The Chase in Courtship

Is he/she interested?

Is he/she flirting or just being friendly? This is a common question.  



Pay attention to the eyes. Does he/she look at you for longer periods of time? A fixed glance can be speaking romance to you. Pay attention to how much eye contact he/she gives you vs. the amount of eye contact he/she gives others.  If they are giving you the glance, this is a huge sign of interest.


Does he/she look in your direction for no reason throughout the day? If there is looking, and not talking, then by all means, take a hint.

Does he/she point their body towards yours? If they are pointing their body in your direction, take it as a compliment, it is another sign.


Does he/she point their feet in your direction? They are probably thinking about you when they do this.

The Chase


How do you make someone chase you?

You are going to first create a reason for him/her to chase you.  You can do this by adding interest, and increasing attraction. You are going to speak to them, and tell them to chase you, and they will not even know you are telling them to do so. 


Give eye contact. Eye contact is important, but don’t stare them down.

Smile from across the room. If you smile, you are letting that person know that you are approachable.

Watch your feet and body language. It is ok to show slight interest, but you never want to come across as a person that is desperate.  If a person looks desperate, their value drops. You don’t want to look cold either. Your goal is to look approachable, but at the same time, you want to make the person guess if you are interested in them.

Mimic their body language slightly. For example: When they cross their arms, wait a second, then cross your arms. You are letting them know you are just like them when you do this. This creates more of a like. Most of the time though, when you are interested in this person, you will mimic them naturally. When a person is interested in you, they will mimic you.  

 When you do this, not only are you creating more interest, you are also setting the stage for them to chase you.


You are approchable


Once he/she knows you are approachable, chances are that you are going to be approached, unless they are shy, but that is a different topic.

When you get approached, stay calm, comfortable, and confident. If you lack confidence, the person that is starting to chase you, could end up going else were. 

If you are approached, and the other person does not talk, then say hi. Ask him/her how they are doing. Leave it short and sweet. They will respond. Once you get a response, leave, and do the same thing the next time you meet.

When they start responding to you every day, do not be attempted to give your contact information to him/her first. You should wait until they initiate the exchange of contact information. When you trade contact information, make sure you are not the one to contact him/her first. The person that you are interested in (and whom now is interested in you) will contact you.


More than likely, you will get chased like crazy. When you get chased, don’t be snobbish, be friendly, and have fun. After he/she initiates a chase, relax. Do not over play this game. If you keep it short and sweet too long, you can chase the person away.

It is fun chasing, and it is fun being chased. This is one of the games people play when they are courting each other. There is usually a pattern to this game, in case you did not notice. He chases her, and then in turn, she chases him. One of the only differences to this and second grade, is this is a psychological chase. In second grade, if you had someone with a crush chase you, they literally chased you. A chase back then was fun. A chase right now is fun too.  Enjoy the chase game; it is one of the sweetest, finest parts to dating. The chase is a natural part of human nature. It is something to be enjoyed.

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LoraKayAlexander profile image

LoraKayAlexander 6 years ago

So informative!!!

sarclair profile image

sarclair 5 years ago Author

Thank you LoraKay. I hope the information came in handy.

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