Weddings & Ushers and/or Groomsmen? What's the Difference?

Ushers and groomsmen are one and the same!
Ushers and groomsmen are one and the same!

How Do Ushers Differ from Groomsmen?

Ushers are the guys at weddings that seat guests--and so are the groomsmen! There should be one usher/groomsman for every 50 guests.

So what are groomsmen? They are ushers! They are one and the same.

So many times I get email from brides-to-be who tell me that they're having five groomsmen and just as many ushers. Why?

The only person who is to stay with the groom before and during the wedding is the best man. He's the guy who is supposed to get the groom to the ceremony on time--and to keep him calm and relaxed before the ceremony begins.

The rest of the pack should be seating guests! That's their job! :-)

* Ushers/groomsmen are a part of the bridal party and should dress accordingly, whether the wedding is formal, semi-formal or informal. They will also receive boutonnières.

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