Stun Gun Gay Student Arrested

Darnell and his mom
Darnell and his mom

Darnell Young, 17, attends Arsenal Technical High School. He is gay but remains unhappy for being unable to be openly gay in the school. In the past, Darnell has worn girl's attire and is obviously a wannabe female. Prior to the apex of this ordeal, he was obviously teased, taunted, called a fag and other names, isolated to small gay group. He went home and told his mother about this ordeal, Chelisa Grimes, went to the school and reported the problem not once, but 10 times. The principal of the school basically stated that if you wear female attire to school and you are guy you should be prepared for negative comments, teasing and taunting.

The situation continued to evolve. There was no beatings or anything worse but name calling, teasing commonly found even between those who simply do not like one another between any students. The difference here was how blatant it was. Angry, the mother provided her son with a stun gun for self defense. Later, the boy was surrounded at school and threatened, taunted. This was by far the worse ever. That is when Darnell pull out the stun gun, raised it, a fired it in the air as a warning shot. Fair enough.

The group backed off and Darnell was called to the office. Awaiting were the police who arrested him for bringing a dangerous weapon to school. He may also be expelled later.

Was this the right thing to do?

We have all gone through HS. We have all probably have worn something stupid to school and have been bullied by taunts and words. Unless you are into fighting and getting expelled, you just shrug it off and yell FU. High School can be brutal. Gays in HS is especially brutal and has been portrayed on TV shows like"My So Called Life" (1994), "Popular" (1999) and many more. Today, many are proud and think they should make through HS unscathed, well, in a perfect world, yes. But, we all know it is not. Openly being gay and wearing girl's clothes is too much for many teens. It can be akin to salt in wound. While gays have a right to do what they want, when it somehow impacts others, directly or not, common sense should tell them to be prepared for openly negative comments and stares. If they are concerned about a reaction in the environment they are in, they should dress or act appropriate. To many teens, rules and regulations are there to challenge and push.

Should the school acted when it first began, yes. Should Darnell be arrested? No. Should he be expelled, not for more than a few days to cool off tempers. Should the others who taunted him be expelled, yes.

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seventelltd 4 years ago

Hmmm, a difficult one. I don't think taking a weapon to school was a wise decision and neither do I think his mother was right to supply him with one. This could have led, even mistakenly, to serious injury. Carry a knife and you run the risk of being in court for grevious bodily harm or worse if it is ever used. On the other hand, why should anyone be bullied or accept it as part of their life, for being themselves. Wearing girls clothes to school may not have been the wisest choice. Gay or not, this young man had a choice and could have, for the purpose of a peaceful time at school refrained from being that obviously different duting school hours. It may heve been his right, but it wasn't necessarily right. The teacher, who could and should have done more, was being very practical in his answer because by wearing the attire he did, he WAS likely to attract comment and name calling because Kids are cruel, immature and this tpe of issue is more understood when adult.

The Police had a duty to uphold the law, the teacher had a duty to prevent uneccessary unkindness and the boy in question had a duty to himself to perhaps avoid any bullying by perhaps using a little more thought about demanding his rights to dress as a girl!

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I agree. Often freedom can impose on another's freedom. I think the arrest was excessive and probably will be tossed out. All kids involved should be expelled but for different reasons.

seventelltd 4 years ago

There's no real answer to bullying. I have always told my kids to laugh in the face of the bully because bullying only works if it has an effect. I also made sure the three of them were capable of defending themselves but knew that their defence capabilities were for that reason alone. People try to tell me that awareness, debate and explanation are the ways to appeal to a bully's better nature. My experience has always been that punching a bully on the nose tends to stop it!

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

I agree with you, Perrya. The school should have taken strong action against the bullying. The young man who brought the stun gun to school probably should be suspended for a short time. We cannot encourage bringing weapons to school. The school was absolutely wrong in their actions and strong actions need to be taken against the bullies and all bullies.

flacoinohio profile image

flacoinohio 4 years ago from Ohio

I think the weapon in school is wrong, there should be a consequence. As far as his sexual preference, it is just a ploy to gain attention from the media. The schools bullying policy should be upheld along with the weapons policy. Everyone involved should be held accountable for their actions. I am kind of tired hearing about bullying of gay students. Almost every gay bullying incident involves a paricipant advertising being gay is like wearing a cool pair of sneakers, there is a difference between being openly gay and being overly flamboyant and obnoxiously gay. I am guessing the gay student was the latter and he appears to be very vocal about his sexual preference, to the point where he is a nuisance like a pushy salesman or a Jehovahs witness going door to door trying to save your soul.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

There is nothing worse than an obnoxious person, straight or gay, pushing some personal agenda. this guy is 17, he found out a long time ago how to and how not to attract attention to his sexual preference. It is his choice to wear what he wants, and with any freedom, comes risk.

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