Research Shows the Most Dangerous Sexual Position

Woman on All Fours
Woman on All Fours
Woman on Top
Woman on Top

Researchers and doctors have concluded a study in hospitals located in Campinas, Brazil, a city of three million. The staff studied a common danger for men in a study lasting 13 years. It consisted of examining records and conducting records of those harmed. For men, the most dangerous position during intercourse is having the woman "on top" (called, cowgirl position) of the man with his erect penis. The study showed that 50% of the those suffered from penile fractures. The second most dangerous position for men was having the woman in "doggy-style" or on "all fours" with the man inserting his penis from the rear. This accounted for nearly 30% of all penile fractures. When compared to the most common sexual position, the Missionary (man on top of woman) is the safest, as only 21% of men suffered from penile fractures.

A penile fracture is just that. When the penis is hard and erect, despite the pleasure, it is rigid. Like a wooden stick, the positions mentioned can cause a snap during intercourse as things get hot. Men who suffer this reported actually hearing a crack sound and the penis swelled. After it occurs, most of the men waited for hours before they realized the situation was more serious and sought medical help.

Research shows that with the woman on top, she is controlling the movement with her entire body weight landing on his hard, erect, penis. The man cannot interrupt when the penis enters the wrong way into the vagina. The woman suffers little pain when this occurs but the man does. The Missionary position allows the man to control movement and is able to prevent penis damage by stopping when pain does occur.

A penile fracture is uncommon in men, and most are embarrassed greatly by it. If a man who has this does not seek medical help, it does threaten is sexual functions in the future and could eliminate them. It is considered a medical emergency and not a joking issue. If ignored, surgery needed increases. Visually, the penis appears discolored and bruised. When it occurs during intercourse, the penis immediately goes limp and pain occurs. There may also be blood in the urine.

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I once wacked it to a Walter Cronkite video.

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I have three testicles and can shoot a load about ten feet.

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Damn it Reggie, shove that shampoo bottle up my ass!!!

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All very interesting, but it is a serious condition if you are in either position.

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