Modern Man - Modern Woman

How futile, how inane,

As relationships are chased,

With the modern homo-sapiens,

Love is often misplaced.


All the relationships,

Over years I tried to nourish,

I sowed and wasted seeds,

That, sorrowfully, did not flourish.


Faith however small,

Requires much care and toil,

But, alas, all my seeds,

Were sown in rocky soil.


But I have had fire,

That intensely burned,

And though I’ve left,

No stone that was unturned,


Though I’ve felt,

That, truly, love was earned,

This labor of my love,

Sadly, would be spurned.


God told Adam,

Do not be sad or glib,

For your companion,

Will come from a rib.


My father and mother,

I was told, I must leave,

And to my love, my spouse,

Hold dear and truly cleave.


But modern humans,

Place their reliance,

On modern schemes,

And popular science.


Opposites attract,

And then repel?

Is it love or lust?

And who can ever tell?


Is all revealed? We ponder.

Does God truly exist?

And how are we healed,

When love is sorely missed?


True love insists,

That I must adore thee,

But God says,

“Have no god before me!”


Why do so many lessons,

Come with so much pain?

And why is true love,

So difficult to attain?


Genetically modified,

To suit their exquisite taste,

Modern love must fail,

It is such a sad, sad waste.



~Micky Dee~


Make Believe

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KT Banks profile image

KT Banks 3 years ago from Texas

Awe, this is beautifully heartbreaking. And the harmonica, and even the sound of the wind in the video makes it even more so. Great job with this, it's very touching!

drbj profile image

drbj 3 years ago from south Florida

Micky - If you showed the women in your life this beautiful, tender side of you, few could resist. Trust me.

sunflowerforests profile image

sunflowerforests 3 years ago from The light in the forest of doubt.

You say it well...

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago

such a beautiful poem. it shows difficult times and heartache. I really did enjoy reading. Voted up.

Brynda 3 years ago

Loved the tune and the words. You could write songs, you've had enough heartache to write some great heartfelt ones just like this poem!

love you!

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