Men Who Manipulate Young Girls: You Gross Me Out!

Finally: a 41 year-old-teacher who lured an 18-year-old into his lair has now been charged with sexual assault.
Finally: a 41 year-old-teacher who lured an 18-year-old into his lair has now been charged with sexual assault.

Really, people? Is it that hard for you to become a human being?

I recently started reading the memoir by Jaycee Dugard, A Stolen Life. In case the name doesn't ring any bells, she is very significant to me. You see, I graduated high school in 1990, and Jaycee Dugard was abducted on the road on her way to school in 1991. She was only 11 years old! I'm fighting back tears now, because I have two teenage girls, 17, and 13, both older than she was at the time.

[I'm finding it difficult to continue writing this, even though I've kept my composure while reading her memoirs]

I will try to explain my sheer disgust and disdain for anyone who uses children for their own, sick pleasures. I've been following the news about James Hooker, a 41-year-old school teacher who recently left his wife and kids to move in with his 18-year-old former student. I don't care how much he caries on about how they got intimate when she turned 18-- that's still a baby in my eyes! I have a 17-year-old daughter, which is only a year younger, and I know how impressionable and naïve our teenage girls can be.

Now back to Jaycee Dugard:

In the book, Jaycee painfully describes her abduction, abuse, torment and kept slave-style treatment she endured for 18 years before being "discovered" by the authorities. Not only did her assailant have a history of felony conviction, but he was diagnosed as bi-polar by a psychologist, and yet he was free on parole when the kidnapping/entrapment went on for almost two decades! During this time, Jaycee was the teenage mother of two children, both fathered by a man who was a drug-addict, married to a woman who turned her cheek to her husband's sickness, and son to a mother who raised a psychotic "Momma's Boy."

A little girl's life, childhood, freedom and sanctity were taken away, and even accomplices didn't think it was appropriate to do the right thing to let authorities capture a man who manipulated a young girl for his own pleasures. You ladies are rotten to the core. Sorry for being so blunt, but when the shoe fits, wear it!

Now back to this sicko who enticed a teenage girl with a Serotonin rush....

I am a mother of teenage girls, and I completely support the mother of the 18-year-old naïve fool who fell for the balding, mediocre, mid-life crisis guy who happened to teach at her school. On a side note, I also had a similar experience: not with older men, but by having my husband leave me and my kids for a younger woman (although, not in her teens!).

I don't care if I hurt any insecure men with this statement: You all make me sick when you use naïve, vulnerable and trusting young women to boost your egos. I'm sort of glad that young girl (finally) came to her senses after the teacher was arrested for acts dating back from years ago. I hear the dwarves on 'The Wizard of Oz' singing "ding-dong the wicked witch is dead"; only it pertains to a former teacher now.

Narcissists should have no rights.

About Jaycee Dugard: I'm near the end of her memoir, and you know what strikes me about her? How mature she was about all the events that happened to her (and trust me-- everything I suspected happened to her, happened to her). She constantly put her two daughters ahead of herself in every situation, no matter what the situation was, which is ultimately why she was kept for so long in her repose of fear from a man who constantly manipulated her-- physically and emotionally. When I think about how she was only 11 when she was plucked from the face of society, education, and social interaction, I'm still amazed at how much more mature she is than the sick men who use women for their "problems."

My final word.

These men who use young women (girls) are sick, and no different than a criminal or drug addict who is wondering when to follow through on their next heist or high. And yes, Jaycee Dugard's sick captor was also a known drug addict who failed several tests. Shame on the justice system who let him live among a society of law-abiding citizens.

If you can't handle your urges, be it male or female (although, it would be hard for a woman to take advantage of a man/boy), then turn yourself in and don't use excuses to manipulate innocent victims. On a side note: the man who kidnapped Jaycee said that 'angels told him to do those acts, and she was there to help him with his sickness-- so he doesn't do it to others'... talk about not owning up to your own actions!

Jaycee Dugard is free now, and has the love of her two daughters-- no matter what. But she lives in fear, constant chaos for her memories, and was robbed of her childhood-- because of a selfish, Narcissistic man who used her to promote his own needs. The teacher who coaxed a teenage girl into leaving her family, friends and education behind to live in a fantasy world that he deceived her with is no different.

I hope that justice will be served. I have no mercy for these types. Reap what you sow.

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Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago

I'm glad this Pedo got caught. And you are right about girls that think they know it all at that age. Unfortunately lots of men are out there to cause harm...and they worst thing is that they are family. I s society really reaching the lowest degradation ever. The citizen that abides by this 'Law' get the worst part. You can get shot anytime. You can get killed by any F-18 any second and the government will erase the mess, and pay with our taxes. I feel for you, as a single mommy and your two kids. There is nothing good out there and as I said, and you said, findind the guy of your dream..would be harder than winning the mega or power lotto from your state. I feel ashamed myself for belonging to this strong race. Hope justice gets served, and more teenagers open their eyes. Happy easter!


Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

wow you tell em.. I love how you feel I feel the same way. these men are lower than low. that do this.. I am with you sister I think we need to get a petition up.. I would sign it and what ever.. Thank you for writing such an informative and helpful hub..

Happy Easter


wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Thanks for that lord and Deborah... I have zero tolerance for sickos. When I read about or hear stories of how these poor girls are used, I get angry, sad, tear-up, and want to punch someone out! How dare they! Pick on someone who can fight back equally!

Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate the feedback.

Neetuar profile image

Neetuar 4 years ago from India

True. Blood really boils on getting to know of these incidents. But, fortunately or unfortunately justice asks for evidence, and that is the point, where one can just do tricks to make sure that no evidence is provided for "their" safety. So "you" people, why don't you think about others safety and others feelings. Why you want to be so selfish that for you to live happily you want to kill somebody's precious time of life?!! Time once gone never comes back 'you dumbos." If "you" are feeling so sick/high, just hang "yourself" than being a trouble to others. NO GUILT EXISTS IN SUCH PERSONS.

dashingscorpio profile image

dashingscorpio 4 years ago

You make some very valid points!

In fact a lot of people feel the same way. However I have noticed when it's an (older female teacher with teenage a boy) society doesn't get quite as upset. It's usually only the parents that get super angry. In the few cases where the women have gone to jail it's because the boys were under 18. On the one hand we say. "Age is just a number." We also say a person who is 18 is a legal adult free to make their own decisions and if they commit a crime they will be sent to adult prison. Legally in this situation both adults chose to be with one another.

I'm not sure where we should draw the line as to when one is of legal age to consent to sex or marriage. Is someone who waits for another to reach the leagal age of consent just as bad as a pedophile? Had this girl chosen to live with a 25 year old teacher my guess is there would not be nearly the same uproar. Like most 18 year olds I thought of myself as an adult and there was nothing my parents could have said or done to keep me from following my heart's desire.

I've also noticed when a man is old and rich such as Hugh Hefner at age 84 and at one time being engaged to a 24 year old very few people accuse him of being evil or manipulative. Had this 18 year old girl moved in with George Clooney would there be the same reaction? It makes you wonder if money/fame changes everything. John Derek was in a "relationship" with Bo Derek when she was 15! He took her out of the country and married her. To this day he not thought of as being a pedophile which he leagally was. Each of us is entiled to feel grossed out by what someone else does. However when it comes to two (consenting "adults") I generally say, "It's not something I want for myself but to each his/her own."

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Thanks for reading and commenting, dashingscorpio. By all means, women who take advantage of young men/boys are also rather demented, if you ask me. I remember the teacher who had 3 or 4 kids, and a husband, and yet, was carrying on an affair with a 13-year-old student. I shake my head in disbelief that people like that exist. There's only so much we can do as parents to protect our kids from predators. I didn't know the story about Bo Derek-- yikes! Creepy!

John 4 years ago

Jealous old women like this make me sick. Ever heard of the saying live and let live? I'm 43 years old and I will keep having sex with 18 year old girls because I like them ripe. I don't care if I need to buy them handbags or help them pay for their college tuitions so that they'll put out. We're all being used one way or another. Women like you and my ex. wife are just mad because they have the long end of the stick for the first few decades but when they get older the game changes. That's just life, men didn't write the rules. Get over it.

Kate 4 years ago

@John if you think a women is a jealous hag for getting upset at the rape and abduction of an 11 year old girl, and men messing around with teenagers, rape and sexual abuse are evil crimes, lol I am a younger women who has been with men your age, I use them for money, most 18 year olds do not feel interested in old men we just like the money and attention, then you get sick, creepy and obsessed. Most young women laugh and make fun of the older men buying us gifts. Its pathetic how you refer to older women as jealous hags when you're just as pathetic if not more harassing and getting obsessed with us young women, who secretly bang a young hottie our age while with you. I'm a young women and I hate listening to you sick bitter men bag on older women coz your hurt women my age reject you or have the power in relationships.

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Kate: thanks for the laugh--sad but funny. Thanks for commenting.

John 4 years ago

Written by Kate:

''@John if you think a women is a jealous hag for getting upset at the rape and abduction of an 11 year old girl, and men messing around with teenagers, rape and sexual abuse are evil crimes,''

Isn't it obvious I wasn't referring to that but rather the other part of the article. Trust me pedophiles gross me out too more than you can imagine. When a girl is ripe and ready though then she's fair game. I've no interests in wrinkled old ladies, I like 'em fresh out of high school.

''lol I am a younger women who has been with men your age, I use them for money, most 18 year olds do not feel interested in old men we just like the money and attention, then you get sick, creepy and obsessed.''

Just like I said Kate, I'm well aware that I'm being used. I use young sluts like you to fulfill my sexual needs and I know I need to give something in return. I'm not the one who's angry at the way the game is played. And no I never get sick creepy or obsessed, I have 3 young girls in rotation right now, if one of them wanted to end our relationship I would lose no sleep over it.

''Most young women laugh and make fun of the older men buying us gifts. Its pathetic how you refer to older women as jealous hags when you're just as pathetic if not more harassing and getting obsessed with us young women, who secretly bang a young hottie our age while with you.''

You can laugh all you want Kate as long as I get to pump the like of you full of seamen before dropping you back off in that dirty slum you call home. And Kate, I always do. I don't quite see what's pathetic about this Kate, I'm not the one crying, in fact I'm quite content with my life this way. You can bang a young hottie all you want it doesn't have to be a secret, I guarantee you though that after stretching up these young 18 yo girls the way I do they don't go off looking for another guy, they can barely walk they next day.

''I'm a young women and I hate listening to you sick bitter men bag on older women coz your hurt women my age reject you or have the power in relationships.''

Trust me I'm not the one that sounds bitter here Kate. No one rejects me, with the money I make I'm the chooser, not the beggar. And that last sentence didn't make a whole lot of sense Kate, you should go back to school. Who knows, maybe a nice old fella' like me will help you pay for your tuition if you ask nicely and get on your knees to swallow a mouthful. It certainly won't be me though, I've had enough drama in my life already, couldn't stand another emotional hysteric. As I said before, live and let live.

Flubzie profile image

Flubzie 4 years ago from North Shore, MA

wow.....that John guy certainly thinks quite highly of himself and his sexual prowess. I'm sure it won't be very long before he is starring in an erectile dysfunction commercial.

And not for nothing, but prowess aside, an attitude like that is a sure turn off. What a douche. I'd rather pay off my own student loans......but thanks anyway.

jellygator profile image

jellygator 4 years ago from USA

I'm with you all the way on this topic!

And on a side note, you have a captivating writing style. Loving it.

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 4 years ago from Southern California Author

Thanks jellygator-- for the encouraging words, and for stopping by!

Flubzie: you're probably right, and agree. Anyone who "pays for love" is probably incapable of loving, period. If you admire good qualities in someone, and can give love, then you wouldn't have to pay your way to get affection. I doubt these users will ever know what true happiness is. I suspect they're all narcissists (look up the definition if you're unsure of the tell-tale characteristics).

John 4 years ago


The reason old men stop being able to get it up is because their only option is to bang ugly old wrinkly post-menoposal hags. Thankfully I don't have that problem, my tool still gets as stiff as when I was a young horny stud. In any case you think I would need the shitty pay that comes from being in a commercial? With the money I make, I have no need to debase myself that way. I didn't offer you by the way. I'm pretty certain you don't look the part, I love 'em not only young but beautiful.


You are aware that what you call love is nothing but a chemical reaction created by your brain to get you to procreate and care for your child don't you? There's nothing divine about it. Get over your delusions and stop trying to make yourself feel better by telling yourself that us old men who satisfy our very nature aren't feeling as happy as you are. Chances are I'm much happier. I don't usually spend time arguing online I have better things to do but the tone of your article was condescending and pissed me off. And no I'm not personally a narcissist, I actually spend very little time in the mirror. I don't see what being a narcissist has to do with loving beautiful fertile young women. The younger they are the more fertile they look, and the more attracted men are. There's also a direct correlation with how much they 'love' them. I love every young girl I've ever been with.

By the way I'm writing this while eying a young 20 years old with a killer body who's swimming down in my big heated pool. I've never been happier. If you'll excuse me I have some urgent need to attend to, if you know what I mean.

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 4 years ago from Southern California Author

And to reiterate my last comment: men who think a "20 year old with a killer body to attend to" is happiness will never understand "love" or caring. I feel sorry for your type, John-- oh, and empathy is another skill you probably wouldn't get either.

Flubzie profile image

Flubzie 4 years ago from North Shore, MA

most definitely agree with those sentiments, Wonderful1.

John 4 years ago


Whatever helps you sleep at night while deep down you know that the ravages of time are destroying your appearance and you know less and less men are desiring you while men like me are happier than ever. Here's some advice though: stop being so bitter about it and stop judging people because they don't conform to your own moral values or your own idea of happiness. I just can't stand that sort of attitude.

Before it was narcissism now it's empathy huh? Tell me for the love of God what those have to do with anything...

Rallen1sr 4 years ago

John - I'm an older guy too and am right there with you with what you've written here.... your honesty and straight talk is refreshing... you're a hero to me!

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 4 years ago from Southern California Author


Whatever you do, don't check into professional therapy.... *rolls eyes*

Toto 4 years ago

Emotional BS. She was 18. She wasn't a child since 16. End of story

DDE profile image

DDE 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

True as you have said it and a well thought of hub, older guys should treat younger girls as beings not objects.

Security 3 years ago

I worked as a security guard in a high school. I'm in my early 30's. I'm not saying this is the case, but these girls can be extremely manipulative. I know what you're thinking, be the adult. But to use a boxing analogy, the hardest punch is the punch you never see coming! I'm not a pedophile, but you really have to try to not to be physically attracted to these young adults. Literally, make an attempt to not see them. They don't look any different than women you would see at a nightclub, and they are permitted to dress provocatively! The high school i went to, multiple girls had breast implants - trust me, they look like women! I can tell you I was targeted by these "young innocent girls". To be sure, these "young girls" look and act like grown women! A lot of these girls are developing a lot faster, both physically and mentally. The tv shows that they watch like "Pretty Little Liars" "the Secret Life of an American Teen" and "Gossip Girl" are giving these girls ideas. I didn't get involved in any of that, but I can see how someone who doesn't have their "guard up" can be sucked into a bad situation. You would be surprised what these girls say and do - literally surprised! So, don't be so quick to judge. Don't think that an adult who sees these girls single day can't be manipulated by them, just because they're an adult. From my experience, some girls are crafty schemers, who use their sex appeal to get what they want. I've seen it! A lot of people are grossly underestimating these girls!

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 3 years ago from Southern California Author

Thanks for the counter-perspective, Security. I respect that. It still weighs on the individual to KNOW that one is a minor (in school, or other place of minors) and make a conscious effort to shut off the temptation. If one is too weak and succumbs to that, perhaps he or she should choose another profession.

profile image

lovedoctor926 3 years ago

very well-said. I agree with your points. the case of the 41 year old teacher who seduced the 18 year old is disgusting!

Security 3 years ago


I really don't think its people succumbing to "weakness" any more than it's a biological as well as physiological response. No excuses though, an adult should have the necessary counter measures to thwart any attempts at manipulation. That being said. When I first got to the aforementioned high school, I looked at everyone as kids. They would come up to me to chat, and I would talk to them. (It didn't occur to me that everyone of the "kids" were senior girls.) Like I said I was looking at them as "kids". What changed my approach was one day one of the "girls" pulled a stunt on me so crafty and good, that I didn't realize what happened until after she was gone. Upon thinking about it,it literally forced the air from my lungs. It also taught me to realize that I wasn't dealing with mere "kids". These young adults were every bit as crafty as anyone I've ever met. So, to me its more than just making a "conscious effort to shut off the temptation". Frankly, after witnessing what I witnessed, I'm surprised there aren't more James Hooker stories.

wonderful1 profile image

wonderful1 3 years ago from Southern California Author

Look, I get it-- it can happen in any setting, even corporate America. I work freelance at home, so there's limited chance for temptation to come up. But in all honesty, I get propositioned by much younger men-- over the drinking age, but I know what they are and turn my cheek. I know it's hard-- especially compared to the guys my age.

When I was married, I remember seeing attractive men talking to me and I didn't feel comfortable looking in their eyes while talking. It was how I showed my fidelity: I shut off temptation before it could even present itself. I know not everyone is as self-regulating, but shoot, have some class. Minors are CHILDREN. I have a girl about to turn 18 and I know she's still very inexperienced with life-- no matter how legal she is in a month. Get with the times-- there's 16 and pregnant shows that lead young stupid girls to get pregnant just to be in the show. What I'm advocating is to have a sense of responsibility for your own actions. You can do it if you choose to.

John 3 years ago

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.

-Oscar Wilde

All of this is nothing but biology at work. It's a wonderful thing really. You won't be able to see the beauty in it until you get rid of these judgmental goggles which society forces upon you and makes it impossible to see life as it truly is. It's a sad thing really, how the feeble masses have no control over their thoughts whatsoever.

jellygator profile image

jellygator 3 years ago from USA

All I can say, John, is that your attitude is disgusting if you're calling kidnappings and sexual torture "biology at work." Who knows, though, perhaps your own cell will be right next to that jerk's.

don 3 years ago

jellygator .. don't be so dense .. that's not what he's saying at all .. what he is saying is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with banging young girls as an older guy .. and I completely agree

Mike 3 years ago

All the women in this thread keep mentioning "rape" and "11 year olds" in argument against this John guy...

But not once did he elude to being involved in any of any capacity.

Nice strawman ladies.

Anyway. This John guy's a sugar daddy or what ever...he strikes me as a little strange. But it's his prerogative to live how he likes. And he certainly isn't the villain the women in this thread make him out to be.

Another thing...I bet all you ladies would find a non "creepy" way to justify an older lady hooking up with a young stud.

Your are awful 3 years ago

You are insane, sanctimonious, and sensationalist. How awful of you to blend the two events as though an abduction is comparable, you're an awful person and a terrible writer.

Kaylee 12 months ago

I can't explain how hard this hits home. My younger sister was 18 years old when she met a 46 year old man online. She later dropped out of college, giving up her almost full scholarship, and flew to the other side of the country to live with him. I have not seen her in a year. There is so much more to the story I can share in a comment, but these men know that they have control. They thrive over the control they have over a young and innocent female. (There are females that do it too). They are narcissitic socio-paths who want these girls for their own power and needs, without considering the young females they "Love".

As for the young girls, they are not always from broken homes or abusive backgrounds. Often they are just young girls who don't have a lot of dating experience and are being fed the lies of fantasy and romance. They see that the guys their age are going through many of the same struggles of growing up that they are, and they believe that these older men will give them the storybook romance. Many of these men claim to be wealthy and to be able to give the girl whatever she dreams of.

In the end these men are SICK! They take away the girls youth, are extremely controlling, pull them away from their loved ones, and then throw them on the streets when they are bored with them. These are the men who make human-trafficking and prostitution what it is today. They are always looking for the next best thing, but in the mean time are ruining these girls lives.

The pain is immeasurable. Please pay attention, please watch out for your loved one, especially the young ones. I am only 24 years old. I remember how hard it was to be 19 and I understand the struggles of growing up, but all young women and men should know that they have worth and that the right person will come if they are patient.

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