What would you do if your wife or husband called you another man's or woman's name when both of you make love?

Please tell me, what will you do if your wife or husband called you another man’s or woman’s name when making love to her/him?

We have heard many stories on news about men or women that had affair outside their marriages. The news mostly involves celebrities because they are well known in most places. Many other lovers that are not celebrities can tell a story or more on how their partners cheated on them. May be it is easier to live with it if you already know that your partner is not faithful. That is you can decide to carry on with your partner even when you are sure that he or she is a cheat. It hurts when we find out that our partner has not been faithful in our relationship or marriage. For instance some men in political office and other celebrities have been caught cheating on their wife. Some of them were divorced while others were pardoned because their wife knew they still love them and temptation led to the act. Above all, they know we are not perfect beings so we have our weakness and our strength.

Love is not only what differentiates lover from others because we are supposed to love one another. It follows that there are other special things lovers share together and sex may be the climax of such relationship as a special gift only shared by lover. That is the reason some people think that sex should be scared.

Let us assume that you never caught your partner cheat on you and, maybe, you do not even believe that your partner can cheat on you so you trusted your partner so much. Then how will you feel, and what will you do if your trusted partner was so much carried away in pleasure of sex when both of you made love that your partner repeatedly, in a whisper, called you another person’s name?

Will you stop immediately and ask, “who is ….?”

Do you continue and ask the questions later?

What will you do if your partner claims not to remember mentioning another name expect yours?

Will you still trust your partner again if he/she explained that it was a slip of the tongue?

Is it an enough reason to break up because of the fact that your partner connected another person to the most sacred gift shared by lovers?

We live in a world where anything can happen and things had happened so it is possible that some lovers had experienced such and they can let the world know how they felt. However, we can still imagine how we shall feel and what we shall do if such should happen. So is it easier to forgive your partner when you caught him/her cheat on you than to forgive when he/she called you another name in response to sex pleasure?

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Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

I'd ignore it. She may be just recalling a recent conversation.

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

Hello Dave, its been a bit long. I trust you are good. It is an option to ignore her however if you consider other words she may add to it then you can think again. For instance your name is Dave and your wife in the pleasure of sex says, "oh smith, I love you. Its nice..."

nnnnnnnn 4 years ago

I would give her a chance to have an enjoyable sencioul moment with an other person

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 4 years ago Author

nnnnnn Maybe she will forever remain grateful to you provided you will have her back.

sophienal 4 years ago

its really painful, and unforgivable!!!!!!!!!

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 4 years ago Author

Sophenial, I agree with you that it hurts more.

Rita 3 years ago

same case with me . my husband calls my friend s name while he is having sex with me . the name is like a constant name on his lips. i cannot leave him cause of kids parents and of course society (as i am muslim). i am trying to ignore it . but really it is too difficult for me . i do not understand that he loves her, he has very strong urge for her or he wants to make love to her and he imagined her while sex with me . because now he even did not kiss me . tell me what can i do? or why he do this to me? she is not involved with him .she has 3 kids and very happily married

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 3 years ago Author

Rita, your comment is so touching and I understand how it feels. You have to remind your husband your name. That is a better way to start, just when he needs you must.

Rita 3 years ago

I am trying to ignore that name. because i am afraid that he 'll tell me any thing bad.but i do not understand that why he do this .?

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 3 years ago Author

I don't know if you have ever tried to let him know about it. May he does it unknowingly and would stop if you tell him.

Rita 3 years ago

No i have not tried this and i am afraid .but i know one thing that he knew wht he said. last night he was calling me by my name but when he reached to extreme happiness he called her again. what he is doing now is try to keep his mouth shut tightly .

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 3 years ago Author

Well, I think it will be a lot better if he can keep his mouth shut.

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