We Gonna Do This Or What?

"you gonna kiss me or not"

Are you interesed enough

On line you email until you think you might have a potential suitor then you give'm your number you chat on the phone it goes great you are laughing getting to know one another you plan to meet.

This stops me in my tracks..

We are on the same site he is interested enough to call me forty-eleven times a day emails out the yanh-yanh..he can't wait to meet me but dang something came up..we will do it next weekend,

Still emailing ..not so many phone calls..I see him on the net but he doesn't say anything to me.

I do not approach him..I wait, I'm giving him enough rope to hang his blame fool self. Yes he does it.

Now no phone calls, no emails from him so, I do not send any(Mexican stand off! lol)

Several months go by..here come the emails .."could you re-send your number I lost everything in my phone"..A likely story...

I never bother to respond again in fact I block them ..

If they lose interest before we meet ,if we ever have a relationship,and the going gets tuff this one has no staying power..I'm personally better off alone..LOL

I'm kinda out on that one..

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Nikki49 profile image

Nikki49 5 years ago from Woodruff,S.C.

Timing is everything. Could have been a wrong time for one or the other.Perhaps a third party got in the way?

Was there a communicatio failure? you did say you did not approach him! It takes two to tango!!

Life continues as the days pass, forever evolving.

The old axiom strike while the irons hot comes to my mind.

No time like the present to start the future,

wait too long, an ooportunity slips past.

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

yes my take is something closer,hotter came along and didn't work out..lol

thanks for the comment


Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia

Personally I think you made a wise decision jorja.

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

hey ...if i'm gonna ride ..I'm not taking a back seat to anyone..I'm riding up front or i'm not going!!



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