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This is kind of an easy hub.

I mean, clearly it's Duke, Yankees, Lakers and Miami Hurricanes just because they won championships and are full of stars. Okay...

So instead we're changing it up...


1. CHICAGO BULLS -- this one featured red and black together in a way that was nosh-nosh, and you could get jumped wearing one particularly that had a Starter symbol behind the collar. Starter was the official company of gang violence before Jordan won three championships. Then and forevermore, it became Nike:)

2. GEORGETOWN HOYAS -- made everyone feel "black" on the inside, I guess.

3. ORLANDO MAGIC -- I will duelly smack a child bringing me back to a time when "Murder All Gangs In Chicago" applied somehow to Queens.(MAGIQ?). And five-point stars were everywhere. Orlando Magic was such gang merchandise that they're the only franchise ever that had less people wearing their stuff the BETTER THEY GOT.

4. CHARLOTTE HORNETS -- I was as puzzled as you now as to how this got gangy. Did their hoochies like the teal maybe?

5. L.A. KINGS -- Maaaan I never messed with someone in a Kings jacket.

6. L.A. RAIDERS -- For they were in L.A. at the time, and I only used to wear the wintercap. I wouldn't dare put on a Raiders jacket when I was a kid.

7. CHICAGO WHITE SOX -- When they got that new white on black with the Sox? And the X looked all messed up?

8 GEORGIA BULLDOGS -- This is a variation of the Georgetown one because of the pitbull.

MEANWHILE there were five others that NEVER appeared to have gang affiliation that I always naturally assumed would...

1. INDIANA HOOSIERS -- The red pitchfork after all.

2. KANSAS CITY ROYALS -- There's even a crown.

3. SACRAMENTO KINGS -- Why not? The purple maybe?

4. L.A. CLIPPERS -- No? Doesn't clip mean "drive-by"? Wouldn't that be perfect for L.A.?

5. DETROIT TIGERS -- NO?! Even I'D sleep with a guy walking around with that "D" of theirs.

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