The Picnic of Forever More

W. K. Hayes

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You are my...

Forever More

Just as the whippoorwill sings its song

We listen carefully as we walk along

Past the trees and through the forest

We hiked along, just the two of us

Suddenly I saw the tree that was mine

There I carved our love to last for all time

Within the heart I wrote our names

Knowing one day we would have the same

You took my hand and kissed my lips

Such a magical and delightful kiss

We walked along and found a spot

Where the sun shone brightly on the plot

There we set out our picnic basket

Knowing our love forever lasted

I spread the blanket upon the ground

Then I helped you to gently sit down

I served the food as you smiled

Then we ate slowly for a while

Then you kissed me once more

Knowing our love was forever more

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