how to look attractive to women

women like men that act like men

As you probably know by now, women are attracted to men who act like MEN. In fact, the one thing women find really attractive in men is their strength. Now when I say strength, I don't mean physical prowess and a large muscular body.

Instead I'm talking about strength as a personality trait which can magnetically draw women to you. A strong guy can be someone a woman can look to for protection or advice. In essence, his personality can protect her from her concerns.

So how do cultivate this personality trait?

Well it's simple...

All you have to do is work on your ability to become a competent guy in every activity or thing incorporate into your life.

Instead of acting unsure about your life, you should eliminate all the wishy-washy behaviors you have. In addition, it's important to stop displaying the body language traits which projects an unsure attitude.

For instance some wussy behaviors could include:

* Stuttering or stammering when nervous

* Being indecisive about what you want to do

* Look to others for cues about what to do

* Following not leading your friends

In addition to your body language there are certain phrases which demonstrate a lack of competence. When you say weak phrases you're showing a lack of confidence in your personality. So ditch all the phrases you say like:

* "I don't know"

* "I'm not sure"

* "Maybe" or "Probably"

Your ultimate goal is to be perceived as a strong person who can make instant decisions with force and conviction. And once you've cultivated this personality, you'll instantly become a strong and attractive guy.

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Leo 8 years ago

Great Advice Works Wonders

raghav bhasin 6 years ago

we should b cool ...always...!!!

Manu 5 years ago

very useful.

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