was like "that's not true! who told you that?!?" when we were texting.i later told her i made it up maybe the next day, but anyways i told her i made it up because i thought she didn't like me and she was really mad and was like "Anything else you lied to me about?!?" and i told her no. she then asked me if i had feeling for someone else while we were dating. and i said "no!" but i was mad but kept calm and followed by saying the first two days we started dating everyone told me i shouldn't be dating you and dating another girl, and i thought about it and decided it made no sense you are perfect and she got mad! she was like "You thought about it!!!!!" and i was like no i just thought about what they were saying not about breaking up with you. anyways she broke up with me then, and this was back on december 13th (only remember that because our 1 month would have been fiday, the 13th) back to the story though about a month later she said she liked me again but wouldn't go out with me. i still think it makes no sense but learned to go along with it. she stopped liking me after like 3 days, but on april 6 (first friday of the month) she told me she liked me again, and we talked on the phone for about an hour the day after (april 7) and we saw each other at this teen night thing at the YMCA and i was gonna ask her out, but A) on the phone i asked her if i asked her out would she say yes and she said idk maybe, and B) there was never a time because i saw her for a split second there and it was with a lot of people so i didn't want her to get nervous, and don't get me wrong we talk a lot even at school not just texting or on the phone.after we texted more and she was like hey, i didn't see you very much and i was like yeah unfortunately i couldn't see you except i said something and i was teasing her (she teases me too it wasn't mean and she did one of those:) and said lol or something and teased me) and she was like i thought about it and if i would say yes and i like you but i wouldn't because someone stood up for me at teen night and i was like o... ok...:/ and at teen night someone who goes to our school threw a ball at her and hit her in the face and she thought it was on purpose and i would have said something but i wasn't playing dodgeball i was playing basketball on the other side of the gym and is sectioned off by a dividing wall thing anyways she likes me but wont go out with me? what should i do? thanks in advance!

trevor 4 years ago

There is this girl I like and we are pretty good friends and she invite me to do things mainly with other people but the only time we were alone was when she invited me to go running which is a big thing for her she is one of the more popular people at my school and if I get rejected tons of people will make fun of me and I don't know if she likes me or not


Llyr 4 years ago

Trevor you should root your way in by doing these three simple steps

1) find out what she likes (you know that she's fond of running already)

2) find some of those things that you're good at or could work to be good at

3) try to include in a conversation that you have some similar interests

then you can ask her out and not look weird if she rejects you.

Llyr 4 years ago

Okay yet another problemin the chapter of my lovelife :(

I asked this girl out (no problem) but she was with my best friend for like 2 days. He became really obsessive but apparently he's moved on. I'm wary about telling him since I'm unsure if it'll bring back his obsessive function. Should I go out with her? Plz reply with opinions!

TimeLord 4 years ago

I really don't understand why guys make fun of you if you like a girl its not funny and its normal and its hard enough On the guy to get enough guts to ask her out without his friends laughing at him anyway and that kind of stress can really change a guys life

Llyr 4 years ago

Never mind, never mind! Its all fine! Im currently dating my ex again and im sure it'll go fine.

My technique is to have a 'great' taste in music and it totally works! Srsly, try it

Black Panther 4 years ago

ok so im in the 4th grade now, this girl always hits me and we catch each other staring at each other, and we have a joke that when she touches my desk i throw sumthing at her, and then my friend found all those stuff in an icebreakers case and a 60 piece gum thingy....does she like me? P.S. For the 5th-12th find her lokcer number, slip in a note between the 4-5 lines and write you locker number and wait a few days.....Good luck and please help!

Llyr 4 years ago

Please please please help me!! I'm currently stressed out about exams and stuff and I really wanted to ask my ex out. I know she's stressed too but he really was the best thing that happened to me and I really like her. Should I ask her out?

CHAOD 4 years ago


dean 4 years ago

theres a girl in my class and she has a boyfrind what do i do to get her to like me

Tiffany 3 years ago

Listen guys I you want to get a girl to like you, you have to make her feel like the most beautiful thing on earth. This doesn't mean that you tell her this all of the time, you just need to tell her through your eyes, look at her. Also get to really know her before you ask her out. You should consider her to be your bestfriend before you make her your girlfriend. This may be hard but you have to have the balls to ask her out in person, not texting. If she says yes, you got a girlfriend. If not, get over it. She will still be your friend and there is a whole school full of beautiful girls. Coming from a girl, I hope this helped :)

help please 3 years ago

hey I like this girl , lately she's saying "hi" and "bye" when I walk by her and she only does that to me but she likes my friend who is dating my crushs best friend it's complicated but what should I do , ask her out? we are on the same bus so tht would be kind of awkward, but my friend who's dating her friend asked me if i wanted him to ask her out , but i think it might be since I've never asked out a girl but im in 5th grade


Zeke 3 years ago

I'm in 6th grade I like this girl at my school I've know her for like forever and I'm to scared to ask her out. What should I do about it?

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