Worst Case Scenario.



Barbed brambles without
and barbed bumbles within,
barbed tongue telling lies
to convince him of sins,
Beelzebub at the door
busy bud works inside,
with cement freshly poured
in the basement to hide,
the remains of his folly
when his wife slept around,
in his own bed, his own house
he had evidence found.
Came home early from work
caught her talking away,
on what "he" likes to eat,
and how "he" loves to play,
how he gives her sweet kisses,
how they took a long walk,
what a cutie he is,
on and on went her talk.
He had parked on the street
and the door was unlocked,
so he listened to her,
till he went off half-cocked
He went upstairs while she
was still using the phone,
where the bed was all rumpled,
she had not been alone
Long black hairs on his pillow
and his hair was light brown,
some strange stain on the bedspread
she was fooling around,
Some strange calls on her cell phone
to a place called "Companions",
he'd dump his murder weapon
somewhere deep in the canyons,
So he loaded the pistol
took a pillow downstairs,
and when she was done talking
shot her dead, then and there,
On his way out the back door
Headed to the garage,
for a mop and some cleaner
truth hit like a barrage,
Nestled back in the corner
was a puppy that slept
long black hair, and some dog toys
then the guilt in him crept,
Found a bill from Companions
for a puppy she'd bought,
for today was his birthday
he became overwrought,
found a leash and a card,
saying "Happy birthday
I bought you a puppy,
love you in every way."
He went back into the kitchen
put the gun to his head,
that old devil succeeded




full of guilt he lay dead.
They found both of them prone
on the floor near the sink,
and the puppy was lying
in a bed full of stink.
now the house is all closed
yellow tape marks the doors,
of one blameless, one guilty,
but both lost evermore.

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