My Soul-Sister Rattlesnake

21st Century

My friend who lives in Arizona sent me a message that there is hot in a desert now. I began to type an answer, but then happened something strange...I was in the desert...

 My vision that I drew after I got the message from my friend.
My vision that I drew after I got the message from my friend.

Unknown Century

There was hot, even was early morning. Air was full with colourful vibrations. I was just alone poor dressed girl in the middle of the desert, covered with dry grass, some great cactus and warm rocks. I sat on a little rock and watched sunrise. Something gentle touched my foot. I turned my eyes down and saw a rattlesnake who slowly crossed my feet...

I stood very calm. If you live in a so dangerous pace as this desert, you must be very calm. Any quick moving, unexpected for all those venomous creatures around you, could be your last moving. I often was in situations when some snakes moved next to me. I just stood calm and waited when they gone their way.

This situation was different. The rattlesnake stood on my feet, turned her head up and looked straight in my eyes. I felt light headaches. Probably she wanted to tell me something, but I couldn't imagine, what...I scared to be killed. I looked on her more carefully and noticed that her waist was stout and shaking. Oh, no! She was pregnant and was ready to give birth of a bunch of little venomous babies between my feet!

I was in horror, but life in the desert don't forgive mistakes, made by emotions, so I began to think - here something is not right... The rattlesnake put her head on the earth and turned her stomach up...oh, yes, there I saw a half of little danger without any moving... It was dead and clever mum came to me for a help.

I breathed in and slowly pulled slender dead body out. It was enough. The rattlesnake made one strong convulsive movement and all dead portion came out between my feet. I sat calm. My headaches turned stronger. She looked back on this dead mess, opened a mouth and slowly swallowed her infelicitous next generation. After that she turned her head up, looked in my eyes, my headaches disappeared and I clearly heard: "Thank You."

I was happy, I felt her as my soul-sister. I hold her on my hands and we went through the desert...

I felt her as my soul-sister.
I felt her as my soul-sister.

21st Century

I sent my insignificant answer to my friend. I was in doubt what I saw in my vision. How I remembered, snakes lied eggs... so I opened google and read all info about rattlesnakes.

My vision vas true. Rattlesnakes are viviparous and, what a surprise, a hungry rattlesnake can eat little ones...

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Russell 5 years ago

Ania - you truly have a gift - an amazing story, but it's your illustration, the artistic expression carries all the weight. Even without the story you sense that bonding, the comforting of all things, a Snake! You have a style that is completely yours!

Thank You for Sharing!


Nicky 5 years ago

Very good Ania I enjoyed your story, and your illustrations are fabulous xx

ambertale profile image

ambertale 5 years ago from England (UK) Author

Thank you dear Russell!

Thanks a lot, dear Nicky!

Very appreciate your kind words...xx

I am busy with my next project. I'll let you know.

Have a great weekend, dear friends!


Chris Eddy111 profile image

Chris Eddy111 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

It's true, that first look at your drawings pulled me into the tale. One of life and dead and sharing. Wonderful! Thank you.

ambertale profile image

ambertale 5 years ago from England (UK) Author

Thanks a lot dear Chris! Maybe we are soul-sisters too? :) That's amazing to meet you here, I feel happy about that. :)

Elaine H 5 years ago

I love this story! I save a rattlesnake from death once, but it didn't look like gratitude in it's eyes as it gazed up at me, holding to my own eyes. lol. It thought me stupid! Perhaps so.....anyway, I love your style. Your work is so nurturing and motherly with appreciation for life. You express yourself very well, my friend!

ambertale profile image

ambertale 5 years ago from England (UK) Author

Ah, Elaine, you made my day! Thank you very much for so nice comment :)

During my life I met many snakes, just adders, no rattlesnakes, so I know that type of headaches very well from adder's eyes... so I am sure, any venomous snake can make headaches if you are careless and look in its eyes... I think it is a type of hypnosis that snakes use to stop their meal...from that those headaches...

But Iam an artist, so I allowed myself to put in snake's eyes little thank you... I want to believe, animals could be grateful, even "killing mashines"...

PADDYBOY60 profile image

PADDYBOY60 5 years ago from Centreville Michigan

That was quite a vision. And you are right about not making any quick movements around dangerous animals. For example, when I lived in Virginia, I used to fish in an area called Back Bay. The spot I liked to fish in had a lot of snakes around the trees and brush. When I walked in there, the snakes would fall out of the trees into the water. I would sit on a five gallon bucket and fish. Pretty soon the snakes would crawl back out of the water, and up to my feet. Most of them were common water snakes, but a few of them were Moccasins. As long as I didn't move or get excited, they would usually move on.

ambertale profile image

ambertale 5 years ago from England (UK) Author

Thank you dear PADDYBOY for youe experience! It proves my vision's truth.


Jerry Bailey 5 years ago

Oh so wonderful the story and the Art are beautiful, what a vision you had..and put it to words excellent!

ambertale profile image

ambertale 5 years ago from England (UK) Author

Ah, dear Jerry, it was not hard to put in words my vision, because that vision was so alive... ;)

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