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Wedding Bells- Are you the marrying type?

Most people desire to one day meet their prince or princess of their dreams. If the right person came along today and proposal would you be willing to say I do or I don't and why?

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@RighKnight (HealthCanada) says

4 years ago
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    Lyrickkw 4 years ago

    Everyone loves a little fantasy from time to time. I ask lots of people today and most stated that they love being single and wouldn"t change a thing. Some married people stated no if they had a second chance to repeat their wedding bliss! Wow

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Jonesy0311 says

4 years ago
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    @RighKnight (HealthCanada) 4 years ago

    Dont allow the bitterness of divorse to taint the sweet taste of love, the flame will be reignited another time in your life, perhaps when you least expect it. Beyond how you feel today, there is the real you who longs to be held and ecxepted by love

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