Funny Wedding Invitation reply

The Wedding Gift

Dont You just hate it?

Dont you just hate it when you recieve a wedding invitation and read through the verse only to read at the bottom " please dont get us a gift money would be appreciated more"

i have written a verse to send in with your R.S.V.P hopefully the couple would see the humor intended.

Thank you for the invite

Im sure to come along

But I wont be giving money

Because I think that it is wrong.

Im looking forward too the party

It should be good with you as host

and I will bring along my present

A machine for making toast

Please do not be offended

When I turn up at your wedding

With my present in a package

and not money, thats just begging

I hope that you will remain my friend

and feelings wont get hurt

I wish you love and happiness

and most of all good luck.


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glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

Haha! very nice

profile image

littlegirl911 7 years ago

That is so cute !!! I am 13 years old!!

adlaava 6 years ago

thats cool. i was searching about any reply for an invitation of marriage of my friend.

mpk 5 years ago

looks awesome ..

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