Key to Long-Lasting Relationships

With a little effort on your part, you can rekindle the spark between you and your partner...

     Don't we all want our relationships to last forever? I will tell you the tricks:

Always Be Honest

     You have to trust your partner and let him/her believer that they can trust you too. Try to be as truthful and reliable as possible.

Acceptance, Warts And All

     No one's perfect - some are lazy, some are always late for dates, some are too obsessive - and we have to keep that in mind. Accept the person for who they are, and do not try to force them to change for you. That really harms a relationship. Help them understand its negative impacts, but don't always make that as a topic of discussion between the two of you. And never taunt!

Space It Out

     This is one thing that should never be overlooked. Too much of anything might end up suffocating your partner. Being together is great, but not 'all' the time. Ensure you always give your partner the space he or she needs. Don't smother him/her with an overdose of 'together-ness'. It will end up pushing him/her away.

Sorry, The Easiest Word

     Arguing that you are always right, is not right. Be brave enough to admit you are not. We all make mistakes and we should remember it was just that: a mistake. Accept, admit and move on.

Going Soft Helps

     Do no scream at your partner. A good relationship that also lasts is usually between two people who are very good friends and who love and respect each other. Don't insult him/her.

Surprise Me Now

     Throw a surprise into the equation from time to time. It keeps things between two people lively and interesting. Also remember to be generous with compliments. Just follow one rule - be sincere about your compliments.

For Old Time's Sake

     Keep doing the things the two of you did together in the initial days of your relationship, that brought the two of you closer. Maintain the individual activities too, like dressing up for him or her, pursuing your hobbies... and all those other things that played some part in making him/her fall for you. Avoid complacency. If you liked going out, don't stop when you get comfortable with somebody.

Backpack Partners

     Getting away from routine can be great. Travel together at least once a year. Also take trips away individually. Give the other person the gift of missing you, it's fantastic gift. It's good to miss each other from time to time - it brings back a scene of appreciation.

The Ultimate Rule

     Too often in a relationship, we forget ourselves and start to take on the identity of the other person. This is a mistake, really.

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

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petersimon profile image

petersimon 5 years ago from UK

Very nice hub. Compromise is my keyword in my relationship. ty

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 5 years ago Author

Thank you, Petersimon. G'day! =)

ssaul 5 years ago

i hate compromise but its effect to make a relationship work, thanks for the hub

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 5 years ago Author

Thank you Ssaul, and you are welcome indeed!

Gr8stSoccerPlaya profile image

Gr8stSoccerPlaya 5 years ago from India

Nicely written!

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 5 years ago Author

Thank you, Gr8stSoccerPlaya! =)

ANNONOMYS 4 years ago


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