Snowflakes danced
in slow pirouettes,
twirling through
the distant heights,
near icicles hung  like
wallflowers shedding
an occasional teardrop flight.

The world was sequined
in bright, prom white
it's glinting diamonds
caught the sun,
nature set records
that almost Spring day,
deciding just what
should be spun.

Dressed in blues
that matched our moods
for very soon I'd fly,
far from the warmth
of my sweetheart arms,
as I bid her a sad goodbye.

Off to distant
tropical shores,
towards a future
I could not guess,
leaving the joys of
her cherished love
soon a veteran of loneliness.

Then we kissed
a fond farewell
when I could no longer stay,
melting as one
on her driveway,
that led to separate
paths that day.

We never met 
again because.....
fate failed to
grant that chance,
But I smile each year,
at what we shared,
whenever the
snowflakes dance.



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