You and I, forever

W. K. Hayes

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We are and always will be...

You and I, forever

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

With red fiery lips that smolder

Pretty eyes that smile into the sun

Wonderful hair that is second to none

Gently reach into the frozen heart

Never alone and never to part

Two loves brought from beneath

Sharing days upon the wavy beach

Shadows walking side by side

True love that brightly sighs

Echoes of passion fill up the night

Bringing forth such desires of delight

Whispers spoken in softened tones

Passionate kisses with gentle moans

Fingers move softly across the skin

To pleasure, a feeling is akin

Moving closer in subtle form

Touching, tasting all that’s warm

Happy are the hearts that do not lie

Bringing us together, you and I

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