To Kiss Your Burled Lip

To Kiss Your Burled Lip

To kiss your burled lip;
to sculpt your body with lover’s touch
with feathered stroke of artist’s brush
and form a long-lost lover’s hush.

To sigh a couplet of new rhyme;
to form a paired quatrain
with ease of a familiar verse
and look at you again.

To paint the night with tenderness;
to mold the hours with lover’s hands
and spin the potter’s wheel of desire
while ‘round the oil of passion bend.

To touch the well-worn canvas
entwined on well-versed bowered couch.
We sculpt the newest love event
as Technicolor fades to dusk.

The Lover's touch

The author & husband enjoying each other's company.
The author & husband enjoying each other's company. | Source
Bill & Anna Stabnow early in their marriage.
Bill & Anna Stabnow early in their marriage. | Source

My Paramour

By A.Gagliardi

Allow me to caress your foot with mine.

Permit my leg to wrap around thine;

my hair to tickle your shoulder,

my head to rest upon your chest.

Consent to a kiss

from my lips to yours,

our hearts racing as one

swift as the wind.

Tolerate my touch.

Allow an hour or more -

the couch; the floor.

Concede to be my paramour.

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agaglia profile image

agaglia 7 years ago Author

I wrote this poem for and to my husband while we were vacationing in San Fransisco. What a great city to get in the mood.

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tlmntim9 5 years ago

Yes I see now, Good work

agaglia profile image

agaglia 5 years ago Author

timntim9, Thank you for reading and for commenting.

lois huffman 3 years ago

I love both the pictures you posted of you and tim and your folks. And is that the picture of them that i sent, i believe it is. it's great and i still have that picture. luv and hugs to you both.... lois and larry

agaglia profile image

agaglia 3 years ago Author

Hi Lois, Thank you for your comments. Yes that photo of my folks is the one you sent. Any more you want to send me?

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