Transition At A Halt-Waiting To Separate

It takes time to cross a bridge.
It takes time to cross a bridge. | Source

Making a move
The right time,
The right place.
Knowing I will
But feeling
Each and
Every Day.

When it was so
Easy before to
Have someone to talk to
Things have changed
And I didn't even
Notice the hair
You had cut off
Your face.

Sitting in
Separate pews now
I watch your head
Hang low.
Only God knows,
Only God allows
What is Best in order
To remove
This infraction.

No Joy in a Man
Only Joy in the Lord
Can make me smile.
I cannot remember
How it meant to you
To touch me.

I gave up on
Trying to capture
Your attention.
But wives who are
Virtuous do need

All I know is
That I am moving on.
Ahead to the
Place I need to be.
With the Word of God
On my heart and
The unspeakable
Enthusiasm to
Start Anew I am

It won't be
And if
Wants to
Join me,
they will just
have to

Copyright @2010 CMCastro

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schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 3 years ago from USA

Very nice! Thank you for sharing this on my fb page :)

CMCastro profile image

CMCastro 6 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA Author

Thank You, msorensson. :o)

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

Beautiful. This is a resounding in his humanity which makes him interesting is flawed...we have to accept it.

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