Persian Dating Sites

Ethnic dating sites are becoming more and popular with singles who want to find someone from their own culture, but don't necessarily have access to it. Persians, for example, are located around the world with large populations in places like Los Angeles -- but those who live in smaller cities may have a difficult time finding love, unless they want to date someone out of their culture. And there's nothing wrong with that, obviously, but neither is there anything wrong with seeking out someone who automatically understands your culture and values from the start. Here you'll find a list of Persian / Iranian online dating sites that help bring Persian people together no matter where they are.

This appears to be one of the largest sites. The interface is by far the smoothest and most attractive of those I've seen. As with most dating sites it's free to join and then you have to wait while your profile is approved. Free accounts can contact paid members and read messages from paid members, but if you want to contact someone else with a free account, you'll need to join up for a paid account. Gold members can also instant message, and Platinum members can exchange video messages. Not a bad site, but they do have vetting process and your account will not be automatically approved like some sites.

This site is perfectly good too, if not quite as flash as the first site. Navigation is easy and the interface is clean. Standard members can send flirts, add/view pics and compare personality matches. If you're a paid member (platinum) you can also instant message, read messages and take advantage of advanced search options. This dating site also lets you upload a video greeting if you choose -- which I actually recommend, if you're comfortable with it; it lets people see a good deal more of you than just a plain old photo.

This Persian dating site is similar to the others in that upgrading to a paid account will get you instant video messaging, access to the message board, access to email and flirts. The site isn't quite as fancy, but it gets the job done and everything is easy enough to navigate. The instant video messaging is, I think, especially cool, as you get to know someone so much more quickly than you would by simply exchanging emails and a few photos.

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