What is the best age to get married (Males & Females) both?

I think that is up to the respective people though in my opinion late twenties is just nice. You will have experienced wat the world has to offer, had a chance to be financially stable and get to know people of opposite sex. Although I don't fall in the late twenties category, I feel it is just nice as you can do what you feel like doing till that time.

There are some who've married when they were 15 or 16, people whom I know personally. I myself was married at 17 and had kids when I was 18. But if I were to think of it from my perspective, I would find 25 or 26 to be a good age for a woman precisely because she'd be able to experience a little of life, be able to be independent.

As for men, maybe in their late twenties or early thirties probably. That's because most men in my own opinion, ( no offense intended) mature late. As in, they want to enjoy their bachelor state for as long as possible. And that's understandable as with marriage, comes great responsibility. And for that, they'd have to be mature and experienced some hardships I feel. Thus by early thirties, I feel that most would understand and be more mature. Of course, there are a few who grow up fast.

But then again, as I've said earlier, it's all a matter of opinions and the situation at the time.

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G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Well I got married cause  I was pregnant at 20 It was almost the law....I am glad that I grew up with my children (3)  I love being a mother..not that i was the perfect one..just a very loving one...and concerned about  them throughout their life and still am..I am proud to say i have 7 grandchildren and One great grand child at the age of 68...yikes why did I say that??? oh well it's the trueth...Life slips by so fast....and stops for no one..Enjoy the ride..it is better to say you have made your mistakes...have learned from your experiences..have loved and lost..rather then never loved at all..Loved for all the right reasons..even if they choose to walk away...love anyway...Be happy..believe in yourself...don't doubt your feelings...and be kind always..G-Ma :o)

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 9 years ago from singapore Author

it is true. in a way you can say that you had to get married because you were pregnant and i bet, during that time, there were things you'd much rather have wanted to do. but having children, i definitely agree with you that you feel glad that you grew up with your children. it was more or less the same for me though i wasn't pregnant of course when i got married. but a great grandchild at 68, wowww i can say you've more or less see what the world has to offer though that's not true cos experiences is never ending. and i definitely agree with you, it's better to have learned from your experiences and loved and lost rather than never loved at all.

Rudra profile image

Rudra 9 years ago

30 for man and 25 for woman

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

what an angel

nirmalyamishra profile image

nirmalyamishra 9 years ago

Life begins @40. Just livein till that and get some experience and maturity to start one!

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 9 years ago from singapore Author

thanks lots g-ma, and in a way rudra, ppl here in my society or basically my generation group u can say, they too feel that the ages u mentioned are jus about nice. well 40, i'll definitely feel realll old hehe cos my kids would be teens by then. hehe but to each his own i say

tanyawatson 8 years ago

I just got married last summer to the man I've been with for the last 8 years. I had my 1st son when I was 19 years old and now at 32 I have a 2 year old boy. I was always afraid to marry probably from seeing my dad married 3 times and mom twice. I was afraid of the complications with divorce. I think there are alot of people that get married too fast and then later regret it. On the other hand I probably could of married much sooner than 8 years later. :)

I like your article.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 8 years ago from singapore Author

thanks so much tanyawatson. wow i can't believe you've been with your hubby for 8 years before you got married. i would have preferred to be with my hubby for a few years too but unfortunately it's not really the case or norm here.

i don't blame you for being afraid to get married early. it's understandable given the situation. but i'm really happy for you.

thanks so much for your comment. i really appreciate it.

Johnny 6 years ago

I think 27 for men and may be 25 for women but then again it depends on the situation.

The problem is that in todays world marriage is nothing but a contract between a male and a female and kinda guarantee that if anything happens no individual would suffer economically.

My grandmother used to tell me about the time when people were more conservative and marriage was more of a binding between two families rather then a contract between two individuals......and becoz of such a big scoop marriage carried lots of responsibilites with it.....The couple knew that its not a relation between them only that would be at stake if anything goes wrong....rather two families are going to suffer.

See in a sense we have become very mean and our society has totally collapsed.....Nobody today in a marriage want to suiffer and give time to his partner......become have become aggressively sensitive to their rights and in that they forgot that society is based on love and mutual respect and ofcourse the relationship goes stronger wen you suffer for somebody and dont mention that and give time to others to straighten their acts.....

Well all in all, I feel that marriage should not be a contract it should rather be a grand relation among families and we should give everything to our married relation to keep it alive.......If we dont be that sensitive to our rights and stop complaining about every small thing.......we can make a great couple no matter what happens......well minor fights between opposite sex is inevitable:)

John 6 years ago

See how the U.S. thinks about this question in this nationally-representative poll:


james corca 6 years ago

marrige for male 32

girl 25

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 6 years ago from singapore Author

@johnny i agree with you. it depends on the situation. i understand where your grandmother's coming from. that is still going on back in my country, a conservative country. you have put it simply and nicely. nowadays we think more for ourself, so much more that it sometimes tend to be selfish without thinking about the other. that should not be the case i agree.

@john that's an interesting poll. thanks for sharing. good day^_^

Jose 5 years ago

I prefer this 28 to 30 for men & 23 to 25 to woman.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

thanks jose, that is a good range, i agree as well.

oldy 5 years ago

25 for man...exactly 25

D.M.Yasser 5 years ago

26 for man is the best age to get married.

dmyasser 5 years ago

for woman marriage it would be 25 proper time to get married

sasi 5 years ago

24 for men and 19 for women

maddie32 5 years ago

i have to do a research paper about this topic :what is the right age to get married". im 17 and a senior in high school, my fiance is 16 and a junior in high school. how would i go about with my paper if all my research says to wait till were like 30 when i dont agree with it?

Qamar 5 years ago

the best age for male in Indian subcontinent is between 25-30, and for female is between 20-25

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

thanks for all your responses.

@maddie32, i think there is no right age to get married personally. most of it all depends on how your society views things. we all have our own opinions and for your research, maybe you could put it that way. maybe you could state your research evidences and then maybe for your conclusion, state your personal opinions. hope you're able to work it out.

Shimray 5 years ago

I m 26, but no plan to get married. People said tat if get married late ,it effect your child ,so im wondering whether to get some income or should i get married ist?

Emiely 5 years ago

Well am 23 and my girl friend is also 23, would it be more ideal for us to get married at 25?

sarah 5 years ago

between 23 and 27 for women

25-33 for men

farxaan 5 years ago

i think the age between 25--30 is the best marriage

nnabeco 5 years ago

I am 27 and my girl is 21 and I am planning seriously to marry her now. Though some people around here think is early why some are in full support. It all depends on the individual and mindset.

Bubbly 4 years ago

I'm 17. I'm getting married in June. The person I'm marrying is 22. Butive known him my whole life. Age doesn't matter at all. It's the people the matter. Love has no age limits. For a marriage to work, both people need to be willing to make sacrifices, work at their relationship everyday, discuss issues, don't let them go unspoken, that only causes pointless conflicts. Both people have to be willing to help each other, be supportive, and accepting. You can do those thongs at any age. Amdof course it all depends on finding the perfect person for you, the one who's personality compliments yours.

awal michaa sr 4 years ago

Iam late twety still single itry one didn't work for and iam lookin for miss right. And always a lot culture crush and faith crush.

mahes 4 years ago

isit age 22 and 27 is good age for marriage?

Jasper 4 years ago

Im going to get married on comming may. My age is 23 & i have 3 month difference with my fiance.

My colloquies & family members are confusing me that, this is not the right age to get married & blah blah blah...

Pls suggest me that, what I'm going to do is right or not?

Do i need to wait for some more time?

mj 4 years ago

im 39 but im still bachelor , actually i got stuck in my job and now i think it could be to hard to find someone ,,hahah .i think it depends on financial reasons too much .

ashish kumar 4 years ago

i think men should marry at 25age to 30.

and women should marry at 20age to 25 its the best age to get marry.

for marriage both should physically and mental strong and

should have decision making capacity and also have financially strong.


sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

well, i guess when they say it effects your child, it probably means that if you're a little too old, there might be complications to the child but that's not really a guarantee though.

if one were to think practically and logically, i'd say get some income so you'd be stable but it also depends on your situation. hope it'll be solved. good luck

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

that is quite a good age, hope all is well with you and your girl.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

i agree, it all depends on the individuals. thks for responding.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

hi bubbly, congratulations on your upcoming marriage:D you've said everything perfectly. they're all so truee. you've very mature. be happy.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

it's understandable that your family and colleagues might think you were young. they would still see you as a child. but if you're really serious, then you should make sure you plan properly your future. marriage is not a game. if you're really sure, then ýou have to convince your parents that that's what you really want to do.

do discuss with your fiance, make sure both of you really want this. this is a big decision. but i too got married when i was 17 and my husband was 25. it was arranged marriage hehe.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

haha well financial reasons do factor in too hehe hope you get lucky and meet that someone for you.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

yep i feel that way too but sometimes life doesn't go the way it's planned. thanks for responding.

ezuu 4 years ago

i m 28 & within i year i 'll get married with 24 year girl & i belive its a right time for marriage .ithink for marriage girl & boy both should be mentally as well as physically matured first.

Noble Ejekwu Esq 4 years ago

I want 2 known if it is good for one to get marride to a girl who is not a guragute?

Destiny 4 years ago

I just turned 22 & my fiance will soon be 23. We are young & in an interracial relationship, double whammy lol. We get married in october & would have been together three yrs in august. We feel life is too short, we are done with the single life & want to experience life together. Our minds are made up no matter what but there are some that don't agree, mainly friends our age. Most of them were married because of a pregnancy. We don't have any children & i'm waiting until i'm married to have sex (my belief), whereas he had experience before me but he respects my morals. I think it depends on a personal feeling. If you feel you're ready & it feels right then i say go for it. :)

jmie19 4 years ago

i'll be 20 this coming august.my teacher once said that its the right age to get married.i really want to have my own family and i love babies!

but i've decided to make myself a better person first,enjoy my youth and independence,make the things that i want to do while im still single and see the world before settling down.no need to rush things and have regrets afterward.

24 for women and 27 for men.men should be 3-5 years older than women.at this age they are emotionaly,mentaly,physicaly and financialy ready.

make your partner your better half.complete each other.

be the best mom/dad to your children.afterall,part of them is 'you'.

focus on your husband/wife and children.you're not on your own anymore,all the things that you'll do will also affect them.

"there are seasons in our life and one of them is marriage.when:in God's time"

-my opinion- ;)

Uduak Billy 4 years ago

2 every u'v got not 2 b afraid cos marriage is a guarantee.NevaDless,v heard lots laying emphazies on finance,xperience & age respectively all d same.But i think in respect 2 finance u jx dn't need 2 v d whole world,atleast if u r blessed beyond barchelorhood i guess u v no reason nt getin married.Also,i heard people laying emphazies on xperience.By d way a man dat live witout a wife up til 40 wat xperience is he looking 4ward 2?when he's financially ok.Men..... i think he's fooling himself.Finally,in d case f age i think it's proper 4 a man&woman 2 get married on time cos effect(+or-) bounce back 2 ur kids in many way eg. physically,mentally or otherwise.4 me men 25-30 & women 20-25.CHEERS! 2 all contributors.

4 years ago

I think 35 for men and 25 for women...............

Winile 4 years ago

I think there is no right age for marriage but then marriage is for people who are well matured, who understand what they are getting themselves to.Usually females get matured earlier than man.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

@ezuu i agree, it shd be when both are mentally and physically ready.

@noble ejekwu, guragute? i do not understand

thanks for response

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

@destiny it's good that both of you are in love and that your fiance respects you. marriage requires both of you to trust each other and respect each other. best of luck in life and marriage to both of you.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

@jmie19, that's so good, that you want to make yourself a better person first. only then will you be a better role model. you are really mature for a 20 year old. best of luck to you in life.:)

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

@billy, thanks for your response, good day:)

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

@T thanks for responding. that usually seems to be the age many prefer on average

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

@winile, i agree, there's no right age, there's only preferred and suitable, you marry when you're ready for it. and yep, females tend to mature earlier.

jubair pk 4 years ago

man age :24 is better and girl age is 19 that is the better age for marriage

nellymonicah1 4 years ago from germarny

am 26 and am getting married next year to a man i have grown to love for the past 2yrs,he is 36,and i just feel he is the man i need to settle down with and start a family,i think maturity is a serious factor to consider while getting married,both of you need to know wot ur getting yourselves into,there is no need to get married at 15 or 18 only to break up at 27 or separate at 30 just becouse you dint take time to really think it over and be sure of what you really want.but i do agree evrybody has opinions,we all have diffrent views about everything and il say good luck to everybody.hope u find wot ur looking for in life.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

ohhh congrats on your upcoming marriage nellymonicah1, yes marriage is not for young minds, :) you definitely need to understand and be mature about it. and trust and understand, as well as communication is the basic part of marriage. be happy, have a good life.

Galiano 4 years ago

For me it¨s 26 for both sex

good speed 4 years ago

30-40 years for educated people.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

thanks for the response.:)

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

ohhh kinda late for me, but somehow true actually. thanks for the response.

jammy 3 years ago

Today couples do have more then 2 kids then I guess its ok to marry late. Earlier women use to have anywhere between 6 to 12 childrens, I remember my grandparents had kids even in their 40s. What fertile generations they belonged to.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 3 years ago from singapore Author

that's true, i too remember my mom sayin that she had 12 siblings including her wow, but unfortunately, many died young due to malnutrition and sickness, it was definitely a fertile generation wasn't it? :) thanks for responding. good day

prem kumar 3 years ago

my age is 27 iam giong to marry after 28 only and my partner age is 23-25 because that's only correct age for marriage

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 3 years ago from singapore Author

in your opinion, why do you suppose that's the correct age? any reasons?

ike 20 months ago

30 to 35 for males 25 for females...

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