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Love, the amazing feelings of human heart related to a sense of strong affection and attachment, or sometimes it can really heart a lot which you never could imagine, but it's the best of all in the world. Albert Einstein says “How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?” Through this page, I don't want to explain love but want to explain "how to love" in a general way to love. Really interested? If so, jump to the following lines...

Express your love

Love is not a thing to buy or sell. It's the true feelings of heart to someone or something. It's not global for everyone. So, you have to express your love. Love may spread various ways. Love for a mother or love for you life partner or love for any pet etc. are not the same. "I Love You", is the easiest way of express love. Do you think so? If yes, then you are totally wrong. Love is the desire to show some person that you love them or feel them. It's not same that you feel so. When you want to say such type of sentence, make sure yourself that you are willing to do anything for your special person. Try to understand the love, the feelings of love and express it with your own way.

Honor other's feelings

Try to empathize. Human is in different nature. Feelings also are very different. No two moment's feelings are the same. Always try to find the feelings or try to understand how others feel, how that feelings come to them, how those feelings are changing and who are the persons to feel. Also, try to realize how those people also love you back just as well. Feel the situation, the environment and others feeling. Then you will find the true taste of love.

Love just for the sake of love

You may love. You have the feelings. Actually, everybody has love, feelings etc. Does your love and feelings are the same with others? Probably not. But if there are some similarities then you people have some feelings among yours (to whom you find match with your feelings). Naturally, love comes from these ways. We are human. You love others. That person or persons may love you. But human has different minds and different feelings. So, love varies. The way, you love them is not the same they love you. If you want to love them, you never expect anything from them in return. So, try to love just for the sake of love. Never expect the backed love from others as exactly as yours.

Divine taste of unconditionally love

Some people have the wrong opinions about love. Love is not the condition of love. You may love. But it never says that there is a condition behind that. For example, you are a university boy and your lab partner is a girl. She helps you various ways to do your lab works easily. Do you love her for this reason? Probably not. If you love for those reason then you are in the wrong side of love. Moreover, you may love others. But there is no condition that they also love you back as you love them. So, for love no condition exists. Unconditionally love exists forever and you will be lucky if you love unconditionally. Unconditionally love has the Divine taste.

Realize, love may be lost

Everything has a end if it is real. You don't argue that reality is immortal. The same way, love may be lost. You have to realize yourself about it. If you are realize that you may lose the one you love then you have a true love. I think you are not clear or don't want to like this words. But it's the real. You love one person. You can lose him or her. You know the reality. So, aren't you the best to express your love...? You know you lose it but you have dare to love. If you have this mindset then think yourself that how lucky you are to have someone to love. It's the true sounds of love, the true sounnds of feelings.

Let others be free to love

You may love someone. But it doesn't sense that you are a bad person, even if that person don't love you. If the person don't love you, you never tell that person that he or she is worst. The truth is that you must let them free. If you blame that person for your feelings then it proves your selfishness. So, be free and let others be free to love. Build your mentality to taste love.

Feel the situation of love

Love is in different forms and shapes. It varies form person to person, environment to environment, relationship to relationship. For example, mother-son love is different form your best friend's love. Both of these love, is different form a husband-wife love or a romantic love. Never express one love to other love. If you do so, you will be lost form the love world. Try to understand the situation, the relationship, the environment and express your love with best way.

Love Tips

Discover love in your own way

Presenting a gift or attracting one's mind, doesn't mean that the way of express love or to make love. Feel first to them and do things to make other persons feel good. You are the guy to take action to discover love. Never try to compare your feelings and your loved person's feelings to another mate's feeling. Be generous to discover love in your own way to win in the love world.

Keep in mind, you must have to love yourself before love another. Try to understand others and trust them. If you are hurt or unsuccessful in your love, don't try to hold it strongly or seriously or try to establish by any means. Just let it go and it's the best to do. Try to express your own feelings and love to your partner or the person to whom you love. It will more beneficial to make love with you. Make your own action to the right moment and right time to love. Feel the heavenly taste of love.

World's Love Pictures

Polar Bear Mom With Cub (from
Polar Bear Mom With Cub (from
Bengal Tigers Two Cubs (from
Bengal Tigers Two Cubs (from
Human love with life partner
Human love with life partner
Baby Gelada (from
Baby Gelada (from
Fraternal love (Prehispanic sculpture from 250–900 A.D., of Huastec origin). Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico (from
Fraternal love (Prehispanic sculpture from 250–900 A.D., of Huastec origin). Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico (from
Sacred Love Versus Profane Love (1602–03) by Giovanni Baglione (from
Sacred Love Versus Profane Love (1602–03) by Giovanni Baglione (from
Adult African Wild Dog Greets Pup (from
Adult African Wild Dog Greets Pup (from
Love between grandmother and grandchild,Sri Lanka (from
Love between grandmother and grandchild,Sri Lanka (from
Cheetah Mom and Cub (from
Cheetah Mom and Cub (from
Rosy Bee-Eaters (from
Rosy Bee-Eaters (from

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nightbear 7 years ago

I love your hub, The photos are so beautiful and perfect definitions of love. Excellent

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mulberry1 7 years ago

Nicely thought out, and perfect for the Valentine's holiday earlier this week.

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ibloomdrop 7 years ago

I LOVE it!! Awesome hub!

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Thanks everyone for your comments.

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This is a very nice hub...warm and fuzzy about LOVE! Pictures are fantastic.

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britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

very nice hub....great explanation as well as amazing realistic pictures....thanx for sharing it....great....

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lovely hub...... love the pictures...

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