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 You don’t have to be openly gay because not everyone is and likes to keep their sexual preferences to themselves and not have it questioned by curious individuals be there intentions good or not, its an invasion of privacy in reality.

However if like myself you are open then its not always a bad thing because we do get asked a lot of questions this is because people do really want to understand the whole concept of being gay, it might be that they are curious about their own gender, or they wish to know how they should deal with a friend or family member being gay and know the right way wrong way in acceptance. Some people have asked me these sorts of questions now its not them being racist or sexually harassing you either they really do want to broaden their horizons and understand, so please don’t think that they are prying into your personal life because they aren’t. I actually like it when I’m asked these questions because it makes me aware that not everyone is a bigoted racist and actually do care about our way of life in their society and the respect that they will show you for telling them what they want to know is wonderful. This is because I have made a lot of friends that way and they know they can come and ask me any time about my gender and it also helps them to understand theirs too, like I said before in this guide I believe it should be taught to people because that way they would understand their own identity a lot better, be them heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transsexual or what ever else they want to be, so this is useful information that you will give them when they ask you these questions please don’t feel persecuted, as they have found the courage to ask you when they too feel like they are persecuting you so make them at ease and only tell them what you wish to tell them but don’t be hostile as you will make them upset and could make them bigoted against you, not just through your gender but against you yourself.

Remember the way you act towards them when they ask you their questions and the way you reply is what they will think every gay person is like because we only learn by example and that is why you must try not to be hostile towards them unless you have cause, like if they have been a little to personal and intrusive, but this is not always the case so be careful when you assess the situation you don’t want to give every gay person a bad name do you?

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mdawson17 7 years ago

It is always good to treat all people with the same dignity and respect that you would want to be treated with. Not always do we get this and we do not not we have the right to speak our mind. As the person that had violated your own personal belief system!

Thanks calpol25 for another great hub!!!


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