how to get laid advice for the game challenged

The science of getting laid consistently,if any one could come up with with a fool proof way to open the legs of any woman on demand,then that person would become the richest person in the world,overnight,instant best seller,everyman on the planet would line up to get a copy.But the truth is no one has a clue,not even me.I've had a lot of dating experience in my life time,I've ran with a lot of wing-man,and what I've learned is what works for one does not work for all. 

Mack Daddy

My first duty station was in Hanoi Germany I think I spelled it wrong but Hanoi is a city about forty miles outside of Frankfurt, I learned very quickly that dating was different in high school in a small city than a large city connected to a even larger city.When I first arrived in Germany my total dating experience consisted of a high school romance the last year of school and that was it.I had to adapt and change to the pace of this new life I was living which was very fast paced,where I came from everyone wore blue jeans tee-shirts and tennis shoes,here in Germany everyone was casually dressed and suits and ties was the thing to wear,so I had to step up my wardrobe,dress to impress,become a sharp dressed man in order to compete (or so I thought at the time) enter the Mack Daddy a private who was six years older than me and the rest of our little squad that we had formed.we called ourselves the lady killers.he was the leader and the shot caller of the bunch and us, being pretty much wet behind the ears, I guess you can say following the leader.

Enter the Lady killers

Enter the lady killers four young men on the scene looking to score,my style of meeting the opposite sex at the time was to walk straight up to them stick out my hand and introduce myself "Hi my name is Bill."But I was informed by the mack daddy that my approach was wrong,you see "you never shake a womans hand when you first meet her,because that automatically puts you in the friendszone."The friendszone the one place that no single man wants to be.ever.Over the course of a year I was criticizedfor many things such as pulling out chairs for my dates,opening doors for women,returning phone calls promptly "you never do that kind of stuff until you are in a relationship,you're putting your dates on pedestals,they'll start to see you as beneath them."I thought I was being nice and respectful,but apparently nice and respectful was "old school."Mr.Mack daddy would say"you can't be nice to them,they'll walk all over you!"I couldn't argue with him because he did have a way with women,he could get away with saying things like"is it cool to pluck?"or "are we plucking to night?"totally outrageous pick up  lines that worked like a charm.for him anyway.I tried it a couple of times,didn't work so good for me.

confidence the nice guy wins... sort of

After my tour was over in Germany,I arrived in Louisiana, Fort Polk my next duty station,the lady killers was disbanded because of the fact that we was scattered across the world at different duty stations.I settled in and made new friends and fell back into my nice guy ways,pulling out chairs,opening doors,introducing myself with a handshake and all that stuff.And just like I was warned in Germany I fell into the friendszone,the ladies would come and get me when they wanted to talk,or if they wanted to go out somewhere,not really dates,just a lot of "hanging out."We would talk about real things,like where we wanted to be in ten years,what kind of life we wanted to have and all kinds of other things.My fellow soldiers would constantly nag me trying to figure out who I was sleeping with,how many of them have I slept with,and I would say"who?Sharon?nawww!it ain't like that man we're just friends."Loose lips sink ships.remember that.anyway this went on for a while,and then it happened somehow and I don't know how but I slipped out of the friendszone and entered the area of "friends with benefits"an area that I didn't know existed at the time.A pretty cool place to be for a single lady friends would say things like "you have a quiet confidence."or "what I like about you is you are yourself."or "you're a lot of fun to be with."or"I feel like I can tell you anything."and the funny thing about it was I learned a lot more from them then I did from Mr.mack daddy!what it all boils down to is confidence in yourself.Believe in yourself.Be your self don't put on a fake personality just to please her because in the end you can only be your self so you might as well be your self from the beginning.Have a little fun!you can't dance. so what.have a good time with open to things they like and want to do,you just might discover you like it.Listen to them,talk to them not at them and try to build a bond,a strong trusting relationship,will last a whole lot longer than one built on lies.well that's my advice,I'm not a pimp so take it how it is.peace prosperity,and a happy new year,I'm Audi 5000.

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Island Tropical profile image

Island Tropical 7 years ago

Dude, I start to like you!

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

sup trop?thanx for dropping in.

BeccaHubbardWoods profile image

BeccaHubbardWoods 7 years ago from Outside your window...

I lmao at the pics in this hub. I think it is confidence that wins us over more than anything. And being self-true. There's nothing more unattactive than someone trying to be something or someone they're not. I enjoyed this even though I don't really need getting laid advice ;) Thanks for sharing. : )

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

thanx for dropping by.glad you enjoyed the pics,I was going for the lighthearted feeling.

festersporling1 profile image

festersporling1 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Pretty funny stuff man. Funniest book ever. You should check it out: I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL by TUCKER MAX. Too funny. I laughed the whole time.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

I'll check it out,thanx for dropping in.

Obscurely Diverse profile image

Obscurely Diverse 6 years ago from Tennessee, U.S., Earth, Milky Way via Cosmos

That was a good point within the "education" pic, and no, she doesn't need one. Your HubScore should definitely rise, with the girl on the picture titled "Curves." Wow! Those two images alone, turned this into an uplifting, perpendicular hub. ;)

bill yon profile image

bill yon 6 years ago from sourcewall Author

sup obs,thanx for checking out my hubs,feel free to drop in anytime.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 6 years ago from sourcewall Author

my hubscore shoots up and down...up and down...

Get Laid 6 years ago

Hey great hub, must be one of the best I've seen, very funny keep up the good work.

AJ Franchise 5 years ago

Great work

bill yon profile image

bill yon 5 years ago from sourcewall Author

Thanx AJ Thanx alot.

Carlos 5 years ago

Great Hub. I like that the message you conveyed was one of honesty and simplicity, without all the fake and extravagant stuff. thanks.

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