Inspired from Another Blog. Codependency: A True Story

The True Story

I once went to a lecture on Co-Dependency. I ended up sitting next to this lovely girl, whom I had seen in other classes, She shyly smiled at me. I nervously gave her that boyish kinda grin back. Our eyes met for a moment again, her lips parted and the words that she whispered to me were, "I forgot my book." That came from a voice that could mesmorize any male.

So I handed her my book. I then realized I knew what co-dendency is. So, I stood up and left before the lecture even started.

Proof that life lessons are sometimes greater than anything you can learn in school.

Top-10 Ways to Identify Co-Dependency

Co-Dependency Jokes

Q: What do you call a codependent who says 'no' and doesn't feel guilty?

A: Healthy

You're codependent for sure if, when you die, someone else's life flashes in front of your eyes.

You're codependent for sure when you get kicked off jury duty for insisting that you're the guilty one.

Q. Why did the codependent cross the road?

A. To help the chicken make a decision.

Did you hear about the codependent who flunked geography? He couldn't distinguish any boundaries.

You know you're codependent if you find yourself in a rut -- and move in furniture.

You're codependent for sure when you wake up in the morning and say to your mate: "Good morning, how am I?

Q. Why does a codependent buy two copies of every self-help book?

A. One to read and one to pass on to someone who really needs it.

Q. What does a codependent have in common with God?

A. They both have a plan for your life.

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